How Does Inboxdollars Work? Can You Make Money With It? 

Last Modified: March 13, 2021

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If you are wondering how does Inboxbollars work, it lets you make extra money from doing what you already do every day.

Do you love watching videos? Do you enjoy playing games? Do you also love to shop, but still want to cut the cost? Do you feel comfortable sharing your personal experiences in a survey

If you answer yes to all these, then you can make money with Inboxdollars. But how much? Let's see.

how does inboxdollars work

How Does Inboxdollars Work?

Inboxdollars is one of the well-liked platforms for microtasking.

You might quickly and impulsively jump into this line of online gig once you discover that you will get payment for doing small tasks like reading emails and completing surveys while you do other things such as watching your favourite TV program.

Just like with any other endeavour in life, you need to first know what you are getting into before you finally dive into it.

Inboxdollars Tasks To Do To Make Side Money

Inboxdollars has given more than $59 million in cash to its members since 2000. Members receive payment for doing what they could have already been doing daily.

These tasks will help influence the quality of future products and services.

1. Take Paid Surveys

You may complete surveys matched to your supplied details (personal information and interests). These surveys from market research companies will ask your opinion on various products and services.

Paid Survey topics vary and may include cars/vehicles, fashion/shopping, home construction/renovation, travel, grocery shopping, sports/leisure, politics/current events, and healthcare/health insurance.

2. Watch Videos

You can watch these videos via your computer or your mobile device. There are 24 to 30 videos available each day for each category such as news, celebrity gossip, entertainment, technology, food and health.

Companies will pay you to watch their video contents and they want you to share these with your friends. This way, they can gather more viewers and audiences, who will support their products and services.

3. Play Games

Inboxdollars has a lot of games you can play, and it even partnered with GSN casino for more games you can play.

However, these GSN games are not free. It is great to play only those free games at Inboxdollars, but if you spend money on the games you want to play, you could get 18% cashback through Inboxdollars.

Perhaps you are standing in line waiting for your turn in a dental office; you could play a game and possibly win scratch cards with cash as prizes.

4. Shop Online To Get Cashback

Cashback is probably not new to people who often shop online. Earning cashbacks means getting back a portion of what you have spent when you shop.

At Inboxdollars, you may get cashbacks ranging from at least 1.5% up to 15%. This task also allows you to receive free samples and discounts from popular brands like Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sephora and Old Navy. 

You will also know about exciting offers and deals on hotels/travel, payment plans, department stores, clothing retailers, supermarkets, subscription box services, health/beauty, and auto insurance.

5. Print and Redeem Coupons

You can also access free coupons for grocery shopping, for beauty products and more. You can get $1 cash back in your Inboxdollars for every 10 coupons you redeem.

6. Read Emails

You will receive emails to read, and these emails contain the best offers out there. Inboxdollars will pay you to read emails and you might earn cashback when you take advantage of the deals and offers in the email.

Reading more messages will help you earn scratch cards.

The emails you will receive may contain offers such as free 7-day trial on TV and movie streaming services, earning cash for downloading an app, special introductory rate for joining clubs, sweepstakes announcements and more.

Who Can Join

While Inboxdollars appear to be very appealing, it is open only to individuals living in 50 USA states. You need to be at least 18 years old to join.

There is no special training or higher education required, but there are guidelines you need to follow to join and remain as an active member of Inboxdollars.

You can read more here about the requirements for joining Inboxdollars.


Tools Required

While you can access your Inboxdollars account via a desktop computer or laptop, there is also an Inboxdollars app available for both Android and iOS users.

Downloading and installing the app on your mobile device is a great help to complete your tasks conveniently.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

You need not spend anything to join the platform.

How To Join

Anyone could and try to sign up, but not everyone gets accepted.

As mentioned earlier, only US residents are welcome to join. Once you signed up to Inboxdollars, you need to activate it by clicking on the activation link on the email you will receive.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?

Potential Income

It is very important to confirm and activate your new account so you will receive the $5 sign up bonus from Inboxdollars.

Now, you need to accumulate $25 more in your account so you could get your earnings in cash. The minimum amount valid for payment requests is $30.

With this in mind, realize that you need to invest more money and effort in completing Inboxdollars tasks. Just like any other microjob gigs, the more time you work, the more money you could earn.

Paid online surveys, for example, pay $0.50-5.00 and could take 3-25 minutes to finish. If your demographic profile is suitable for higher paying surveys, you could earn $10-20 or more.

Watch more contents to earn more virtual scratch cards that could pay $0.05-0.25.

Completing a profile survey will pay $0.50. If you sign up to Stash, you will get $30 in your Inboxdollars.

You could become an ASPCA Guardian to help abused animals by spending $19, but you could earn $25 in your Inboxdollars account.

Earn an additional $25 on the next month so you could get $50. Avail auto insurance from Liberty Manual to earn $50.

Payment Details and Method

You could request payment via cash, gift card or PayPal fund once you have at least $30 in your account. They process payments on Wednesdays.

You may request check payments and they will mail it to your home address.

You may also request electronic gift cards to Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. You may also make donations to charities like Red Cross and Animal Humane Society.

Inboxdollars Review

Work Schedule And Benefits

Completing tasks at Inboxdollars does not require you to do so at a particular time. There is no fixed work schedule you need to follow.

You also get to work only when there are available tasks for you to perform. 

Aside from flexible work hours, Inboxdollars offer the benefits of reaching out and giving back to those who need help.

If you feel moved upon watching people struck by disasters or watching abused animals, you may contribute and send your donations to charities via Inboxdollars.



  • You could conveniently complete tasks while doing other things at home, like watching a TV program through the Inboxdollars app on your phone.
  • You get instant $5 for signing up.
  • You have different and exciting ways to earn money.
  • You get to see how much you have earned in dollars, and there is no need to calculate the equivalent of points into cash.
  • There is an app that helps in completing tasks while on the go. 


  • This is available only to US residents. Inboxdollars prohibit the use of VPN or Private/Proxy IP to conceal one’s country or location.
  • Reviews noted that when you request for payment, the system will deduct $3 from your money as a processing fee.
  • Sign up is free, but some tasks and offers are not free. There are offers wherein you need to spend money to take part, such as the casino games and Liberty Manual car insurance.
  • You might not qualify for all surveys and offers.

Inboxdollars has earned a good reputation among several people, such as those who feel happy earning some passive income while doing small tasks on their large amounts of time.

Yet, the program only accepts US residents.

If you qualify as a member of Inboxdollars, consider it only as a side job that lets you make extra money from doing what you already do every day like watching videos or playing games.

The "income" generated from Inboxdollars can be invested in a hosting platform and a domain name to start blogging. Learn how to blog for side income.

Once you get the hang of it, you can slowly move to blogging for full time income, which can yield to a passive income when done right.

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