What Is Userfeel About? Should You Join? 

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Read until the end of this post not just to learn what is Userfeel about but also to check if it is worth joining at all.

What Is Userfeel About

What Is Userfeel About?

Usability testing is one of the known ways to make extra money online, and among the platforms that offer such jobs is Userfeel.

As a company offering usability testing services, Userfeel helps various companies for determining user satisfaction with their products.

For example, a new website being put to test is difficult to navigate, or it has a link that does not work, there is a huge possibility that web visitors will abandon this website because of their dissatisfaction with it.

Therefore, the data gathered by Userfeel testers will allow designers and developers to improve the site navigation. This way, they can guarantee the satisfaction of visitors and stop them from going to competitor websites.

The company, Userfeel Ltd., is a team of professionals based in the United Kingdom and in Greece.

These professionals have been working in the fields of website optimization, analytics, web development and web design since 2005.

In 2010, Yannis Karampelas founded Userfeel for the purpose of optimizing the websites of his then Greek clients.

From then on, many companies have used Userfeel as a remote usability testing tool in different languages.

What Your Work At Userfeel Involves

As a usability tester, you will conduct tests on websites. Your tasks could include imagining a certain scenario as you browse through a website.

For example, if the website you are testing is an e-commerce website, imagine being an online shopper and finding a product from that store.

You need to pay attention to every step of the purchasing process, such as adding the item to the cart and checking out.

Your job as usability tester at Userfeel does not require you to make any purchases from the websites you are testing.

If you are testing an online store, you need not complete a purchase. Therefore, you do not and should not enter your real personal and financial (credit card) details while you perform the test.

You should use fake details (name and address) as you conduct a test.

Remember that Userfeel is a multilingual usability testing platform. Therefore, when you conduct a test, you must speak in the language of and for that test.

Tests assigned to you will be in your native language and also in the language you are proficient at. Do not worry that you might need to speak in a language that you are not familiar with.


1. Age – In the registration form for potential usability testers, the youngest applicant that the system accepts should be born in 2005, while the oldest should be born in 1916.

2. Country of Residence – You will also see from the registration form that Userfeel accepts applicants from different countries.

3. PayPal account – This is a prerequisite for applicants from countries where Amazon gift cards could not be used and is a crucial factor to consider by international applicants.

PayPal is the only payment method you can find on the registration form. Thus, if you live in a country where PayPal is not available (along with Amazon gift cards), look for another usability testing platform to join.

4. Equipment – You must have a Mac or Windows (at least Windows 7) computer or gadget to test websites. You must have a microphone because you need to talk while you are performing the tests.

Your device should allow you to download and install the Userfeel app. This app will record all your activities and audio while performing tests.

Qualification Test

After you fill out the registration form, it will prompt you to take the qualification test.

This is an initial test that every applying tester needs to take so that Userfeel can verify if he has a microphone and if he can express himself regarding what he is doing during the test.

If you register and take this qualification test, you will get your first rating that will determine your approval in getting paid to test websites and apps.

Take note that you will not receive any payment from taking this test, even if you pass it.  You may expect to receive the rating of your qualification test within 7-15 days.

Screener Questions

Once accepted and can officially do usability testing, you will encounter these screener questions at the beginning of each test.

You need to answer 1-2 questions that will verify if you are suitable for the test assignment. Websites have different themes, which will determine which testers should take the test.

For example, a website that sells baby products will have screener questions that will determine if you are a mom or a parent with infant and young children.

Parents who have older children might not be suitable for such tests. Once you meet the criteria, they will allow you to proceed.

It is important that you answer these screener questions truthfully, as you would also need to complete the usability testing assignments.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

Be A Proficient Tester

1. You need to speak as you navigate the website.

2. Do not just mention what links you are clicking and what pages you are browsing.

Instead, express your thoughts about what you see on each page such as if links are working properly so you can provide information that will tell designers and developers if the website is working as they expect it to do so.

If you feel satisfied with how the website works, then say so and explain why.

