The Field Agent App Review 

Last Modified: February 9, 2021

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The Field Agent App Summary

Nowadays, smartphones are not just for communication or entertainment. They now serve a great purpose to people who are looking for jobs and ways to make money. A quick search on the internet will lead you to discover many apps you can download and install on your smartphone for this purpose. One of them is the Field Agent App. Make sure you know a lot about the app before using it.

The Field Agent App Review

Field Agent app lets you make money by working as a mystery shopper. Traditionally, a market research team or agency supervises the people who work as mystery shoppers. With the Field Agent app, you can skip this part of the process.

Once you have the app in your phone, you could immediately take on tasks of shopping in stores and then providing feedback about the products and the services of the store. A lot of popular brands from various industries tie up with Field Agent to gather crucial feedback from consumers like you so they can further improve what they can offer to the public.

These companies working with Field Agent name the jobs they want agents like you to accomplish. They also set the payment rate for these jobs and include any possible reimbursements.

1.      Education and Training

You do not need any special training, or high academic achievements to use the Field Agent app.

2.      Age

You can read from the Master Service Agreement of Field Agent that the minimum age it requires is 18 years old. See Figure 1.

fieldagent net

Figure 1

3.      Location

According to the information on this webpage, Field Agent has global connections that include stores, products and shoppers. However, you can also read that it serves (at present) only 6 other markets aside from the United States. These are Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom and Ecuador.

4.      Technical Requirements

The app is available for Android and iOS gadgets. You can download the Field Agent App from Google Play as long as you have at least version 4.4 Android device. You may also download it from the App Store if you have iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with at least 10.0 iOS.

5.  Other Necessities

You will also need to have a bank account because it is where you will receive your payment. You need a reliable mode of transportation so you can travel to each of the destinations of your tasks. You need not have your own car. There are other options you can explore for the jobs you will accept.

Getting Started on Field Agent

Upon downloading the app, complete your profile. The same with other online gigs such as consumer research panels, your updated profile will help the system gather important details so it can offer you the most suitable job opportunities.

Afterward, you need to link your bank account. You could read from other agent’s write ups that Field Agent will send test deposits to your linked account. This lengthy process will help Field Agent verify if your direct deposit works. While waiting for this process to complete, you may already start working on assignments.

Take note that there are ticket jobs and training jobs you must complete before the official first assignment as Field Agent mystery shopper. These training jobs will give you a run-through of the various assignments. You will see examples of discreetly completing assignments in stores so you will not draw attention to yourself.

Mystery shopping is all about staying undetected by anyone in the store (especially the staff) that you are doing some assessment of its products and services. Ticket jobs give you quick surveys so you can find jobs that suit you well. They call them ticket jobs because they provide agents with tickets for entering monthly drawings.

In your profile, you need to indicate crucial details like age, gender, education, members of the household where you shop for many products and possible tobacco/alcohol usage.

Jobs You Can Find

Look at Figure 2 below.

what is the field agent app

Figure 2

It shows the jobs you might see and claim through the Field Agent app. There are the tasks of store audits or mystery shopping. These jobs require you to visit brick and mortar stores or shops. There are also jobs that do not require you to travel, but only answer surveys.

Audit jobs involve taking photos and providing answers to questions about the products and the displays inside stores. You could also find jobs requiring purchasing and trying products and then sharing your experience or opinion.

There are unique job categories you can find. One is the Precision Required category that is harder to complete because of its strict photo requirements. Scavenger Hunts are assignments that will only pay you once you have found the required item.

See Figure 3.

field agent app reviews

Figure 3

This screenshot shows some stores you can shop at where you can complete your Field Agent jobs to earn extra money.

Field Agent Score

Each agent receives a score that determines his reliability and willingness to complete tasks. Higher or better scores mean you can accept more and better paying assignments. Field Agent uses a certain formula for factoring the number of jobs. The Agent score may come from “85 + Completed Jobs - (Accepted - Completed)” or “85 + Completed Jobs - Denied Jobs”.

Tips To Live By

Allow the app to access your camera and location.

Always remember that you are an undercover agent. Practice discreteness at all times. Dress appropriately so you will not call attention to yourself.

Read instructions before you visit a store and start a job.

Do not rely solely on GPS and use the address in the job.

Take photos of permanently closed stores or facilities in the address given in the job. Explain the situation in your comment.

