The Affiliate Bots Or Wealthy Affiliate, Which Is Better? 

Last Modified: March 21, 2021

By: pitin

Affiliate Marketing is a venture that you must take with great caution. Looking at the various affiliate marketing online courses and products in the market, let's see which between the Affiliate Bots or the Wealthy Affiliate is better.

The Affiliate Bots Or Wealthy Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is promoting products on your blog, website, YouTube or social media channel and earning money from it.

Although you can describe it effortlessly this way, doing it and continuously pursuing it until you earn a decent amount of money requires a great deal of effort.

You need something that will guide you in every step of the journey.

It is better if you can find an all-in one platform that will not only educate you, but will also supply you with the tools for achieving success from affiliate marketing.

Thus, it is important to compare products available in the market so you can choose which the most beneficial is.


The origin of a product is important. It is likewise important to disclose the origin’s details to the public so they can build trust for a certain product.

Affiliate Bots

Creator: Chris X

Additional Creator Information: No

Wealthy Affiliate

Creator: Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon

Additional Creator Information: Yes

Affiliate Bots:

For Affiliate Bots, the only thing we know is that it came from a person who calls himself Chris. Some reviewers only added the “X” to denote his second name or surname.

Wealthy Affiliate:

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can read about the two founders, Canadian entrepreneurs Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon not only on the website but also follow them on their respective Instagram accounts. 

They also offer valuable help to their members.


Whether you are at beginner or intermediate level, you need a product that will provide you with information to put you on the right track to success and make money from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Bots:

With In-depth Affiliate Marketing Education? No

Main Offer: Tools that supposedly automate the steps in affiliate marketing

Wealthy Affiliate

With In-depth Affiliate Marketing Education? Yes

Main Offer: Step-by-step Lessons, All-In-One Platform

Affiliate Bots:

From our review of the Affiliate Bots, you will know that Affiliate Bots mainly offers software programs that can help perform each step of the process in a much easier way.

Based on the written information on the sales page of Affiliate Bots and the narrated details in the video there, you might have a misconception that a person could make money from affiliate marketing through automation.

"Automation" is the primary offering of Affiliate Bots. After all, bots are all about automation, but this will unlikely work in affiliate marketing.

Although it has Quick Start guide in written and in video form, I assume that they are only about how to use the software programs, rather than teach you more about affiliate marketing.

Conversely, genuine success in this venture takes time and requires a serious amount of effort.

Although the video numerously mentioned automating the steps such as

  • choosing a niche
  • picking the most profitable affiliate products to promote
  • setting up a website
  • creating contents
  • driving traffic and
  • monetizing your website,

you should not impulsively believe and lay down your money.

The tools are perhaps useful in completing each step with great efficiency, but the promise of automation is unlikely.

This is a product that could deceive amateurs who want an easy way of making affiliate marketing through 37 autobots.

More experienced marketers will share with you their skepticisms because they know that first-hand knowledge instead of readymade, duplicate tools will pave the way to success in this venture.

Wealthy Affiliate:

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to an all-in-one platform with step-by-step lessons as the main key point. Here, you will receive the training that will prepare you as an internet marketer.

I think that there is a proverb applicable in this comparison between Affiliate Bots and Wealthy Affiliate.

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

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Wealthy Affiliate does not merely present you with the tools for each step of affiliate marketing, but teaches you how you can do great in these steps.

It will educate you about creating a long term and successful internet business based on your passion and interest.

With the live education it offers, you can communicate and engage within the lessons for questions you have. You have access to live expert help, live interaction, live classes and live chat.

Support And Keyword Research Tool

Affiliate Bots

Reliable Support? No

Type Of Support Offered: Facebook Community

Keyword Research Tool: Yes, Keyword Titan

Wealthy Affiliate

Reliable Support? Yes

Type Of Support Offered: Community, Live Chat, Personal Message, Technical Support

Keyword Research Tool: Yes, Jaaxy

Affiliate Bots:

The sales page of Affiliate Bots has no “Contact” or “FAQ” page through which you could send a message or read more about the product before you buy it.

There are few positive reviews you can find online, where they noted that they contacted support and received help. They did not, however, exactly say how they contacted support.

Perhaps, support is only accessible after you paid for the product, but this is not what any customer would consider favorable at all.

Normally, you would want to speak with someone regarding your inquiries before paying for a product instead of after settling your payment.

In some reviews, you can read that there is a Facebook Community for Affiliate Bots 2.0. While this page exists on Facebook, the latest posts were back in 2019.

You could try sending a message there, but I doubt an admin or staff will assist you. I did, but the message remains unread up to the time of writing this post.

Wealthy Affiliate:

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can get the help you need, when you need it, not only from the staff but also from your fellow members.

It boasts of a pay it forward community wherein members who have gained success in their venture are ready to assist others who have just started on this venture themselves.

It takes an average of 10 minutes to get the answer you need.

Looking at the comparison table above, you know that both products offer a keyword research tool.

Affiliate Bots:

Affiliate Bots has Keyword Titan. 

According to trafficautobot.com, an almost duplicate copy of affiliateautobot(dot)com (except that it offers only 10 automated softwares for $17), Keyword Titan will help you easily find “keyword opportunities with low competition on Google and YouTube.”