3. You could talk about what you or what other users might find confusing about the website features.

4. Speak loudly.

5. You should perform the test while inside a quiet room or place with no distraction.

6. Do not say that everything is working fine, instead, look for any possible problem or difficulty in navigating the website.

While it is good to be quick and efficient, Userfeel prefers you to perform your tasks at an appropriate pace.

7. Follow only the scenario and perform the exact task you need to complete. Do not forget that a testing assignment will have a specific scenario you should focus only on. Do not go beyond this scenario.

8. Do not perform tests as if you are an expert. Always think you are not that experienced web browser who might not really know what to do while navigating a website.

9. You may also propose ideas that could help in performing the tasks.

10. There are questions at the end of the test. Answer these questions thoroughly. These questions are fairly simple, such as what you like and dislike about the test.

When Userfeel accepts you and you can officially take on an assignment, they will send the jobs to your email. Remember that each test is time-sensitive.

This means that there is a time limit for each test and they limit the number of test spots. Keep in mind that there are screener questions you need to answer.

Once you pass the screener questions, be sure to complete the assignment immediately since they limit spots.

Once the required number of testers has filled the post, it will be closed and you could lose the opportunity to earn extra money.

Userfeel Registration

You will find no information about any fees or payments for joining Userfeel.

If you are interested to become part of this platform, proceed to register.

You need to provide your name, email address, year of birth, country of residence, and then set up a password.

As mentioned earlier, a PayPal email is a prerequisite if you prefer this as a payment method or if it is the only mode of payment available in your country.

Since there are tests that require taking part testers to meet certain demographics, you need to indicate your gender, native language, languages you speak fluently, family status, number of children, and experience in browsing the web.

You must also indicate the devices you have for testing (desktop, Android phone, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad, Apple Watch, or other Smart watches). You should also explain why you qualify as Userfeel tester.

Potential Income

As a microtask, usability testing will only give you low earnings. 

You will only get $10 either through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. They send payments one week after you have taken the test.

One thing that would discourage you from joining Userfeel is the possibility of not getting the remuneration for your efforts. There are some instances when this could happen.

According to the tester FAQ of Userfeel its adherence to high quality service prompts it to deny payments and redo tests when

  • you did not complete the task
  • you did not properly speak about your thoughts on the microphone while taking the test
  • the audio of your recorded test is not clear
  • when there is a background noise in your recorded test.

Make sure that your phone is off or in silent mode when you perform the test.

You ensure that the Userfeel app is recording the correct monitor and browser. You could record incorrectly when you are using multiple monitors.

For a mobile test, you need to set up the external camera correctly (correct angle, focus and light exposure).

Work Schedule

There is no guarantee that you will get a test assignment within a week, month, or even a year.

There are factors that will affect this such as the rating for your first qualification test and the rating for every paid test you complete.

Higher rating could mean higher possibility of having more test assignments. Demographic details also play a crucial role in the selection of testers.

From the tester FAQ page, you'll see that a test may take 10-20 minutes. Thus, if you get an email about a test, and if the screener questions verified that you may take the test, be sure to allot 10-20 minutes to perform and complete the test correctly.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?


Set your expectations accordingly when you apply as a usability tester at Userfeel.

Flexible time is perhaps the only benefit you will get.

Is Userfeel Legit?


  • Work is very easy as long as you are talkative or just comfortable speaking your thoughts out loud.
  • The website offers tutorials and videos that will help you suitably start as a usability tester.
  • There is no minimum cashout. You will get your $10 payment a few days after your work gets approval.


  • Work is not consistent.
  • You might not receive your payment at all after a test if you cannot do it properly. Sometimes, even if you think you did it properly, the client might not find your feedback valuable so you will not get your payment.

Userfeel is a platform that enables you to earn money on the side by performing usability testing tasks. Income-wise, Userfeel is not a platform that I will spend so much time on.

You can try Userfeel if you only want to know how it really works. The extra $10 would be great and can be used to pay for something.

There are better platforms out there where serious online workers could spend more time on where they have a guarantee of receiving incentives for their efforts.

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