Online Verdict Reviews, Why Majority Confirms It Is Legit. 

Last Modified: June 27, 2021

By: pitin

Online Verdict reviews will show you why it is a legitimate platform you can trust. It also does not hide any important information.

Working as a paid online juror is one side hustle that a person could do over the internet. Online Verdict is one of the commendable platforms for people who like to become a paid online juror.

online verdict reviews

Online Verdict Reviews

Online Verdict is a highly regarded online research leader since 2004. Its founders are jury consultants who know about the methodologies for conducting mock trials.

Since the day it started, it has been carrying out online and live mock trials or focus groups that aim to provide attorneys with useful feedback about their cases.

How It Works At Online Verdict

At present, there are over 800,000 jury-qualified people in almost all counties in the nation. Online Verdict can reportedly provide results within 1-2 days after an attorney posted a case (be it a small or a big case).

For an affordable price compared to the cost of a traditional mock trial, Online Verdict can also help plan the questionnaire for the case.

The process begins when a lawyer posts his case summary along with verdict questions to the website.

From here on, 25 or 50 eligible people will review the facts of the case and they will provide their feedback/opinion regarding the case.

Registered Online Verdict jurors with addresses from the same venue/county of case filing will receive the email invitation for a case review.

The case review completes when all (25 or 50) jurors sent their feedback. The juror will then receive their payment.

They tabulate juror feedback to provide an organized presentation for the legal professional or lawyer who posted the particular case.


Requirements include a minimum age of 18 years old and US citizenship.

There is exclusion from participation that you can read from Online Verdict FAQ.

It is interesting to know that if you are a US citizen who lives abroad, you may still sign up as a juror provided that you have a US mailing address, or a US driver’s license or you are a registered USA voter.

Use the mailing address in your driver’s license or voter’s registration when you sign up for Online Verdict because they will send your payment check to this address.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

You can read from the FAQ page of Online Verdict on many details crucial to all potential online paid jurors.

There are no fees to pay or settle when signing up as a juror to Online Verdict. Instead, it will pay you to review cases.

How To Join

Sign up here to get started. That is a web page containing the online registration form you need to accomplish.

The Juror sign up requires you to supply important demographic details including first name, last name, address (city, county, state, and zip), phone number (day and night), and birth date.

You need to confirm the following: 

  • you are a US citizen
  • you have a driver’s license or state ID
  • you are a registered voter
  • you are proficient in English
  • you have a felony conviction
  • you have an immediate family member who is a lawyer or paralegal with civil litigation involvement
  • the industry you work in
  • possible association with the legal industry
  • you have served as a jury before

You need to indicate your

  • ethnic background
  • age group
  • gender
  • marital status
  • occupation
  • annual household income
  • academic attainment
  • political stance

The involved attorney or third party will know none of the personal data and identifiable information you provide in your profile.

Once you have completed your profile and set up your login details, you need to wait for an invitation sent through email regarding a case that an attorney posted for jurors like you to review.

In the email, you will find a link that will take you to the Online Verdict website.

If you accept, you need to concur with the confidentiality policy for reviewing a case and answering all the questions included. Do not worry that you might give a wrong answer.

All answers are neither right nor wrong. What attorneys need is the honest opinion and reaction of jurors.

If you do not wish to review the case, ignore or delete the email invitation. You may also choose not to finish reviewing the case, even though you have already started on it.

Only jurors who completed a case review will receive payment.

Potential Income

Compared to other websites that accept applications from people who want to become paid online jurors, the website of Online Verdict is more commendable.

You can readily find what information you need to know, especially the payment.

For every case review that you can complete in 20-60 minutes, you could receive $20-60. The length of the case and the number of questions to answer are factors that determine a juror’s pay rate.

You will know beforehand how much you could get from the email invitation. They mail checks for completed reviews in 1-2 weeks.

One possible factor that will discourage you from joining Online Verdict is its mode of payment. It only sends payment through checks.

It does not send payments via PayPal, which is a common payment method in many online jobs.

As an online juror, you are an independent contractor for Online Verdict so you will receive your payment with no tax deductions.

It is your responsibility to report any additional income in your tax returns. Online Verdict will send you 1099 if you earn more than $600 from reviewing cases.

Work Schedule

The work schedule of an online juror is flexible. You only work when you get an invitation to review. You can also consider it as an on-call job since you do not know when you will get an invitation in your email.

The number of cases that jurors will review will depend on the number of attorneys that use Online Verdict’s services. If there are more attorneys who post cases on the website, the more cases you will review.

If one case requires 60 minutes to complete, then you need to allot 60 minutes of your time to complete the review.

It is general knowledge that there could be more cases to review for jurors living in metropolitan areas than those living in small counties.

You can only review cases in the county you live in, just like how they select members of an actual jury. Sometimes, Online Verdict conducts national surveys wherein all members from all over the country could join.