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Takelessons Review

Takelessons claims that its marketplace assembles a diversified community of teachers with diverse backgrounds and teaching styles. If you are looking for a way to earn (extra) money while at home during this time of a pandemic, this is probably enough to make you wonder if you would become a Takelessons teacher. This post will tell you how you could have this opportunity and help you decide if you will grab it.

Takelessons Review

At first, Takelessons was only about teaching music. Now, you can browse the website and discover that it can teach and tutor a lot of different subjects and interests to students. Now, this platform is serving a lot of experts and knowledgeable people as a platform to mentor students.

takelessons teacher

Figure 1

You may read about Takelessons in several online news articles.

One is at The Keene Sentinel. Look at the figure above. You can read here that Takelessons is the website kids and adults alike may go to if they want to find a knowledgeable tutor to teach them on how to play the guitar or an instrument.

Incidentally, Takelessons has many subject areas to help you with, aside from music and musical instruments. Regardless of what you need it for (career, fun, travel, etc.), you may seek teachers and tutors at Takelessons to help you learn various languages such as Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese and English.

Academic tutoring, such as in Math, Reading, Chemistry and other subjects or test preparations, is also part of Takelessons services. You may also look for someone knowledgeable through Takelessons to help you learn the skills and crafts of sewing, playing chess, drawing, editing photos in Photoshop and more. These expert mentors offer their services either locally (student’s home or teacher’s home/office) or remotely (computer or mobile device).

If you are looking to use the Takelessons platform, it will be helpful to know if your area/subject of expertise is among the online trending subjects here. Among the trending online lessons here are singing, playing ukulele/violin/piano/cello/guitar, learning American sign language, learning Korean/Japanese/Italian/French/German/English, learning accent reduction and acting. This should tell you that sometimes online lessons might not work for certain subjects or fields.

The video below is also another review of Takelessons from the viewpoint of a tutor or teacher.

The vlogger here is also a music teacher, but he said that there are a lot of other things that you can teach via Takelessons. He mentioned that he also does online lessons, but he prefers visiting the student’s home. According to him, he has no laptop and only uses mobile devices for teaching. This is probably what makes him prefer local lessons. There are also internet issues he mentioned, which made him think that local lessons are better.

Thus, if you want to make online lessons work for you, you need a proper online teaching set up at home, such as your teaching computer and a reliable internet connection. It will be of substantial help to prepare other teaching materials you can use for online classes like virtual whiteboard and other props.
what is takelessons.com

Figure 2

This image shows a lot of other online lessons available here.

How It Works

First, create your professional profile. Make sure that your profile will properly feature your skills and your experiences that will easily tell potential students how credible you are for the lessons you will teach.

Students seeking teaching services have search filters to use at Takelessons to look for teachers. Apart from a profile with outstanding photos and detailed descriptions of lessons, other crucial things that matter to students and parents searching for tutors are positive reviews and "background checked badge."

If the student/parent chose you, he will book and pay for your lessons and then Takelessons will email and send you a text message about this so you could start the lessons as soon as possible. Takelessons gives 48 hours to teachers to accept new students through this online acceptance system/process.

Takelessons does not give any guarantee that teachers will ever get new students. When you work as a website/app usability tester, there is also no guarantee that you will have a lot of paid tests to complete since user demographics and demand for usability testing services are among the factors that mainly affect the availability of tests. Similarly, the demand for lessons varies according to the teacher’s demographic area and the subjects that the teacher teaches. If you are offering tutorial lessons for uncommon subjects or interests, the demand for these lessons might not be as high as the demands for trending lessons like a musical instrument or foreign languages.
Teacher Requirements

1.  You must be at least 18 years old.

2.  You should have a valid Social Security Number and a US bank account for receiving payments for the lessons you provide. This means that it only allows teachers from the US to use the online platform to get students to teach.

3.  You should have a valid US mobile number. This further emphasizes that only US teachers may join Takelessons.

4.  You should be skilled to teach at least one subject that Takelessons endorses.

5.  You must have at least one available location for teaching (either online, a studio/office location or you may offer to go to the student’s house for the lessons).

6.  You should maintain your available teaching hours.

How To Apply/Join

There are no fees to pay for getting started and for posting your profile here. Yet, you will discover below that there is still a price to pay for having your teaching profile listed at Takelessons. Moreover, Takelessons will charge once it delivers a paid student to teachers (who just signed up and are ready to provide lessons).

There are three basic steps to get started here. You create an account, build your profile and then you get new students.

takelessons scam

Figure 3

Provide complete details about yourself, particularly about your experience and expertise on the subject/s you offer to teach. You need to complete a background check and also agree to the independent contractor terms. From the figure above, you'll know that Takelessons accept teachers and tutors from US cities and has flexible teaching options for those who work internationally.

While listing your teacher’s profile is free, there is an on boarding fee ($19.95) you need to settle for the background check that a third party processing partner accomplishes.

Background Check

A background check is necessary because it will assure students and parents of their safety and security. It is even a must if you are a teacher who also offers in-house lessons to students.

