What Is Evergreen Wealth Formula About? $1k A Day Automatic Income?? 

Last Modified: March 20, 2021

By: pitin

“A thousand dollars a day automatic income, easy to set up system, absolute newbie...” 

These are the key concepts you could gather after watching the video on the sales page of the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

As enticing as they are, you must first ensure that this product will meet your expectations when you invest money to sign up for it.

You have come to the right place because the discussion below will answer not just what is Evergreen Wealth Formula about but other critical issues associated with it.

What Is Evergreen Wealth Formula About

What Is Evergreen Wealth Formula About?

There are several words that will make you instantly attracted to the product, such as “automation” and “quickly.”

According to the sales pitch, Evergreen Wealth Formula will teach how you can quickly set up everything without minding about contents so you will have an automated income system.

The issue, however, is if Evergreen Wealth Formula can really deliver what it promises. 


The person behind Evergreen Wealth Formula is James Scholes. While you might not get a lot of information about him on the sales page of Evergreen Wealth Formula, you may find what you are looking for in third-party sources.  

He has a website of his own and he also has a YouTube channel. He has been making money from internet marketing and in his video. He says he will share with you some strategies he uses.

In EWF, he will show how you can make an automated full-time income while you are home.

You will be promised to discover how to level up your income according to your preference.

EWF provides you with the website and content, which is something that could compel you to purchase this affiliate marketing course.

How It Works

There are three crucial steps involved in how the Evergreen Wealth Formula works, according to the sales page. 

1. Set up everything quickly and easily by following the step-by-step videos, and you even have the tools and contents at your disposal.

2. Set up automated traffic streams within minutes.

3. Add more automated traffic streams to scale your business up.

While James has summarized the entire process with three 3 simple steps, you should not naively take it as the truth.

In fact, from what he says that he created this course that teaches advanced training and techniques with complete newbies in mind, the more you need to assess carefully if there is truth behind his claims.

The modules/steps involved in this course are:

1. Setup

This is the menu for setting up content and adding affiliate offers for monetizing your sales/marketing funnel.

You can use the affiliate offers James has picked for you or you may choose the affiliate offers you want to promote.

2. Site Setup

As the name suggests, you will learn here how to set up the website with contents. You copy and paste contents that you could instantly use. Then, embed the affiliate links into these contents.

3. Automate and Scale Part 1

This step is where you will set up the Automated Traffic Streams. You will get automated traffic from many sources.

4. Automate and Scale Part 2

This step involves more advanced traffic generation methods.

5. Fast Traffic Methods

This is an optional module since you have already known the traffic generation methods from modules 3 and 4. However, this module offers methods will help you get traffic fast.

In each of the modules, you will see a resource box containing the list of resources James mentioned. There are links in this resource box that you can visit to download the tools and contents.

There is also a module containing bonuses or additional courses, but they have no relation to the core method of Evergreen Wealth Formula.

One thing you will appreciate about James’ tutorials is that the steps are easy to follow. Even a person who knows nothing about affiliate marketing will have it easy setting up the system that James shares with his students.

It is also a positive point for Evergreen Wealth Formula sharing not just one, but two ways of generating traffic. In his videos, he talks about free and paid traffic methods.

Loopholes In The System

1. On initial thought, one might think what Evergreen Wealth Formula offers are very remarkable, but closer inspection will make you realize these pros could eventually become cons.

Having readymade contents can surely take away a big percentage of the hard work necessary in affiliate marketing.

However, this could also result to issues related to plagiarism in case at least two members decide not to edit the contents. Google also does not recommend creating duplicate contents.

The advantage of doing affiliate marketing traditionally (building your own website and creating your own contents), such as what you will learn through Wealthy Affiliate, is not only customization.

It significantly lessens your probability of dealing with plagiarism and duplicated contents issues. It also especially prepares you for more opportunities.

On the claims that you need not worry about content creation, I believe that this only somewhat applies to the phase when you are setting up the website.

Even with readymade contents, remember you must still edit them to make them appear original. You should also deal with original content creation when you are working on traffic generation for your site.

James tackles the topic on traffic generation via social media, but this is where you will need the content creation skills that other courses can teach you.