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate has Jaaxy. It is among the highly recommended keyword research tools today. It can provide you with thousands of keywords and allow you to even spy on your competition.

Website And Hosting

Affiliate Bots

Has Website Creation Tools? Yes

Website Hosting Included? No

Wealthy Affiliate

Has Website Creation Tools? Yes

Website Hosting Included? Yes

Affiliate Bots:

The very first step on how Affiliate Bots work is the overwhelming task of choosing affiliate products to promote.

These products are not exactly according to your interest and passion, but according to their performance and profitability using 6 bots like CB250 software and Launch Pulse software.

The next step is website creation where you have 6 software bots to use.

Website Widget Tools is for increasing the conversion of any website by just copying and pasting a code. The 1 Click Video Pages Tool is for creating video websites.

The Rapid Website Builder software is for quickly creating supposedly unique mini sites. All these tools seem to promise automation, which is just hard to believe can turn into excellent results.

In Affiliate Bots, you have Domainaveli software for choosing a domain name and Dropaveli to find expired and dropped domain names. The introduction video mentioned nothing about hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate:

From Wealthy Affiliate, you have SiteRubix as the platform to use for website building. Choose a domain, choose a name, choose a theme, then click “Build Now” and you have a website.

If the competition gives you bots to make money automatically, Wealthy Affiliate first wants to make sure that your newly created website has guaranteed security.

It monitors websites all hours of the day to defeat any hacking attempts.

From Wealthy Affiliate, you get SiteRubix WordPress Hosting. With this, you have a guarantee that your website will have hosting service from the most powerful and latest servers through Amazon hosting.

There is a load limiting process at work so websites will always run optimally. Your Premium membership will include 10 managed WordPress websites.

How To Avail

To purchase the suite of 37 bots from Affiliate Bots 2.0, you may visit https://affiliateautobot.com/2020/. Note that they swamp Google with a lot of duplicate sites.

When you search for Affiliate Bots, you will discover 2 versions. The original version at https://affiliateautobot.com/ has 17 bots while version 2.0 has 37 bots. Either product is available for $17.

Interestingly, I found a similar product, Traffic Bots I mentioned above. This product that “Chris and Ken” offer is also available for $17 but with only 10 bots.

While you initially think Affiliate Autobots 2.0 is the best buy, I think too many bots are overwhelming to learn and to use. 

Besides, trafficautobot.com has a chat feature you can supposedly use to make inquiries about the product.

There is a green “Get Instant Access” button on the 2.0 sales page that you can click to see the Secure checkout page for ClickBank. 

The sales page says it offers 60 days money-back guarantee, but the ClickBank checkout page offers only 30 days guarantee.

Wealthy Affiliate:

There are three options for you to join Wealthy Affiliate. Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. You may see the complete list of features for each package from here.

You can join for free through the Starter Package. This is great for beginners because they can have a taste of the affiliate marketing world paying nothing.

This free package is, however, good only for 7 days. If you want to continue to experience the amazing benefits from Wealthy Affiliate along with all its resources, you should settle the monthly membership fee of $49. 

There are costs you should put into consideration when you start out on this online business. Wealthy Affiliate lets you start for free, but be ready to pay if you want to have more of the better stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a promotion of $19 in its first month. After which, you have the option to save on cost if you go on a yearly package.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate!

Potential Income

Affiliate Bots provides you with tools for an easier way of accomplishing the crucial steps in the affiliate marketing process.

You will not earn money directly from it, but through the software packages it comes with that promise automation.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform that provides education, tools and assistance.

Using the tools and training, you can choose what to promote thru Affiliate marketing based on your interest. You could also earn money from it through its affiliate program.

Here, you can get 50% of every sale that you make. Even if you are a starter member (not a Premium member), you can earn incentives for every referral (lower percentage). 

It all depends on the amount of effort you give into this venture how soon you can start making money - regardless of what tools or programs you use.

Regardless which of these two you will get, it is imperative that you know every step of how to make money from affiliate marketing.

Work Schedule

The amount of effort you put into this online business will determine how quickly you can start making money.

You can start receiving the fruits of their labor about a few months to a year of doing affiliate marketing. 

However, once you have set up everything, you could enjoy life leisurely and do things at a more relaxed pace.



  • One pro I can find about Affiliate Bots is that it is cheaper. Other than that, I see no other reason I’ll avail of their products and services.
  • I could say a lot of positive things about Wealthy Affiliate. One is that it includes just about everything you could need as a beginner in affiliate marketing. It has step-by-step lessons, great live support, website creation and hosting platform. It even lets you start for free.


  • I think the cons for Affiliate Bots is that its automated bots can only simplify the steps since you have tools you can use for convenience. The bots do not automate how you can gain success and earn money from affiliate marketing.
  • For Wealthy Affiliate, the thing I find unfavorable is the monthly subscription fee, unless you opt for the yearly subscription, then you can save cost.

Beginners will surely benefit a lot from Wealthy Affiliate than from Affiliate Bots.

Not only can it inform you with important information about the steps you must take to start as an affiliate marketer, but it also provides you with the tools you can use.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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