An Attraction Marketing Formula Review 

Last Modified: September 30, 2020

By: pitin

Attraction Marketing Formula PDF

Attraction Marketing Formula is mainly about lead generation. Just as the name implies, this e-book aims to make you appear attractive to generate leads. 

Attraction Marketing Formula Review

From this e-book, you would learn how to automate your online lead generation efforts. On the sales page of Attraction Marketing Formula, you can read that the creator’s major online venture was network marketing, but lead generation is essential for all businesses.

Lead generation is identifying the potential customers of a business who will buy its products and customers.

One of the powerful strategies of lead generation is Attraction Marketing, which involves setting your brand apart and defining the needs and wants of your target market so you could cater them better than your competition.

Who would not feel attracted to this product after learning how much its creator earns and how much money his many students earn in direct sales, internet marketing and network marketing? Yet, before Ferny Ceballos had an 8-figure income, he claimed that he had to go through almost unbearable struggles. Then one night, he discovered the concept that changed his life and career.

From then on, he no longer laboriously (yet often, unproductively) made cold calls, attended late night meetings, passed flyers or talk to strangers, hassled friends or relatives to support his venture.

He quit his engineering job, thanks to the concept he developed that allowed him to earn a passive income of $60,000 and more through a click of a button that generated quality online leads.

Based on the image below, you could expect that this e-book will show you about a system that can automatically do all the arduous steps of lead generation.

attraction marketing formula review

Figure 1

This automated system will get leads and prospects even if you do not make calls. You can avoid interactions that could only cause your rejection and demotivation. This e-book contains 185 pages of information, and it also comes with 3 great bonuses.

How It Works

The Attraction Marketing Formula e-book will provide you with an understanding about the best method for convincing prospective customers to listen, to take an interest in what you are selling and to buy your products.

The e-book will present tips for appealing to potential clients and urge them to act.

Prior to the actual purchase of the e-book, there are claims about several sales copies that one must go through. Once you have your copy of the e-book, you will learn initially about creating a squeeze page, building potential buyers’ list, and creating hot topics for prompting people to click on your page

There are 10 chapters in this e-book.

Chapter 1 is the introduction about the author and about the product. The juice of this product mainly starts in the second chapter.

Chapter 2 is about how to use the internet for automating lead generation, and downline building.

Chapter 3 will highlight about branding your business and getting followers.

Chapter 4 is a discussion on getting ideas about marketing while you do the laundry.

Chapter 5 will introduce the "Magic Slot Machine" that will help you make money from your prospects, even if they do not join you or buy your items.

From Chapter 6, you will discover about correctly doing market research and gaining advantage over the competition.

In Chapter 7, which is about "Cyber Real Estate," you will realize how you can stake a claim on the .com realm by picking the best domain name.

Chapter 8 will help you open the door to your online territory and will show you how to start lead generation.

Chapter 9 is about email automation, building relationship and growing your bank account. Just like in affiliate marketing, email marketing also plays an important role for promoting the business and this e-book also has a chapter dedicated to this.

Chapter 10 contains the final thoughts to gather about what you learned.

The contents of this e-book will show how to brand yourself and how to create your unique business. You will realize that your value as a marketer is not necessarily your company or products, but yourself since it is your face, attitude, solution and your own person whom you will present to your target audience before you can convince them to take further actions. Get to know how to serve others, solve their problems and build relationships with them so they can see that you are a highly valued individual. Learn how to gain their trust. Turn skeptics into believers.

This e-book also contains the strategy that will help solve issues like possible company shutdown, quick sales for immediate need for cash and money for paid advertising.

This e-book will show how to market or sell anything. Find out what you would like to sell online. You could change your business quickly and come up with a huge downline even if you do not promote your business. 

You could generate leads and even make money as you do so. Besides your network marketing venture, discover also about other ways to earn money.

loopholes in the system

The sales page of Attraction Marketing Formula only describes the e-book and what it contains. However, further reading from other sources will let you know about an online boot camp that you could enroll to after purchasing the e-book. They claim that this boot camp will provide you with more training and information.

This could lead you to the realization that the contents written on the 185 pages of the Attraction Marketing Formula might not be enough to address all issues you might encounter. It does teach a lot of useful information and strategies, but some people might still find its discussion lacking on some topics.

