What Is Testapic About? Is It Worth Joining? 

Last Modified: July 2, 2021

By: pitin

Read this post on what is Testapic about to find out if it is worth including in your list of usability testing websites to join.

what is testapic about

What Is Testapic About?

Testapic is one platform you may see if you are looking to get into the bandwagon of testing apps and websites for money. It regards itself as a French leader in remote user testing. 

Testapic provides its clients with narrated videos from real users who browse the interfaces of its clients’ products. Therefore, your job as a tester is to use the clients’ products and test respective interfaces.

There will be a recording of all your activities so you could give valuable information to clients for improving their products.

Testapic has over 200 customers. If you will become a Testapic Tester, you might work for these companies too.

The Testapic Panel

According to the details on the website, there are 267,994 users who could serve the needs of clients. These users could test the client’s products with over 30 different target criteria.

The primary focus of each test is to provide top quality, authentic, honest and accurate information to clients. Thus, adhere to these attributes when you perform your test assignments.

Testapic guarantees that there is no professional respondent in its user panel. Its panel manager checks the information provided by testers while its algorithm helps spot any fake panelist.

This could mean that even if you are an amateur at user testing, you may still apply to become a tester here.

Yet, it also discloses that to control how testers improve their skill levels, it carefully picks testers who will perform the tasks so as not to call on the same set of testers for various tests.

Testapic claims that over 5,000 people register as testers each month so it can assure its clients that its panel always has new testers.

What could this possibly mean for you? I think this affects the number of assignments you will receive and ultimately on the amount of money you could earn.

A client could set or choose from over 30 tester criteria. These are the requirements you should meet to be part of the selected test panel.

Meet the required demographic details like age, family situation, profession, gender, location, income, etc. to qualify for a job.

Testapic Tester Control Process

During registration, provide your personal information and Testapic verifies the details you provide.

Then, you will receive a skills test to complete so you can show your level of comprehension about interfaces. Again, Testapic will cross-check the results of your test with the information you gave.

You will also need to complete a survey for verifying your information, to further purge out any false information. Moreover, Testapic randomly verifies user data after a user took the first test.

It carefully controls the skills improvement of testers because it does not want its panel of testers to become specialists in testing interfaces. 

However, I think this is a futile effort from Testapic because you could join other similar platforms. If you do, you could perform other tests that will help improve your skills at using interfaces.

Status Of Employment

From the terms of tester agreement, you'll know the exact legal relationship between you and Testapic. As a tester, you could earn money from Testapic, but you are not among its employees.

Testapic will not give you instructions or orders, but will inform you of the scenario and the modality of the tests. You are free to take on the tests or not, depending on what you feel or think you want to do.

Testapic has no right to force you to complete tests on assignments you do not wish to take.


You should be at least 18 years old to register as a tester. You should have a microphone for executing audio or video tests. You only need to write comments when you execute the survey test.

You must have a device of your own, such as a desktop computer or a laptop that can allow the downloading and installation of the Testapic app.

Testapic’s Google Chrome extension is required for all testers to download and install on their devices, because this will allow recording the screen and the audio during tests.

This is a plugin to the browser, so it means you should use Google Chrome.

What To Do During A Test

It is unnecessary to introduce yourself during a test. A simple hello at the beginning will do. Testapic even recommends anonymity.

While in a test, you may use the pause feature then resume it once you are ready.

There are instructions in each test that you should read thoroughly and follow consistently. You should comment on the user path you are taking and on the interaction you have with the app or website.

You sincerely have to state your opinion, regardless if it is negative or positive. Think about any recommendations you could proactively suggest for the improvement of the product and state this during the test.

How To Apply

To register, go here.

Fill out the form where you need to provide your personal information. 

You may sign up alternatively via Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.

In the first part, you must provide

  • first name
  • last name
  • gender
  • birth year (1902-2002)
  • email address
  • city
  • postal code
  • country and
  • primary language.

This is where you should also set the password.

The second part includes stating your marital status, socio-professional category, line of business or industry, net monthly income, and age/gender of children.

The third part includes information about your mobile and computer equipment. Thus, state what type of device you have and will use for the tests, and the operating system of your device.

The final and last part is about your internet usage. You should tell

  • how much time you spend using the internet every day
  • how frequent you shop online
  • what social networks you use
  • if you download apps on your phone
  • if you use your phone to browse websites
  • if you have ever used QR codes
  • what phone features you use and
  • if you shopped online using your phone or tablet.

Once you finish your registration, you need to validate your email.

This is the part where you also need to install the Testapic app if you have not yet installed it on your device.