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Cashcrate Reviews Summary


  • The main advantage offered by the present Cashcrate website is that you can take part in all (or most) of the entries in its catalog if you wish to and if you qualify.
  • The Cashcrate team verifies each entry in its list.
  • Its reviews not only contain positive features about a certain program, so you will not feel that it is only promoting that program.
  • You may also read negative things about a particular program, so you have additional factors to consider before finally signing up.


  • The programs you will find from Cashcrate list will only help you make extra money. Look elsewhere for finding other online jobs that pay higher salaries.

The current Cashcrate website is no longer a platform you can register to to make money from. Yet, this re-designed and re-organized website offers a good leverage for those who like to venture into small or part-time online money-making gigs. 

Back in 2006, Cashcrate began operation and later became one of the most prominent microtask platforms on the web. With over 10 million members, it was then very easy to find Cashcrate reviews if you want to know if joining this website is worth your time and effort. Many have updated their previous reviews to reflect the major changes that the site has undergone.

cashcrate reviews

For more than a decade, millions of users all over the world have considered Cashcrate as a worthwhile microtask gig site. Yet roughly 13 years later, in April 2019, these people found the need to look for  another platform to join because the Cashcrate ended its microtask platform and changed it into something new, but still related to microtasking and side hustles.  

Today, you can read on the re-designed website what prompted this major change. From a website that once offered different ways (signing up to websites, completing surveys, getting cashback for shopping, earning cash for referring friends and gaining points for interacting) to earn rewards, now cashcrate.com is like a directory of legitimate websites and programs for making money online.

If you take time to read more about the website, you could come across some old cashcrate reviews that acknowledged its great services until in 2017 when the hacking of its users’ data occurred. During this crisis, the company proved to its members it is not a scam site because it took action regarding the data breach and advised its users to change their login password. It also provided quick responses to queries and reviews online.

Through its years of operation,  similar rewards-granting platforms for performing small tasks populated the web. Many websites were like one another, and others were out to rip-off unsuspecting users. Ever since Cashcrate started as a rewards program, integrity has been its top priority and this value remains as it now provides users with a catalog of genuine online money-making programs.

The video above explains this very important change in Cashcrate and how to still make the most out of the present system.

The New Cashcrate

From the screenshot below, you can see that there are 4 opportunity categories on the present Cashcrate website.

cashcrate com official site

Figure 1

1.      Paid Survey is the category to click if you want to find Cashcrate team’s highly rated providers of paid surveys.  Below is a short description of each entry in the category. We gather the descriptions from the actual reviews found in Cashcrate.

a.       The online survey panel, Tellwut, launched in 2010. The rewards you will get from completing surveys here are in terms of points. Once you have collected enough points, you can exchange them for gift cards from some major retailers. There is no payment option for cash.  They value gift cards at 400-500 points. This program will give you 25 points for each person you refer.

b.      Although E-Poll is considerably smaller than other online survey panels, it still has a positive reputation and a long track record since it started in 1997. If you complete one survey in a month, you have one entry to the monthly drawing wherein 50 winners will each get $20 prize.

c.       One thing different from i-Say is that it will ask for your phone number during the sign-up process. Other platforms do not require a contact number. Other sites may also offer other ways to earn money, but i-Say only has surveys to offer for you to make money from. You may play the Poll Predictor game after each survey you complete so you could get entries to various drawings that i-Say conduct every 2 weeks.

d.      ClixSense is now ySense. It lets you receive your rewards in cash via check or online payment services such as Skrill and Payoneer. Aside from paid survey, ySense lets you earn money through other methods like paid videos and cash offers.

e.      VIP Voice has an easy-to-use website, but you might feel uncertain about using this platform. It implements no fixed payout and no fixed system on how many points to give for each completed survey.

f.      YouGov is another point system platform that lets you exchange your points for gift cards, although the website has lots of information, which can distract some people in their tasks.

g.        Vindale started in 2005 as a platform for earning money by signing up for free products/services trials and by providing product/services feedback. In 2018, it became a more traditional paid survey panel.  You can also find Vindale in the Rewards category of Cashcrate.

h.        LifePoints is a program that accepts anyone at least 16 years of age from over 70 countries worldwide. You can exchange the points you earned from completing surveys for gift cards, Paypal fund or UNICEF donations.

i.      Valued Opinions may not have a particular mobile app, but its website works well when viewed using any mobile device.

j.        The Toluna market research company has its base in France, but it accepts members from over 70 countries. The rewards you will get from completing surveys are high, but there is a catch.  The equivalent of 30 points from a single survey is only one cent. Thus, 6,000 points is only equal to $2.

