Social Media Marketing Jobs From Home, Could You Qualify? 

Last Modified: February 8, 2021

By: pitin

Social Media Marketing Jobs From Home Summary

Nowadays, social media is not just for socializing with new people. It has also paved the way for many people whose talents and skills are compatible with social media marketing jobs from home.

Social Media Marketing Jobs From Home

These jobs revolve around the use of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram in promoting different products, brands, services and businesses.  To get accepted in one of the offered jobs, you definitely need to have the knowledge and skills in using social media for marketing. The employer may set an age limit, but your work experience will have more weight on whether the client will hire you.

Why Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have over one billion users across the globe, so marketers will surely not let this opportunity presented by social media in increasing consumer awareness about a particular brand or company.

Skills And Qualifications

Unlike other online jobs that even a high school graduate and inexperienced people could apply for, social media marketing jobs have more intricate qualifications. Posts you will find for these jobs would likely require interested applicants to be a graduate of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or related course.

Figure 1 below, for example, shows a job post for a social media manager. The ideal candidate for the job is someone who has finished a bachelor’s degree, professional training or short course in marketing, advertising, digital marketing, business management, business administration and communications.

Further research will lead you to find that there are online courses you may take if you wish to know more about social media marketing.

social media marketing job description

Figure 1

The skills for a particular job are on the job post and the commonly required skills include social media management, copywriting, content creation,  web design, web strategy, strong communication skills, self-motivated, attention to details, problem-solving skills and more.

Technical And Specific Requirements

Figure 1 shows the technical requirements of the employer for the laptop, internet and power set up of the person for the job. Specific requirements are those that involve which apps you should install in your computer for special purposes set by the employer.

For example, the client might ask you to stay logged in to Skype for constant communication during the agreed work schedule.

Job Experience

You would most likely find most social media marketing jobs requiring years of job experience in using major social media platforms. However, you should not immediately turn your back from social media marketing just because you have no or little experience. An essential skill for any remote online worker is to make the most out of available online resources. Thus, if you lack the experience, go online to search for what you could do to gain this crucial requirement or how you can land a job even with no experience. There are blog articles to read and videos to watch.

Below are some steps you are likely to read about how you could gain the social media marketing experience:

1.      Build your social media community. This involves creating accounts on these social media platforms and gaining a significant number of followers or subscribers. Engage your audience by providing them with interesting content.

2.      Take social media marketing courses. These courses will teach you about topics crucial to social media management, such as analyzing user data and also best SEO practices. Others will also teach how and what to answer during job interviews.

3.      Follow people who know better. When you read articles and watch videos, you will definitely discover who these people are.

4.      Start with entry-level job positions. This is an understatement, even for other careers you wish to start with little or no experience.

What Social Media Marketers Do

In a nutshell, it is a marketing niche of online promotion via social media channels. There are social media marketing jobs from home and there are also social media marketing jobs in traditional and/or creative agencies. Regardless of where the online professional works, the tasks are basically the same.

  • Decide On The Social Network To Use

There are many platforms apart from Facebook and Instagram. Each of these networks is ideal for a certain goal or purpose. Different contents are best suitable for each social media network.

For instance, Facebook would be a good choice if the goal is to build an online community and send out coupon codes to the community members. Content promotion like short taglines is best achieved with Twitter. Instagram is ideal for visual content like candid shots.

A good social media marketer should know the differences among these networks and come up with the best idea on how to make the most out of each network for achieving the client’s goals.

Figure 2 below shows that the hired social media manager has the task to manage the company’s accounts and followers on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The social media marketer, therefore, needs to study and know more about these networks.

social media marketing jobs home

Figure 2

  • Recognize The Target Market

The internet encompasses people from all walks of life and each business has its specific audience to target. This will depend on what products or services the company or client offers. Social media marketers need to look at particular hash tags, groups and competitors as well to gather crucial information.

  • Obtain Followers

After determining the target market, social media marketers need to come up with ways to gain more followers. The importance of determining the target audience is to provide them with the contents that will attract their attention.