In YouTube, for example, if you like to gather a decent following, you must labor on creating interesting and creative contents.

2. Evergreen Wealth Formula offers training in video format. While some people appreciate video presentations, sometimes texts and transcripts are better.

For example, if you want to go back to what James mentioned a few seconds or minutes ago in the video, you must rewind the video manually rather than browse through the paragraphs.

3. The things that James teaches only sound easy and quick to do, but they are time-consuming. He summarized the setting up part as a single step, so if you do not understand what website creation is about, you could end up in shock.

It takes time to set up every element of a website. It takes months before you can drive traffic to it and make sales through it. 

Someone with quite a knowledge about this could require a few days to finish the setup, so you can only imagine how much longer it will take if you have zero experience in creating a website. 

Thus, I could refute claims that you can quickly have everything up and earn money easily through the Evergreen Wealth Formula course.

While the program takes some hard work away by giving you ready-to-use contents, you still need to invest time and effort on several things.

4. The course often refers to how much money you can make. The introduction video even shows James has earned $1,000+ on the day he recorded the video. 

While this is possible, do not believe with no doubt that you can achieve this with no problem or roadblocks at all, despite James saying you can do so quickly or easily. Your “wealth” will not come to you instantly.

5. It only teaches the methods and the strategy. In any affiliate marketing course, the imparted methods are just one part of the equation. 

It also needs to provide members and students with the proper mindset to prepare them in facing and succeeding any bumps or roadblocks.

6. The Evergreen Wealth Formula also just encourages you to follow blindly what James teaches.

A truly cost-effective course is one that will teach you how things work so you can apply the concepts you have learned on other platforms or avenues where they apply.

7. It creates a fake claim of scarcity. Towards the end of the video, there is a message about limited availability and spots.

Yet, as one marketer pointed out, Evergreen Wealth Formula has been around for years and is always available.


Support is another aspect that EWF receives positive reviews for. See image below.

James himself takes the time to communicate via email with students who need his help. On the sales page of EWF, there is a chat feature that you can use.

Who Is It For

The Evergreen Wealth Formula is ideal for people who have no experience and knowledge on affiliate marketing, but would like to start the quick and easy way.

How To Avail

Here's their sales page.

You may get it for $197. Although it is a onetime payment (no recurring fees), be aware that this does not include other costs for starting your affiliate business.

Evergreen Wealth Formula only gives you the website and the content, so it means you need to spend more on domain registry and website hosting (about $10/month). 

As you try to drive traffic to your site, use the paid Automatic Traffic Streams (for $20/month).

As you reach out to leads through email marketing, have an autoresponder service for $15/month.

James provides the links to these services and teaches how to use them, although you are free to choose other service providers in the market.

Potential Income

As I have said, do not naively believe that you too can make $1,000 a day instantly like James.

It is possible to make that amount of money from affiliate marketing, but it will take time before you do so.

You could probably make money from the things that Evergreen Wealth Formula teaches, but if you are expecting that it's gonna happen after a short amount of time only, I don't think so.

Work Schedule

Their webpage shows the time it might take to complete each step. These assumptions might be true for someone who has mastered the steps that James will tell you to perform. 

Yet, if you are a beginner, you might take at least twice the time to accomplish all the steps involved.


There are no exceptional perks I found with Evergreen Wealth Formula. Its affiliate program is even no longer open, according to its affiliate program webpage.



  • The Evergreen Wealth Formula offers step-by-step videos on how to start your online affiliate business.
  • It supplies you with the tools and contents you can readily use.
  • You may ask for help from the creator himself.


  • Following the steps to set up your website, put contents and drive traffic to it is not something you can accomplish quickly.
  • You should not forget to edit your contents to ensure originality.

I could say that Evergreen Wealth Formula is a course that can teach you how to start the affiliate marketing business minus some arduous steps.

While it can provide you with the knowledge for a less grueling start, I think this is not a course that I could lay down less than $200 bucks for.

I would look for another platform like Wealthy Affiliate that is not only cheaper, but can also provide better knowledge and a complete set of tools to begin your affiliate business.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate!

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