What Jurytest Is About And How You Can Benefit From It 

Last Modified: August 29, 2021

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If you're looking for a side job, Jurytest might be a good opportunity. You can find out more what Jurytest is about in this blog post, as well as how to actually get started! 

what jurytest is about

What Jurytest Is About

The internet has revolutionized everything, so it would make sense that there are now tons of online jobs available for people who want to work remotely. 

One such company is Jurytest which offers an online service where they find juries for lawyers all over the country. 

If the thought of becoming part of a jury has crossed your mind, then this article about Jurytest could help make that idea into a reality.

Jurytest is one of the mock trial websites that lawyers go to when they need the services for gathering preliminary feedback on cases they are handling.

Its research services and focus groups are more cost effective than traditional mock trials.

Traditional Jury Duty Vs Online Paid Jury

Traditional jury duty begins when the court sends you a letter, to summon you to call a number within a set duration of days - to see if there is any case you need to hear. 

If they chose you as a jury, you can expect to sit and wait through the entire hearing process.

This could last from hours to months and within this span of time, you will listen to all case details, evidence and facts along with other jury members to come up with a decision.

Performing jury duty is dreary for some, but it is a worthwhile experience because as each case ends, jurors know they have learned more about the justice system.

Learning something new from each case is also a benefit that one can gain from working as an online juror.

Online paid jury benefits include skipping going to a courtroom to listen to a case hearing. Therefore, you need not leave your work or your home.

You only need to check your email for any message containing a case to review.

You could go over the details even in your pajamas, or while drinking coffee. You need to read and study the case.

Afterward, you need to answer some questions regarding the case and your opinion about it. All these will not take one hour to complete, instead of the long hours of traditional jury duty.

How Does it Work At Jurytest?

As a tool that attorneys used to assess a case and develop a strategy, Jurytest offers a quick and affordable alternative to the traditional litigation focus groups and mock trials.

The counsel will record the case argument or summary on Jurytest’s toll-free telephone line (1.888.JURYTEST). Then, a group of geographically selected jurors will listen to the case, and will review the attorney’s exhibits.

The attorney will find the jurors’ feedback via a secure system of the website. This allows the attorney to analyze, sort out and learn about the issues and responses of the jurors.

A jury consultant Adam Rosen, J.D., Ph.D. created Jurytest as a tool to gather, and analyze the reactions of jury members towards the evidence, arguments, themes and testimony of a case.

Jurytest helps all kinds of litigants and lawyers, health systems, employers and insurers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a case, to improve jury selection and trial strategy, and to leverage settlement outcomes.


You will find no page or section on the website where you can read about the exact requirements for joining Jurytest.

Thus, you can only construe that what the platform looks for in a potential online juror is the same set of requirements that authorities look for in actual jurors.

After all, you can read from the website that Jurytest is legal.

Giving your opinion about a case is under the legality of the freedom of speech in the USA. Thus, you could also suppose that to join Jurytest, you need to meet the qualifications for jurors in the US.

From this page, you could read about the basic requirements to be legally qualified to perform jury service.

You need to 

  • be a US citizen
  • be at least 18 years old
  • primarily be living for one year in the judicial district
  • sufficiently be proficient in English
  • have no mental or physical condition that could disqualify you from performing jury duty
  • have no current felony charges and
  • have no previous felony conviction.

In the contract you can read after filling out the registration form, you'll read that as a juror on JuryTest Networks, you confirm that you are not a lawyer or insurance company representative. 

In addition, you must concur of your participation as a consultant to the attorneys who will use Jurytest service, and that you will not reveal any names of any parties involved in the cases that you will review.

You will get remuneration for the time and effort you spend in reviewing cases.

They will inform you about the payment details and terms before every case.

You should not give your login details to anyone so you alone will take part in the case review as a juror.

How To Apply

Just like the requirements to join Jurytest, you would also not find any information about any possible fees for joining the website as a juror.

To join Jurytest, head over to https://jurytest.net/index.cfm?action=signupjur

You can only register one account on your computer. The system tracks and records IP addresses, and does not permit multiple accounts for a single IP address.

You need to provide your

  • first name
  • last name
  • complete address (with exact city, state, zip code and county) 
  • birth date
  • gender
  • the times you will serve
  • your phone number and
  • email.

There is a reminder at the bottom that you need to remove jurytest.net from your spam block before even completing the form so you can surely receive your email registration/password confirmation.

Once you completed your registration, you become a part of Jurytest’s database of qualified jurors.

If there is a case available in your county, you will receive an email from jurycommissioner@jurytest.net with a subject containing the phrase “e-juror” summons.

This email contains a link at jurytest.net. Afterward, you need to login, and there you can see the link for the case presentation.

Performing Your Online Jury Duty

If you click on the link of the case presentation, the real player interface will launch and will stream the case presentation. This means that one requirement to meet is to have a RealPlayer installed in your computer.

When the presentation ends, you need to close the window and will need to answer some questions.

Sometimes a lawyer will prepare 2 presentations (one for each side of the case). There will be questions after each presentation. More questions mean more payment.

Potential Income

While you need to make guesswork of the requirements to become a juror at Jurytest, it is good to know that the website provides a clear set of information about the amount of payment you could receive for reviewing cases.

There is no fixed amount for each case because payments vary for every case.

A case may offer to give $20-$50. A longer case presentation, or a case with more questions will pay you more for your effort.

A case review may take 20-50 minutes, depending on its complexity and number of questions.

The case file will inform you right from the start about the payment and the time you need to spend on the case, so you can decide if you will accept it or not.

There are at least a couple of ways to get your payment.

You may receive your compensation through PayPal or through check. It usually takes 7 business days after a case to process online payments and checks. Sometimes, payment processing only takes 2 days.

As you might have realized, working as an online paid juror is an interesting side hustle, but it will not give you a satisfactory amount of money regularly. 

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

Work Schedule

You may get notifications about case presentations to review about once a week. During the first months, you might not get enough cases to review in your area.

A paid online juror has a flexible work schedule. You need to check your email for notifications about an available case presentation.

You get to decide if you will proceed reviewing that case or not depending on the pay rate and review duration. 

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?



  • Unlike other similar websites like Jurytalk and Virtual Jury, Jurytest provides potential jurors with information like payment rate, payment terms, and case review duration.
  • Jurytest has a soon to come option to earn extra money if there are no available cases to review online.
  • You can decide whether to review a case or skip it.


  • There are no exact requirements for joining, so you need to guess or assume that it follows the same qualifications for US jurors.
  • There might be no case to review at all.
  • It is available only to US residents, just like other paid jury platforms.
  • You need to install a RealPlayer on your computer to view the case presentation.

If I meet the qualifications for a live jury/Jurytest juror, then I would register to join. Having something that lets you earn extra even only occasionally is still better than not having one at all.

However, I think it is better to just give this task of reviewing a case just the right time and attention so you could still look for other better online opportunities, like blogging.

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