How To Start A Website With Dreamhost Web Hosting 

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

By: pitin

Here is your guide on how to start a website with Dreamhost web hosting. Launching a website for affiliate marketing requires a web hosting as explained here. Dreamhost is one of the web hosts which has some prominent features to offer. 

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  • Dreamhost has a 97-day money-back guarantee. Other service providers give you only 30 days to get a refund, but Dreamhost lets you enjoy its services for up to 3 full months before you decide if the service is worth it or not.
  • It offers high basic plan limits. For example, despite the low starting price of $2.59 for Shared Starter (3-year term), you still get a lot of features right away. 
  • You have a website with free domain name and SSL certificate.
  • It offers "unlimited" disk space and network transfers. This takes away any worries about network transfer limits and disk storage limits when your website eventually becomes viral. 
  • Dreamhost is an environmental-friendly company, at least in its way of practicing carbon-neutral steps concerning their servers. You can read more about their green practices on its website.


  • The "unlimited traffic and unlimited disk-space" is quite hard to believe. Clicking on the link about it will show you the disclaimer: "If your site isn't well optimized and is causing issues for others on your shared server, you may be asked to sign up for your own DreamHost Private Server." It's an upsell that starts at $10 per month.
  • It limits its live chat support, despite the 24/7 claims. If you use the live chat feature on the website, you will mostly receive automated response if you send a message outside the operating hours.

As you have already known, you can go straight to Dreamhost as the initial step since it has the tools and the services you need to accomplish this goal. It has the key elements for creating a website: web hosting, domain name, site builder tools, themes and plugins.

WordPress is a widely known name in the world of blogging. This platform powers over 455 million or 35% of all websites around the world, and Dreamhost will allow you to make your website on this extensively used platform.

1. Purchase A Hosting Service, Register A Domain Name

Since you want to create a website on WordPress, it is great to know that Dreamhost is among the recommended web hosts by wordpress.org. See Figure 1.

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Figure 1

Types of hosting and the plan that will suit your (beginner's) needs and budget:

  • Shared Starter Hosting - This is a cost-effective option to start a website. Plans are cheap since your website will share with other websites the space offered by a single physical server. 
  • Shared Unlimited Hosting - This is ideal for WordPress. It includes WordPress pre-installation and will let you host unlimited websites.