Between The Builderall And The Wealthy Affiliate, Which Is Better? 

Last Modified: October 5, 2020

By: pitin

Builderall Vs Wealthy Affiliate

The Builderall and the Wealthy Affiliate are platforms that many people who are seeking a good online fortune should check out. If you are one of them, you might wonder which between the two is a better investment. In this article, you will discover each platform’s strong and weak points so you can ultimately decide which to choose or if you even need to choose between the two. Keep reading.

The Builderall And

Builderall claims to offer users every possible tool they will need or use to start and thrive in an online and digital venture. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you will learn all you need to know, plus find all the tools you will ever need to start an online affiliate business.


The origin of a product is important and disclosing it to the public is one way people can build trust for a certain product.





Erick Salgado

Carson Lim


Kyle Loudon







The “About” page on the Builderall website shows the timelines of its history. Builderall’s parent company is e-Business4us Inc, which the Brazilian entrepreneur Erick Salgado founded in the USA back in 2008. Builderall itself started in 2011.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform created by Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon. When you sign up here, Kyle will welcome you and will help you through your training and assist you as you set up your business. While you will find Carson assisting other community members now and then, he’s mainly involved with the technical aspects of WA. You can find the link to their Instagram accounts on the website of WA. If you are a Premium member, you can even send them personal messages if you have some related concerns about anything.


Education is a crucial part of any platform, especially for beginners and intermediates. It is for this reason that I choose Wealthy Affiliate over Builderall. See why below.




With In-depth








Tools for










This platform mainly offers tools to use in creating sales funnels and to thrive in your online business.

Once you create an account here, you need to know how you can use its offered tools. Builderall tools are cloud-based, so there is no need to download and install any program. As long as you have an internet connection and could log in to your Builderall account, you can use the tools included in the plan you subscribed to. You can find the educational materials and tutorials from the Knowledgebase section or through the Builderall Assistant bot.

The Builderall Assistant is for finding and gaining familiarity with the tools. It will ask you questions and give you multiple answers to choose from, and it will direct you to the dedicated page for each tool. Each dedicated page contains the tutorials and guides you need. While the tutorials touch various topics, I do not think they provide in-depth details to help you.

The Builderall Assistant showed me what I can do with Builderall and one of its answers is “Learn Affiliate Marketing." I clicked on this link and it directed me to the dedicated page for all affiliate marketing educational materials.

The tutorials I found there were about finding affiliate products, building email list, the need for a sales page, getting organic traffic from Instagram and Twitter, the use of bridge pages, webinars, improving conversions through WhatsApp, SMS and browser notifications. I do not think these are the only lessons you ever need to understand for starting an affiliate business. The lessons are lacking since they are more focused on how you can use the Builderall tools for the specific goal.

The option “Builderall Affiliate Training” will lead you to the page where you will find the tools and resources you can use to succeed to promote Builderall.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate offers education and tools suitable for beginner affiliate marketers. You will find everything you need here to understand and build your affiliate business from the ground up.

You also need to first create an account for free so you can use the features for 7 days. You may still access your account after the "trial" period, but not the premium features for running the online business.

Despite being on a free membership only, WA will already present you with substantial education for setting up your business. At WA, there are 2 main courses available.

One is the Online Entrepreneur Certification that will teach you how to succeed in any niche or topic. Free Starter members have access to 10 lessons while Premium members can complete all 50 lessons containing a lot of internal links (to other lessons).

The other course where you can learn a lot from is the Affiliate Bootcamp, which teaches how to profit by promoting Wealthy Affiliate and/or other products and services. There are 10 lessons available to free members while Premium members can take all 70 lessons.