  • Engage The Followers

Getting followers does not complete the job. You need to engage these followers, too. This could mean directly talking to them, giving answers to their questions and handling their issues or complaints. The social media marketer, therefore, should have good public relations skills.

  • Boost Site Traffic

The collected and engaged followers should visit the client’s or company’s website. To do this, people taking on social media marketing jobs from home should post blogs, images, videos, promos, deals and other attention-grabbing details that will entice the followers to click through.

The marketer has to come up with clever and creative ways to do this, especially now that netizens are getting smarter and they analyze what they read or see first before proceeding to the next steps. When the audience visits the website, you need to turn them to actual customers of the company.

  • Keep Track Of Results

Tracking results is a regular task involved. This will tell a marketer if the strategies used are effective or not. This will also tell if something needs alteration or improvement in the marketing plan.

Job titles in social media marketing

There are many job titles you could come across when you look for social media marketing jobs. The variations in job title result from the creative ideas of companies hiring the social media marketing professionals.

For example, one company may call it "social media specialist" while another may indicate "social media guru" or "brand evangelist." This strategy in renaming job titles could be to attract those other creative applicants.

The most common job titles are social media manager, social media specialist, social media director, brand manager, brand ambassador, content manager, and content strategist. While some job titles may tell you or give you an idea about what it involves, you must thoroughly read the job ad to know if your skills meet the requirements.

How To Apply/Join

Applying for social media marketing jobs from home is like applying for other online home-based jobs. There are online job portals where companies and employers put up ads announcing job vacancies. You need to sign up and become members of these portals. You could apply through the application procedure of the job portal unless the ad shows a specific set of application steps.

Looking back in Figure 2, the ad stated you need to send via email with the given subject line.

social media manager jobs from home

Figure 3

Figure 3 above is an example of a job ad that requires applicants to sign up to a certain organization first before receiving instructions on how to apply.

Potential Income

From Ziprecruiter, the hourly rate for social media marketing jobs category is $8.41 to $32.21, averaging at $20. This could depend on several factors like experience, tasks involved, location of the marketer or even the generosity of the employer.

Figure 4 below shows that the hired person will get 20,000/month.

social media marketing jobs salary

Figure 4

The client or employer also sets the mode of payment in a month (weekly biweekly or monthly), and the method of payment (PayPal, bank transfer or other payment processing).

Work Schedule

Employers set the work schedule for each social media marketer. Some hire full-time marketers and set the exact time while others provide a flexible schedule, but there is a minimum number of work hours to complete.

social media manager jobs

Figure 5

In Figure 5 above,  the employer wants a person to dedicate 4 hours of work a day, but the person has to work according to AU Time.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

Perks and benefits that anyone could get when hired are other things that the employer sets.

social media marketer jobs

Figure 6

Figure 6 above, for example, shows that the hired social media manager will get fully funded health plans aside from competitive compensations, company swag and catered team lunches.



  • Taking on social media marketing jobs from home is a great way for parents to earn income while staying at home and taking care of one’s family.
  • It takes away the hassles of commuting to and from the office.
  • It lets you get paid for using the social media channel that you love.
  • Your work might have a viral or positive impact on other people.
  • Opportunities and ideas are endless.


  • There are also stressful moments when working at home, especially if you manage your time poorly since you also have to deal with household tasks and chores.
  • Social media marketing tasks can be time consuming unless you know software for automation and use them to your advantage.
  • You should always keep track of your work to know that the marketing strategies are working.
  • Your creative juices should not run dry because you always have to come up with something new to engage the interest of the audience.

Although social media marketing jobs from home are such a lucrative career, it is a position that requires great skills that will take time for a person to develop. In the beginning, I think the rewards of this job are not on the financial aspect but on the work experience department. It will initially allow you to accumulate experience that most high-paying job ads require nowadays. If you think you have the patience to learn and gain experience, then it will be a worthwhile online endeavor to pursue.

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