What Is Beta Family About? Should You Join Right Now? 

Last Modified: September 8, 2021

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If you are looking to make a side income from home, learn what is Beta Family about. Find out what it offers and how you can benefit from it today! 

What Is Beta Family About

What Is Beta Family About

Beta Family is a crowdsourcing platform for beta testing of apps for Android and iOS devices. 

As a tester for Beta Family, you can use new apps and earn rewards by providing your honest opinion about your experience in testing the apps.

The Stockholm-based web and app studio, DING, developed Beta Family to provide easy access to honest and correct feedback.

People at Ding are app developers themselves and they knew the hassles of looking for testers and administering the test process. Thus, they came up with Beta Family with the goal of connecting companies to testers for an easy testing administration.

The web service offered by Beta Family is open to all companies and developers who like to test their apps. It is also a platform for people who want to test apps and earn from it.

The fundamental requirement to become a beta tester is an Android or an iOS device, but you ought to know more about what your possible work involves before you finally sign up for the job.

There are thousands of companies that trust Beta Family with their app testing and this could mean that its community of 50,000 testers might have a lot of test opportunities to look forward to.

What Your Job Involves

As a tester, there are tasks that you must complete. At Beta Family, developers can choose from the set of suggested tasks based on the ~5,700 tests previously made on the platform.

Developers may also have questions they want testers like you to answer. They can ask their own questions or choose questions from Beta Family’s questionnaire template.

The Test Opportunities

If developers can set the tasks they want you to perform or the questions they want you to answer, they also have the freedom to choose how they want to gather their preferred testers.

They can engage their own testers or just choose from the database of Beta Family testers. Sometimes a developer prefers to select manually which testers will perform the test, according to what they prefer.

Therefore, this can be one factor that contributes to the number of tests that Beta Family testers could take part of.

The developer might not accept you for his test because your demographics do not fit the characteristics of his target group.

If the developer eventually hires the test services of Beta Family testers rather than invite his own testers, then you have to complete your tasks and answer the questions efficiently.

The Beta Family Difference

As earlier mentioned, you need to have a mobile device to qualify as a tester. Thus, you might think it is not different from other user experience testing platforms like User TestingUserfeelTryMyUI, and Validately.

User testing websites usually require you to have a device such as a desktop, laptop or smartphone to receive invitations for paid tests.

Some websites require you to download and install the software that will capture and record all your activities during the test.

Others like Loop11 and Userlytics will ask that you show your face. Some, such as Ferpection, have a unique testing process wherein you need to take screenshots of the problems or bugs.

Beta Family, on the other hand, requires that you have a mobile device so you can receive the app you need to test. This is bothersome for many people who rarely download apps on their devices for security reasons.

Devices For Testing

From the homepage of Beta Family, you'll read that the Beta Family of testers own 4,800 different devices they will use for app testing.

Here, you can add Android or iOS devices that you can use for tests. If you have an Android device, just go to your profile and navigate the devices section.

Write your Android device name and then you can select from the list. If you do not see your device from the list, you may email Beta Family support to add the device in the list.

Sometimes, Android users cannot install the apps in their devices, although they have added the device to their profile. When this happens, check the settings on your phone and check the box for unknown sources.

Adding devices is different when you have an iOS device. Go to profile, then devices.

You need to get your device’s UDID number either through the email function or manually pasting the number.

UDID or Unique Device Identifier is a 40-letter/number sequence unique to each iOS device. UDID numbers are a requirement in the application file so that testers can install the app.

Another thing that could cause concern for some wannabe testers is that Beta Family gives no guarantee that the apps testers receive for testing contain no virus or are unbroken. It is your decision to take the risk or not.

How To Apply

The sign up page for Beta Family is at https://betafamily.com/register

You may sign up via Facebook or Google. You may also sign up by entering your email and setting a password.

Next, provide more information about yourself such as your country of residence, gender and date of birth. For the year of birth, the drop-down list includes 1911-2007.

After this, you need to add your testing device. You may automatically add your iOS device or you may manually search for it in the list.

The device list contains only a few devices such as from ELO, Starhub, Skylife, Philips, Lenovo, Hykker and ZTE.

Potential Income

You could earn $5-20 for normal reward level. You will see from the test description how much money you will get for that test. However, there are also tests at Beta Family that offers no rewards.

There are payment issues that will make you think twice about joining Beta Family. One is that you must first have a minimum amount of rewards in your account before you can request for a payout.

Once you have $50 in your account, you may request your money through PayPal. If you are from a country where PayPal is not available, you should not sign up as a tester here.

Another turnoff factor is it will normally take 30 days before you can get your money after your request.

Work Schedule

Work schedule is flexible when you work as a usability tester. This means you will only work when there is a paid app test you are eligible to participate in. You may even decide if you like to take the test or not.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.


Aside from the open schedule of work, there is another thing you might like about working as a tester for Beta Family. 

In this platform, you could see the tests. You may even search for app tests in specific fields or areas like books, travel, business, entertainment, healthcare and weather.

You could also search for ongoing tests on Android or iOS devices.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?



  • Through Beta Family, you can try different kinds of apps.
  • The pay seems "higher" than most platforms.


  • You need to install different apps on your device.
  • There is only one payment method.
  • It takes longer to receive payment.
  • The minimum payout is high.

Downloading apps on my device always makes me feel uneasy although I get them from trusted sources.

Perhaps I am only feeling paranoid that it could have a negative effect on my device or that it could somehow compromise the security of any information I have in my phone.

Thus, the only way I think that other people like me could make the most out of this app testing with Beta Family is by using a dedicated device for downloading and installing apps to use and review.

After all, the goal of beta testing apps is to spot any error or bugs that affect the apps’ usability. Using a phone different from what I use will help make me feel at ease.

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