There are 12 classrooms that discuss a diverse set of topics like lead generation, email marketing, pay per click, SEO, Facebook ads, adsense, local marketing, drop shipping and e-commerce. Starter members can only access 2 classrooms. Premium members could take part in all 12 and also in the weekly live webinars and replay over 300 hours of previous educational sessions.
Support and Keyword Research tool








Type Of Offered




Live Chat


Live Chat,









Yes, Jaaxy


Aside from on-boarding tutorials that you can review or replay when needed, Builderall mainly offers ticketing system and live chat. Free members can only send tickets for help while paid subscribers or members can use the live chat for help.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Here, you will never feel that you are alone in treading the path to affiliate marketing success. You will receive amazing help from the creators and from fellow members. If you just started as a starter member for free, you can use the live chat for 7 days only. Once you upgrade to Premium membership, not only can you ask for help via live chat once again, but you will also receive 24/7 answers to questions from members all over the world. You can send private messages to any of them. You can get mentoring from the founders and you will also receive commendable technical support for your website.

As you gather success and more experience, WA also gives you the chance to give back to others who have just begun their own journey. You could create your lessons and tutorials (WA will pay you for it) and you could share your documented success and milestones on your WA authority blog.

Keyword Research

From Builderall's list of tools, I did not find any tool that you can use for keyword research. However, there is a Builderall blog post with details on a few marketing tools useful in keyword research.

Keyword research is important not only to affiliate marketers, but to practically any business that aims to gain digital marketing success. If you wish to do well in digital marketing, you must learn about SEO and to succeed in SEO, you should be able to find and choose the most appropriate keywords for your web contents.

Thus, Wealthy Affiliate emerges as the better choice for me since it not only teaches niche research and keyword research, but it also provides a powerful tool for the job.

The WA founders also came up with this keyword research tool, Jaaxy. If you are a starter member, you could do only 30 keyword searches and 30 scans of your site rankings. If you are a Premium member, you will enjoy the benefits of Jaaxy Lite subscription, such as unlimited keyword searches, 100 SiteRank scans, and new niche discovery.

Website Creation and hosting




Has Website





Website Hosting





Although it does not include keyword research tools, Builderall offers several tools for builders. Of these, I think Pixel Perfect Site Builder, Cheetah Site Builder, and WordPress Integration can help in building a website. It also has Legacy tools for creating responsive websites and blogs. Anyone who needs to build a site can just choose from many templates in different categories and then drag and drop other elements he wants to put into his website.

Wealthy Affiliate:

If Builderall users and members take pride in their Cheetah site builder, Wealthy Affiliate members will definitely not exchange it for their SiteRubix. This website creation and hosting tool from WA is ideal for those who do not wish to be bothered by programming codes.

A starter member can have one website while a Premium member may have 10 websites to grow his business with. A starter member can choose from 12 website designs while a Premium member has 3,000+ different design options and can use thousands of website feature add-ons.

Both starter and premium members could use SiteDomains for domain name management, but only Premium members have access to SiteSpeed (to increase site speed), SiteProtect (for spam protection), SiteHealth (overall website health), SiteComments (website engagement), SiteFeedback (to act as your website focus group), SiteSSL (SSL certificates for website encryption) and hours of advanced website training videos.

WA also has your back with content creation. "Site Content" is a writing platform for both starter and Premium members who could choose from many templates and make use of the grammar and spelling checker. Premium members have better edge with their contents because they have access to a million of images to beautify their websites and the plagiarism tool to make sure everything is original.


Builderall is a web-hosting company, unbeknownst to many since they probably only think it offers a diverse set of online business tools. If you are a free member, you may only have websites within the Builderall sub-domains, such as yourwebsite.builderall.com. Paid members, depending on the plan they have paid, may enjoy up to 15 domain connections.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate includes hosting, too. The websites of Starter and Premium members have protection against viruses and malware. Premium members receive 24/7 monitoring for critical website issues and all-day, year-round SiteSupport; plus the assurance of receiving hosting from powerful servers.

WA Hosting also provides redundant backups so you can revert to where you were before accidentally doing something that compromises your website’s performance. WA hosting also allows you to make free professional email accounts in your domain name.

How To Apply/Join


You may sign up to Builderall at https://office.builderall.com/us/office/create where you can enter your email address and password. Afterward, select your country and you will immediately be directed to the Builderall dashboard. The free trial ends in 14 days and once the limit is over, you must choose from any of the paid plans (from $19.90 to $69.90). All the Buildertools are available to Premium plan subscribers. Builderall offers a $1 trial (30 days) promo for its Premium Plan.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate offers its Starter "free trial" for only 7 days. Although you may still login to your account, you have limited access to all other features that an affiliate needs for his business. After 7 days, you can take advantage of the $19 promo for your first month. Regular monthly membership fee is $49. To save up to 50%, you may pay for an entire year membership.