2.      Side Hustles is the category where you will find other programs you may check out if you are looking for a part time job. The recording of the video above was in May 2019, which is about a month after the major change in Cashcrate occurred. At 2:19 of the video above, notice that the first entry in the Side Hustles category was Uber with a 5 star rating. As of 2/23/2020, you can no longer see Uber on the list because the top entry is now Sittercity. See Figure 2. This means that the Cashcrate team updates its system.

cashcrate sign up

Figure 2

a.       MTurk is a microjob platform from Amazon. You can accept Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs. Accomplish these tasks according to the instructions to receive small payments in your account. With enough credits, you may transfer them to your Amazon Payments account or to your bank account. This should probably belong to the rewards category, but the Cashcrate catalog listed it in the Side Hustles category.

3.      Rewards programs will give you rewards or payments for doing different things like trying new products or watching videos. Check out Figure 3 where you can see the top 2 entries for this category.

reviews cashcrate

Figure 3

a.       Swagbucks is a popular site for making money on the side. You can perform different activities here to accumulate points that you could later exchange for PayPal cash or for branded gift cards. You will get 7 SB points upon signing up.

b.      Inboxdollars is a sister company of Swagbucks because it also belongs to the Prodege LLC parent organization. Thus, you can expect it to offer similar awesome features like the $5 sign up bonus. However, this program only accepts individuals from the US.

c.       PrizeRebel implements  points system for giving rewards. One point is equivalent to $0.01. You may request payout for a minimum of $2 via PayPal or gift cards.

d.      QuickRewards is among the long-running programs on the internet that pay users to do a variety of tasks like watching videos, clicking offers, couponing, cashback shopping and completing surveys. It also uses points as rewards. If you have 100 Quick Points and this is equivalent to $0.01. There is no minimum payout if you request it via PayPal, but you need to have at least $5 if you want to exchange your points for gift cards.

e.       FusionCash is another long running website with a proven good history of awarding payments via direct deposit, PayPal or check. Navigate the website with ease and find a lot of money-making opportunities.

4.      Shopping is the category to see if you like to shop online and get cashback as rewards. This is also the category for finding great deals, coupon codes, rebates and other instant discounts.

cashcrate survey

Figure 4

How To Apply/Join

There is now no need to sign up just to use its features. You may immediately browse the Cashcrate catalog to find the best and genuine programs that will help you make extra money.

You only need to go through the sign-up process for the individual programs you wish to join.

Potential Income

Your potential income will not come from Cashcrate this time, but from the programs you will sign up for after you have read the reviews and recommendations from Cashcrate.

Work Schedule

Most of the entries in the Cashcrate catalog are microjobs and part time gigs, so you will most likely have a flexible work schedule. You can work on your own time. With microtasks, consider signing up to not just one program to increase your possible earnings.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

The benefits, perks, increase and training may vary from each of the programs listed in the Cashcrate catalog. However, you should not expect that you will get great benefits from these microjob and part time programs as you might get from other full-time jobs.

Still, Cashcrate has a certain feature that you might find beneficial. Look at Figure 5.

cashcrate legit

Figure 5

This figure shows the “Submit a tip” page of Cashcrate. This is the page you may take advantage of if you want to report anything significant to the Cashcrate team. It could be something about a program that the team can add to its catalog; or a scam site you wish to report; or even a correction about the current entries in the catalog.

Each full review page on Cashcrate has a comment section where you can post any statement you like to say or add to the program review.

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