Read What Takelessons Is About And How You Can Earn Money Thru It 

Last Modified: September 8, 2021

By: pitin

If you are looking for a way to earn extra money while at home, learn what Takelessons is about. 

This post will tell you how you could have this opportunity and help you decide if you will grab it.

what takelessons is about

What Takelessons Is About

Takelessons claims that its marketplace assembles a diversified community of teachers, with diverse backgrounds and teaching styles. 

At first, Takelessons was only about teaching music. Now, you can browse the website and discover that it can teach and tutor a lot of different subjects and interests to students.

This platform is serving a lot of experts and knowledgeable people as a platform to mentor students.

Regardless of what you need it for (career, fun, travel, etc.), you may seek teachers and tutors at Takelessons to help you learn various languages such as Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese and English.

Academic tutoring, such as in Math, Reading, Chemistry and other subjects or test preparations, is also part of Takelessons services.

You may also look for someone to help you learn the skills and crafts of sewing, playing chess, drawing, editing photos in Photoshop and more. 

These expert mentors offer their services either locally (student’s home or teacher’s home/office) or remotely (computer or mobile device).

If you are looking to use the Takelessons platform, it will be helpful to know if your area/subject of expertise is among the online trending subjects here.

Among the trending online lessons here are

  • singing
  • playing ukulele/violin/piano/cello/guitar
  • learning American sign language
  • learning Korean/Japanese/Italian/French/German/English 
  • learning accent reduction and
  • acting.

This should tell you that sometimes online lessons might not work for certain subjects or fields.

Takelessons Review

The video below is a review of Takelessons.

The vlogger here mentioned that he also does online lessons, but he prefers visiting the student’s home.

According to him, he has no laptop and only uses mobile devices for teaching. This is probably what makes him prefer local lessons.

There are also internet issues he mentioned, which made him think that local lessons are better.

Thus, if you want to make online lessons work for you, you need a proper online teaching set up at home, such as your teaching computer and a reliable internet connection. 

It will be of substantial help to prepare other teaching materials you can use for online classes like virtual whiteboard and other props.

How It Works

First, create your professional profile. Make sure that your profile will properly feature your skills and your experiences that will easily tell potential students how credible you are for the lessons you will teach.

Students seeking teaching services have search filters to use to look for teachers. 

Apart from a profile with outstanding photos and detailed descriptions of lessons, other crucial things that matter to students and parents searching for tutors are positive reviews and "background checked badge."

If the student/parent chose you, he will book and pay for your lessons. Takelessons will email and send you a text message about this. You could start the lessons as soon as possible. 

Takelessons gives 48 hours to teachers to accept new students through this online acceptance system/process. Takelessons does not give any guarantee that teachers will ever get new students. 

The demand for lessons varies according to the teacher’s demographic area and the subjects that the teacher teaches. 

If you are offering tutorial lessons for uncommon subjects or interests, the demand for these lessons might not be as high as the demands for trending lessons like a musical instrument or foreign languages.

Teacher Requirements

1.  You must be at least 18 years old.

2.  You should have a valid Social Security Number and a US bank account for receiving payments for the lessons you provide. This means that it only allows teachers from the US to use the online platform to get students to teach.

3.  You should have a valid US mobile number. This further emphasizes that only US teachers may join Takelessons.

4.  You should be skilled to teach at least one subject that Takelessons endorses.

5.  You must have at least one available location for teaching (either online, a studio/office location or you may offer to go to the student’s house for the lessons).

6.  You should maintain your available teaching hours.

Is Takelessons Free?

There are no fees to pay for getting started and for posting your profile here. Yet, you will discover below that there is still a price to pay for having your teaching profile listed at Takelessons.

Moreover, Takelessons will charge once it delivers a paid student to teachers (who just signed up and are ready to provide lessons).

While listing your teacher’s profile is free, there is an on boarding fee of $19.95 you need to settle for the background check that a third party processing partner accomplishes.

How Do I Become A Takelessons Teacher?

There are three basic steps to get started here. You create an account, build your profile and then you get new students.

Provide complete details about yourself, particularly about your experience and expertise on the subject/s you offer to teach. You need to complete a background check and also agree to the independent contractor terms.

Background Check

A background check is necessary because it will assure students and parents of their safety and security. It is even a must if you are a teacher who also offers in-house lessons to students.

Takelessons claim that parents and students are 6 times more likely to book a lesson with a teacher whose profile displays a "background check badge."

Background checks only apply when you have a valid US social security number. Take note that the badge is only valid for 12 months.

You need to pay again for a background check when the 12 months are over so you will continue to have a background check on your profile, which students and parents will see.

Profile Details

When you click on the green Get Started button at Takelessons website, a small window will pop up to ask about what your primary teaching subject is.

Then, a new pop-up window will appear. This one says you can add more subjects later and the short form for creating an account where you will provide your name and email address.

You must check the box confirming that you are at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the US. Finally, click the "Start Teaching" button. You may also sign up by connecting to Facebook.

Next, you need to complete your profile. It is here where you will read about the $19.95 you must pay for your background check.