Takelessons claim that parents and students are 6 times more likely to book a lesson with a teacher whose profile displays a "background check badge." Background checks only apply when you have a valid US social security number. Take note that the badge is only valid for 12 months. You need to pay again for a background check when the 12 months are over so you will continue to have a background check on your profile, which students and parents will see.

Profile Details

When you click on the green Get Started button at https://takelessons.com/teachers, a small window will pop up to ask about what your primary teaching subject is.

Then, a new pop-up window will appear. This one says you can add more subjects later and the short form for creating an account where you will provide your name and email address. You must check the box confirming that you are at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the US. Finally, click the "Start Teaching" button. You may also sign up by connecting to Facebook.

Next, you need to complete your profile. It is here where you will read about the $19.95 you must pay for your background check.

Lessons, Availability, Teaching Rate

When completing your profile, you need to indicate your teaching experience levels. If you will teach Math, indicate what level you can teach (elementary, middle school, high school or college).

You must also indicate where you like to teach: your location, the student’s home or online.

When you teach online, you will use the Takelessons Classroom where many online teaching features (easy screen sharing, audio control, text chat, lesson recording, etc.) are available.

You need not download or install any software on your computer. You can use this Takelessons teaching platform as long as you use Google Chrome as an internet browser.

You must also indicate the time when students can book your lessons. This refers to your availability to teach according to the time zone you prefer. Takelessons recommend that you must have at least 10 available hours to attract more students.

Then you could set the rate for your teaching lessons. You may first enter the amount you want to earn for the duration you will teach. Takelessons will add its marketing and service fees to compute for the total price that the student has to pay.

Once it places a student with you, it will automatically deduct a service fee from your teaching earnings. This fee decreases when a student books more lessons with you. It will charge 40% for the first 5 lessons with a student; 30% for the next 6-10 lessons; 20% for the succeeding 11-15 lessons and 10% for the 16 and more lessons.

You might think this is excessive, but Takelessons explains that it only assesses the administrative fee when it delivers a fully paid student to the teacher. The fee covers marketing costs and student payment processing among many things. You need not bid or buy leads to get new students.

Potential Income

According to Figure 3, you will receive payments on a weekly basis for any lesson you have taught or delivered via bank transfer.

When setting up your profile, you will set the rate at which you wish to charge your students for the lessons you offer. If you indicate a $20 rate for a 30-minute lesson, the system will automatically calculate that you will get $20 for the first 1-5 lessons; $23.33 for the 6-10 lessons; $26.67 for the 11-15 lessons and $30 for 16 or more lessons.

what takelessons.com is about

Figure 4

While the company justifies its deduction rate for the lessons you provide, this does not sit well with some teachers. Look at the figure above. He claims he finds the 60% deduction as unfair. However, I think there seems to be a misunderstanding on this part. From what I understand of the article at https://support.takelessons.com/hc/en-us/articles/202350965 - Takelessons will pay 60% of the amount that the student paid for lessons 1-5 to the teacher instead of deducting the 60% from amount. Do you also have the same understanding on the collection of fees by Takelessons? We welcome your comments below.

This does not mean I am favoring Takelessons since what we want to provide is a fair review for every topic you read in this blog. It is just that I find this to be a perfect opportunity to remind everyone that it pays to be knowledgeable through careful reading of more details about a particular company you are eyeing to join. This way, you will understand how it really works and how much money you will get. This also gives you data to double check and compare so you will know if there are a suitable basis for reviews and complaints. I just find there are some points worthy of pointing out to understand what this platform can really offer.

In another review of Takelessons also at Indeed, a music instructor said that the pay is low when one is starting out, but the opportunity becomes lucrative over time if a teacher can keep students through magnificent work.

Work Schedule

As you read from the discussion above, you may set your own work schedule when you become a teacher at Takelessons. You have a flexible schedule to follow. However, be sure to provide adequate time when providing lessons to students. While it is apparent that you could come up with a strategy to prolong students’ lessons just to earn more, have the integrity and moral as a teacher to not take advantage of this loophole. After all, student reviews affect your online teaching reputation.

Since Takelessons cannot guarantee that you will get new students, you may take this as a chance to look elsewhere for other online teaching and tutoring gigs.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

As an online independent teaching contractor, do not expect to receive the same benefits that a professional teacher in a traditional school gets. You will also not get the same benefits that regular Takelessons employees receive.



  • Takelessons provides the advertising, customer service and online teaching platform to teachers.
  • This allows the teacher to focus on the teaching part and continue to provide amazing lessons to students.
  • There is no app or software to download on your computer. You only need to use Google Chrome browser to use the Takelessons classroom for online teaching.


  • It only accepts teachers from the US.
  • It deducts a hefty amount from the student’s payments.
  • It pays only through bank deposit.
  • It says that the paid background check is optional, but not having a background check badge might cost you a lot of teaching opportunities.

Now that we are facing a pandemic, people are shifting most of their life activities online, such as teaching and learning.  I believe that if you meet the requirements of Takelessons, you could join the platform to have the opportunity of earning some money through online tutoring gigs. Yet, the major turn off is that you have to invest at least $20 for the background check if you want to attract more students and teachers. You may start without the badge first to see if you will have at least one booking, even without the badge. While waiting, you could check out other online teaching platforms or other online jobs.

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