What is Ubertesters? A Complete Guide Before You Apply. 

Last Modified: June 27, 2021

By: pitin

Ubertesters hire apps and website testers. However, it is advisable not to jump into the bandwagon impulsively without first knowing what is Ubertesters.

This post will tell you all the details about the opportunity so read on.

what is ubertesters

What Is Ubertesters

As a tester at Ubertesters, your job will help ensure that a company or app developer will launch mobile apps that are error-free and of top quality.

When you join Ubertesters, you will be part of the Uber league who earns money from testing pre-released mobile apps and games from known mobile developers from across the globe during your free time.

Ubertesters Requirements

You will need to have your own device for testing apps and games. Also part of your job is to test internet sites, web products, software products and wearables.

This could mean that the more devices, operating systems and carriers you have access to, the more paid test opportunities will come your way.

Ubertesters make use of a crowd testing method that involves an enormous group of professional testers from many parts of the world to perform the manually testing.

Becoming a Tester

You need to complete the registration process to become an Ubertester. Your job requires that you install the Ubertesters app in your device. This is the part that might discourage many wannabe testers.

These individuals do not feel comfortable installing apps on their mobile devices.

Your uncertainty might even escalate after reading the mixed reviews of the app on Google Play.

While several reviewers say positive things about the app, it is a matter of consideration what most reviewers claim.

One latest reviewer noted that it is funny how an app that comes from a UX testing company seems to have not undergone testing because the app has several flaws like slow loading, non-working buttons and frequent timeouts and crashes.

Another reviewer noted that the app did not work on 2 devices.

Ubertesters Certification Process

All Ubertesters undergo this certification process where you will need to complete and pass a theoretical test and also a practical task prior to taking on the paid tests.

A good thing about the certification process is that you may retake it later if you did not get a passing mark.

How To Join Ubertesters

Watch the video below if you would like to see a short visual guide on how to become an Ubertester.

The sign up page of Ubertesters for testers is at https://dashboard.ubertesters.com/tester_sign_up.

The first step is the sign Up. Enter your first name, last name, email address, and country then set up your password. You must agree to the terms of use and the privacy terms before hitting the sign up button.

The second step is entering your personal information. Provide your birth date, gender, Skype ID, phone number, country (again), state, city, metropolis and a LinkedIn account.

It is at this point where you will also need to set up your payment method (PayPal, Upwork or Amazon gift card), and communication methods (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp).

You must also give your technical background information such as technical skills, types of test you could perform (functional testing, UI testing, performance testing, compatibility testing and localization testing).

You should specify what other crowdsourcing testing platforms you are possibly an active member of. State your spoken languages, availability for testing (hours per week and best time to take tests).

You should specify the types of operating systems that you could use for Ubertesters projects.

Moreover, you should at least be familiar with the types of tests on Ubertesters since you must choose the types of tests you could perform.

This means you need to first do some reading about these tests so you will know what they involve. You cannot just choose randomly because doing so might put your performance in jeopardy.

The third step is connecting with your device. There are options for connecting your device. The first option is visiting http://dashboard.ubertesters.com on your device.

The second option is to send a link by email to your device. All these options involve the downloading and installation of the Ubertesters App.

Afterward, wait for about 5 days for the email from the Ubertesters community managers regarding the details of the certification/testing process.

When you pass the test and the task, you need to sign and then send back the non-disclosure agreement. Only then can you take on projects to earn money.