In terms of price, the closest to the monthly fee of Wealthy Affiliate is the Builderall's "Essential Plan."

Potential Income

It takes a while before you could make a decent amount of money. Compared to a 9-to-5 job, just as you would when putting up a brick and mortar business, the figures are relative but directly proportional to the efforts and hardwork you'll put into your business.

I, myself, earned my first $5 from Amazon only after 3 months since I created and published my first blog. With continuous hard work to train more and to write/publish 3 blog posts per week, I started to receive the financial fruits of my labor after 6 months.

In terms of potential income, I think these two platforms can provide avenues for making money aside from the specific online venture you are set on.


You may use the tools available at Builderall to design flyers/banners, business cards, social media covers/e-book covers, make online courses, design presentations, and create scripts.

Wealthy Affiliate:

An advantage as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member is after 3 months, you could create your own lessons inside the platform. I created some basic lessons and got paid $5-10 for each. WA will pay you for your lessons depending on some factors such as likes, shares and comments for each lesson you have made.

There are different ways to make the most out of these two platforms, so why not use them to increase your potential income by offering digital services, and design/host a website for added income.

Work Schedule

You can work on your own schedule as an online entrepreneur. You can work on it part time, if you do not want to give up your primary job yet (as a main source of income) while your online business is still unstable.

However, as I shared earlier, I had to put in a lot of time and effort so I could continuously publish 3 articles a week and still take on more training. It took me 6 months before I earned a considerable amount of money.

Some people misunderstand that online businesses are schemes to make them earn money quickly and easily. Yet, they need to realize that “real” online ventures like affiliate marketing and online selling require more effort and perseverance.

Benefits / Bonus/

Both offer tiered commission and training for their affiliate program.


You could earn 2-tiered commissions here. In Tier 1, if you get someone to purchase any of the Builderall plans via your affiliate link, you will get 100% of the sale on the first purchase while you will earn 30% of the sales from recurring purchases.

In Tier 2, if you get someone to sign up as an affiliate of Builderall through your affiliate link, he will promote Builderall as an affiliate himself through his affiliate link. If another person buys any of the Builderall plans through his link, you will earn 30% of his recurring sales after the first purchase.

Wealthy Affiliate:

For Premium members, you have the guarantee of earning 50% for every paid monthly membership of your referral. If your referral pays $19 for his first month, you will get 50% of the sale. You will also get 50% of each succeeding membership payments he settles.

Free starter members get lower percentages.



  • Builderall is commendable as a platform with all the tools you need to succeed in the online venture. You could invest in the priciest plan and use all the tools to provide digital services to other businesses.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is where you could learn about and find quality tools to use to succeed as an affiliate marketer. You will also receive help from fellow members and mentoring from the founders. It also provides various ways to improve your potential income. It is easier to understand how its affiliate program works.


  • The tutorials offered by Builderall might not be enough to provide an in-depth understanding of the online venture. Some reviewers shared that the tools from Builderall are not the best in the market.
  • There are some people who believe that Wealthy Affiliate would not provide advanced marketers what they need.

From the comparison of features above, I could say that if you are only starting an online venture, particularly affiliate marketing, the ideal place to be is Wealthy Affiliate. The educational materials, quality tools and reliable support it offers are all creditable. The solution it offers will surely guide you in your journey, and it also provides some other ways you could earn money.

I will not say that I will totally forego Builderall. In fact, I think it is even a great additional investment to have. While I set up my affiliate marketing business, I "could" use the Builderall tools and offer digital services to willing clients and businesses to augment my earnings (if I still have time to do it) while I work hard for my affiliate business to flourish.

While it's worth investing in both Builderall and Wealthy Affiliate, you cannot be a jack of all trades so as to achieve faster results. You need to choose just one, especially if you are just a one man team.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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