One possible topic that the e-book could not immensely teach is niche research. Another topic it lacks is social media usage. Since you are already tapping on the resources offered by the internet, it will be a waste if you skip one of today’s most popular platforms, social media.

One factor you could find annoying are the many sales copies you need to read prior to the actual purchase of the e-book, according to some reviewers. Some consider these sales pages a worthy read because they say these allowed them to know more about the product before spending money on it. I think these sales copies serve as the FAQ pages since there is no FAQ link or section on the sales page of Attraction Marketing Formula.


The landing page has no link or section for support articles/topics. There is no way you could contact the creator or its staff if you like to ask something before you make a purchase.

Yet, you will have a couple of means of support once you have purchased Attraction Marketing Formula. These are two of the bonuses it includes.

what attraction marketing formula is

Figure 3

With your purchase of the e-book, you have a lifetime access to its private community. You could connect with fellow members and ask your questions, get inspiration and learn further from their experience. This community access takes away the feeling of lonesome since you will have other people who will assist you.

attraction marketing formula scam

Figure 4

In this other bonus of Attraction Marketing Formula, you have the access to the "Ignition Coaching Program." It will connect you to an expert business coach who will show you how to apply what you have learned from the e-book.  They selected the coaches based on their substantial business experience in traditional network marketing and online lead generation so you know they are qualified to mentor you. You will have 1-on-1 calls with your coach.

There is additional 5-part training from Tim Erway included in this bonus where you will discover more internet marketing strategies.

Who Is It For

This is a guide for everyone, such as

  • those who need to market any product;
  • those who want to have many people to download a file from the internet;
  • those who need many people to fill up an online questionnaire;
  • those who need to build a list for email marketing;
  • those who need to sell more products directly.

This is an e-book for people whose goal is to use the internet for automated lead flow, to avoid pitfalls that come with MLM lead generation, to talk only with people interested in your company or product, to spend less time in finding prospect.

A traditional sales pipeline or sales funnel involves making phone calls, confirming leads, providing more information to leads, building relationships and following up, making sales, and earning ongoing income. You need to spend a serious amount of time here, but the Attraction Marketing Formula will show you an automated system that will lessen the time you usually need to spend.

You still need time to learn what internet marketing is and how it is done correctly. This is neither the course nor the venture for you if you think you have no time to spare and would only like a get-rich-instantly scheme.

How To Apply/Join

You can find the Attraction Marketing Formula at https://elitemarketingpro.com/go/amf-letter/.

The original price of the e-book is $97 (sometimes it's on sale). They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for the e-book.

Potential Income

The author claimed he earns 8-figure income using the concept he shared in the e-book. His students earn 6 to 7 figure income from the various fields of network marketing, direct sales and internet marketing.

Work Schedule

The sales page claims that you can see fast results in your network marketing business. From the top reviews there, one woman said she quit her full-time job in 5 months after she got 14,000 online leads.

Remember that this is about generating leads or people who "might" buy the products you are selling. You need to invest more time applying strategies to convince these leads. Depending on how aggressive and resourceful you are in promoting your business, it could take a while before you see and harvest the fruits of your labor.

Benefits / Bonus

Now, when you avail of the Attraction Marketing Formula, you get another bonus, which is a lifetime access to Elite Marketing Pro affiliate system. This complimentary account gives you marketing resources, high converting affiliate offers (so you can make money even if people do not join) and a completely automated system for recruiting people.



  • The Attraction Marketing Formula provides a detailed guide for implementing an automated online lead generation system.
  • Its discussion even includes the details of a traditional process.
  • The product has many positive reviews.


  • Even if this product can give you an automated system for lead generation and networking business, it still does not eliminate the need for anyone to dedicate time and resources to learn how the entire concept works.
  • This is not a product that suits the needs of an amateur in a business venture but it could be a substantial source of additional business information.

Since there are topics about lead generation inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform (which I am a member of), and you can even start a new discussion about it (if you have any questions), I might just skip the e-book.

However, regardless of what business you have started, the Attraction Marketing Formula can possibly help you attract lots of potential leads. It can be an an additional investment to consider for when you need to start generating leads.

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