If a store personnel asks you to leave, respect him and explain this in your comment. Do not use any foul language in the comments and when speaking to store personnel.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

The Field Agent app is free to download.

How To Join

The process to join is very easy. As mentioned earlier, you just download the app and once installed in your smartphone, it will prompt you to complete your profile. Verify your email after the registration.

When you log in to the app, you could see a list of jobs organized by type. You may look for jobs within your area by clicking the map. Orange landmarks are the tasks you may complete. Click on each orange landmark to read the job details. If you think this is a job you can complete, click “Accept this Job”. See Figure 4 for illustration.

field agent review

Figure 4

This is an example of what you could see once you click an orange landmark. Pay attention to the "location required" so you would go to the exact location stated in the job.

"Time allowed" is the time limit you need to remember because this is the time they give you for completing and submitting the job.

Payment is the amount you will receive if they approve your submission.

Job overview contains the details and instructions you need to follow when completing the job.

Potential Income

Your possible earnings depend on where you are. You can read from many reviews about the dissatisfaction of users because they did not find enough or any assignment available to them in the Field Agent app.  This is because agents in bigger urban cities have more opportunities than those agents from smaller rural areas.

The average earning could range from $3 to $8 for each completed and approved submission. You can complete each job within about 10 minutes so if there are a lot of jobs in your location, you could make up at least $20 in an hour.

Using the Field Agent app is just one way of supplementing your income. The payment you receive from each job might not even be enough to cover your gas expenses, but there are ways you can make this opportunity to work. You could probably cut down on travel expenses by riding a bicycle towards the location of the store. You could also refine your job search by customizing it to show only jobs within your vicinity.

Work Schedule

You have a flexible work schedule as an agent. You can work anytime you like. However, once you accept a job, make sure that you will submit your work within the time allowed for a certain job. Look back to Figure 4 where you can see the time allowed is 2 hours.

Maximize Your Flexible Schedule

Given that you have a flexible schedule, if you did not find enough jobs on the Field Agent app, you may take on other online jobs like English tutoring jobs. Nowadays, there are English tutoring platforms available in smartphone apps like Palfish and Cambly.

Since you are now using your smartphone to make money on the side, consider the following apps to help in this goal.

1.      Ibotta lets you take photos of your shopping receipt and you might earn cash back.

2.      The JobSpotter app lets you take pictures of hiring signs at the storefront to earn points that you could later swap for Amazon gift cards.

3.      There are also apps like EyeEm, Clashot and Foap that serve as middleman for selling your captured photos to interested buyers.

4.      You may take photos through your phone and sell them to stock photo websites like iStockphoto and ShutterStock.

5.      Bookscouter is probably for the bookworms out there who are fond of visiting garage sales to look for old books. Use your smartphone to scan the book’s ISBN number and the app will tell you how much the book costs in various sites. Look for the highest offer and ship the rare book to that retailer once you have made a deal.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

This online job is not like other online opportunities, like a virtual assistant and computer software engineer that might offer better benefits and more flexible time.



  • The app is easy to use with its clean interface.
  • You can make money while running errands or while shopping.
  • It has a very low payout threshold.
  • It is great for all ages. Adults who have their accounts on Field Agent can make children involved in simple assignments such as making a game out of it when inside grocery stores.


  • Approvals for job submissions take long.
  • Sometimes, jobs get rejected even when an Agent followed the instructions to heart.
  • A simple task could take longer if the stores are far apart from each other or if you are in a traffic jam.
  • There are not enough jobs.
  • It is not available in all countries.
  • Your time and expenses could add up if you are not keen on tracking them.
  • Cash out may take some time to complete.

I would download and install the Field Agent app if I were from a country where it is available and from an urban location where there could be a lot of jobs. However, I will not consider it as my part time job, but only as a possible side hustle I could do whenever I go out to do shopping or run errands.

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  1. Their tasks are often impossible and you find out when you are halfway through that something cant be done(example: take a horizontal picture of an aisle including all shelves top to bottom but the aisle is too narrow to back up to get the full top and bottom on horizontal setting. It would work on verticle but that is against the instructions) You cant contact anyone for how to proceed. You then wasted your time and money dont get paid. If you complain they delete your account.

    1. Hi Kyle,

      Thank you very much for sharing your feedback. I’m sure readers will find it helpful, as much as I do.

      Kind Regards,

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