Email Marketing Jobs: More Than Just Sending Out Emails 

Last Modified: February 8, 2021

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Email Marketing Jobs Summary

Email marketing is a method of promoting businesses, products and services through emails. Nowadays, there are a good deal of email marketing jobs available to those who like to work at home as an online professional.

An email marketer sends emails to recipients with a message that promotes a certain product or service. To work from home, you need to have a computer or laptop and fast internet connection.

While the basic task of sending out emails to a list of recipients may seem simple, you'll soon discover that there are other skills that employers might require and you need to have a variety of skills to get your assignments done.

email marketing jobs

As you look at job ads, you'll also learn that companies give little consideration to age as they do with an applicant’s work experience. Provided you are of legal working age, you will find many vacancies in various fields for email marketing.

The Essence Of Email Marketing

In email marketing jobs, the main tool you use is email to develop relationships with potential customers or clients and to promote the products and services of the company you work for. Email messages sent to the list of recipients may also contain other information like company updates, sales, deals, product information and news.

Email marketing can be any of these three main categories:

  • Direct emails encourage the recipient to contact the company and make a transaction for the sale or offer promoted in the email.
  • Transactional emails allow the recipient to make the transaction through the email.
  • Newsletters are informational messages that aim to nurture the relationship with current and prospective clients.

Email marketing is such an important marketing tool for all businesses and industries. Amateur bloggers, for example, should know that email marketing is one of the answers to their concerns, such as getting traffic to a blog, making money from a blog and gaining more blog followers.

Most times, you will come across email marketing job posts with titles like "digital marketing specialists." This is because email marketing is part of digital marketing that uses internet resources and facilities to execute marketing plans.

Email Marketer’s Tasks

The email marketing jobs involve tasks such as creating convincing email messages, working closely with the sales department of the company to determine sales goals therefore analyzing strategies that will gather more profits for the company. Let us look at an example shown in Figure 1.

email marketing job description

Figure 1

It is not just any casual message that the email marketer needs to send to existing and possible customers. To craft the email message, the email marketer must work with the graphic designers and copywriters of the company to organize the required components of the email.

If you get hired for this position, you will schedule the sending of emails to the corresponding lists. You will support and also execute the email campaigns and also help in developing new processes.  Although your job will revolve around email marketing, it is not the only task you need to complete.

In other email marketing jobs, you might also need to design mobile-friendly messages, create a database for lead generation, and follow up responses from those who take an interest in your previous email and more. They usually list tasks on the job ad, such as in Figure 1.

Email Marketing Skills

They require various skills. These include outstanding verbal and written communication skills, excellent copywriting skills that will compel readers, and research skills for studying sales and financial data. You will see required skills for a particular job straight from the job advertisement.

Education and Training

Email marketing is part of marketing. Therefore, expect that companies (possibly not all) looking for email marketers will probably look to hire people who took up college courses in marketing and related studies like public relations and communications.

The minimum education required is possibly a high school diploma or equivalent. Some employers may give more weight to marketing experience and writing skills than formal education. Figures 2 and 3 below are screenshots for email marketer (remote) job advertisement.

email marketing jobs home

Figure 2

email marketing coordinator jobs

Figure 3

In Figure 3, you'll see that the client prefers someone who has taken up a bachelor’s degree although this is not a strict requirement. This is because the client will provide training to the successful candidate, as mentioned in Figure 2. The person only needs to meet the basic requirements like excellent English skills, writing skills, team playing skills and more. Experience in email marketing is even not a requirement, so this job position could be great even for amateurs.

However, never discount the importance of education when pursuing a career in email marketing. Education and training are crucial because they will help you get the imperative skills for the job. You will learn the ins and outs of marketing when you take up marketing and related courses.

The examples shown in Figures 2 and 3 does not state exactly what bachelor’s degree the employer would like the applicant to have. It could be any bachelor’s degree since the successful candidate will receive training and mentorship.

As a proactive individual, you may also enroll to short courses on digital and email marketing courses online. Further research may also tell you that there are certification programs offered by academic and private organizations. These courses will also help pave your way to job promotion and higher salary.

Your career path to take as an email marketer may also lead you to other jobs. Since you will write compelling emails, it may further take you to the path of a copywriter. If you are now just a member of a team of email marketers, perhaps soon you will be the leader of a team of marketers.

Even if you do not pursue other related careers and stay in email marketing, feel assured that this field will remain relevant and ever present. Despite the charisma of social media to internet users, most of them still use and check their emails regularly. Email marketing can still capture a significant percentage of internet users. There are and there will be a lot of listings for email marketing jobs.

How To Apply

Applying for a job as an email marketer usually involves browsing through listings at job portals. To apply through these websites, you need to first sign up and become a member, usually for free. Know that the internet is also a breeding ground for scammers so take care not to fall for their traps. Never agree to anything online that will first ask you to pay a fee before you could apply for a job. Only embark on something with a fee if you have thoroughly researched its legality.

Once you become a member of a job portal, you could then look for email marketing job vacancies and follow the procedures to apply. Take, for example, in Figure 4, which is a screen shot for a job post on email marketing and campaign building.

email marketing job

Figure 4

The instructions here are to send a portfolio of your work history and a cover letter as a response to the said advertisement. The cover letter needs to contain answers to the questions shown, and you also need to provide a Skype ID for the interview. It is important that you follow the application procedures by word because it will serve as the initial screening by recruiters and employers.

keep in mind when looking for e-mail marketing jobs

They seek email marketers in almost all fields and industries as more and more businesses now delve into the digital world. Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business or endeavor.

For example, an affiliate marketer might need the services of an email marketer in promoting a blog to a list of potential clients. After all, an effective email campaign could drive traffic to a blog or website and eventually to the products and services that an affiliate marketing professional wants to promote.

When applying for these jobs, one useful tip to follow is to incorporate your own interests in your search. Consider what you like such as sports, animals or travel. Start your job search in an industry where your passion lies. Emphasize your abilities, experience, and passion in that field when you apply. This will help ensure that you will enjoy what you will do as an email marketer.

Potential Income

The salary rate, method of payment and means by which you will receive your salary will vary per employer.  From Figure 5 you could see that the average hourly rate for email marketing is $152.03 so this will give you an idea when determining if a job offer is worth applying for.

email marketing jobs salary

Figure 5

This, however, may still change depending on many factors, such as the size and profits of the employer. A small-sized company might not offer as high. Still, salary rate may also be commensurate to experience and required skills of a successful applicant.

email marketing manager job description

Figure 6

Looking back at Figure 4, the pay rate of Php125 is lower than the average hourly rate, so look for other jobs to apply to. Figure 6 shows an example of a higher salary rate.

Work Schedule

The employer or company will give you your work schedule, overtime, and work leaves. Some companies may offer a more flexible schedule. From Figure 1, the digital marketing specialist will work at early morning shifts from Tuesday to Saturday.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

It is also the employer’s decision what benefits you will receive. Look at Figure 3 again. Health insurance and internet allowance are only 2 of the offered benefits.

email marketing jobs remote

Figure 7

The rate and the benefits vary depending on different factors such as the generosity of the client/company or the location of the employer. In Figure 7, for example, many benefits await you when you get hired.



  • Taking on email marketing jobs will allow you to look for a job in a field where your heart and interest is. This means you will get paid as you also work on something you are interested with.
  • It can open up more options in your career path. You could transition to other related jobs as long as you gain more experience and knowledge.
  • You could learn about email marketing, even if you have no marketing degree, provided that the employer offers training.
  • You could have a lot of interactions with many people starting from the people within the company you ought to coordinate with to come up with effective email marketing plans to recipients of the email messages you send.


  • Email marketing may seem like an easy job, but it is not just sending emails to a list of recipients. Email marketing involves everything about executing an effecting marketing plan through emails.
  • While some companies may offer mentorship to shortlisted applicants, it is still important that you have the knowledge, qualifications, and the skills for the job.
  • Looking at the list of duties an email marketer needs to perform can overwhelm you if you are a beginner.
  • You need to be sociable since you have many people to work and converse with to make the email marketing plan successful.

An email marketing job is a good option to take when you want to work online. It will allow you to practice your skills to deal with different people and establish or maintain a good relationship with them. This job also lets you expand your horizons as long as you will learn new things and gain new skills for other online marketing jobs.

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