How To Build A Website With Hostgator 

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

By: pitin

Here's your guide on how to build a website with Hostgator. It offers not just hosting services but other web hosting products, too.

Products and Services:

  1. Shared Hosting is an easy and affordable way to start.
  2. WordPress Hosting provides speed, advanced security and free migrations.
  3. VPS Hosting offers dedicated control, full root access and scalable resources.
  4. Dedicated Hosting promises total control, full management tools and absolute performance.
  5. Reseller Hosting for reselling Hostgator's amazing services and products.
  6. Website Builder is a drag and drop way of building websites with no programming or coding requirement.
How To Build A Website With Hostgator

Full Affiliate Disclosure:

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  • Other hosting services may offer 98% uptime, but this could already mean your website will be down for about seven days in one year. The uptime offered by Hostgator is above 99.8%.
  • Its dashboard or customer portal is easy to use and navigate.
  • It has good customer service and is 24/7 even on holidays according to reviews. The live chat is good, but it might take 15 minutes before someone answers your queries. You may also call or fax or send a ticket.


  • You can use as much resources as you need because even the cheapest plan has "unmetered" bandwidth and storage. Yet, be careful not to exceed the limit. Read the terms and conditions where you find that unmetered is not the same as unlimited. It says there that it limits you to the bandwidth and storage "within the normal" operation of a business or personal website. Some claim that it is okay if you are not using 25% of Hostgator resources for over 90 seconds. Check out exactly which features are unlimited and which are unmetered.

How To Build A Website With Hostgator

1. Get Hosting Service, Secure Domain Name

A domain name and a hosting service are two basic requirements of building a website for earning money. You can get these two separately or you can get both from one place such as from Hostgator.

a.   Choose a domain name. You could either register a new domain or enter a domain you already own. There is one year free domain registration on select annual plans.

b.  Choose the hosting plan you want to buy.

c.   Provide your personal information to create your Hostgator account (or login if you are already a Hostgator customer).

d.  Enter your billing information.

e.  Add extra features or products.

f.   Enter coupon code (if available).

g.   Check box to agree to TOS, Cancellation Policy and Privacy Notice before clicking the “Checkout Now” button.

You will see a thank you page afterwards. Check your email to find your Hostgator receipt and Hostgator cPanel login details.

2. Choose Your Website Building Framework

After logging in to your Hostgator cPanel, there are main menus to navigate through. Inside the “Website Essentials” menu, you will find One-Click Installs. You can pick the website building platform you want to use with your Hostgator Cloud.

a.   WordPress. One of the most popular website building platforms (personal or business) is WordPress. It powers about 35% of all websites in the world. You can find WordPress in one-click installs options in your cPanel dashboard. Just follow the simple steps for setting up your website.

You need your domain name, website name, your name, your admin name and password for the install settings. Click the “Install” button and get directed to the installation complete page. Here, you will find your installation details, which you should save in a safe place (in case you forget them).

To access your WordPress admin page to manage your website, type your domain name with /wp-admin at the end, (i.e. yourdomainname.com/wp-admin). Once logged in, you may work on the contents of your website.

b.  Website Builder. WordPress is not the only building platform you can use. You may also select any of the website builders out there. Speaking of website builders, Hostgator has its own website builder. The Basic Plan of Gator Website builder comes free with "Hostgator Shared and Cloud Sites" plans.

The steps for building a website may also start by first heading over to the website building platform you want to use, like Gator Builder. There, you need to enter your domain name since each plan comes with free domain name registration and hosting.

c.   From Scratch. If you can spend a lot of time and effort, and if you have knowledge in website building and programming, you may also build your website from scratch.

For convenience, use the first one, WordPress since that is what my free lessons is incorporated with.

Hostgator Cloud Plans And Pricing

Look at the image below for the available Hostgator plans.

hostgator hosting packages

WordPress Hosting Plans



  • WordPress sites allowed: 1
  • Monthly traffic: 100k
  • Relative compute power: 2x
  • 100% free migration: up to 1 site
  • Automated daily back-up: 1GB
  • Automatic malware removal: yes
  • Storage space: unmetered
  • Google AdWords credit: $100
  • Free SSL
  • Free domain for 1 year


  • WordPress sites allowed: 2
  • Monthly traffic: 200k
  • Relative compute power: 2x
  • 100% free migration: up to 2 sites
  • Automated daily back-up: 2GB
  • Automatic malware removal: yes
  • Storage space: unmetered
  • Google AdWords credit: $100
  • Free SSL
  • Free domain for 1 year


  • WordPress sites allowed: 3
  • Monthly traffic: 500k
  • Relative compute power: 5x
  • 100% free migration: up to 3 sites
  • Automated daily back-up: 3GB
  • Automatic malware removal: yes
  • Storage space: unmetered
  • Google AdWords credit: $100
  • Free SSL
  • Free domain for 1 year

The monthly fee for each plan seems cheap because it's for the 36-months term (the most cost-saving plan). It's also just an introductory price and renews at the normal rate when the term you selected expires.

Despite this, I think it is good that Hostgator allows customers to have what seems like a "trial." It allows you to buy a 1 month plan for $14.95. You can also buy 3 months plan or 6 months plan at the same price.

Remember also that these rates above are promotional rates as of October 2020. You will pay a different price when you renew your plan.

The regular monthly rates in the table below will apply on plan renewal.









1 Year




2 years




3 Years




In Closing

Starting a website in Hostgator Cloud is just like starting a website elsewhere, but with Hostgator, you might never need to migrate at all since it will allow you scale your business and upgrade to more highend plans when time comes that you need it. Their uptime guarantee can also give you a peace of mind, although it would be better if it's 100% uptime guarantee like the Dreamhost.

To compare it with the Cloudways (my recommendation for people who cannot access Wealthy Affiliate), here's a comparable table.



cloudways logo
hostgator logo

Lowest Monthly Price: $10/month

Lowest Monthly Price: $19.95/month (36-months minimum)

$29.95/mo. no commitment

Name of plan/server: Digital Ocean

Name of plan/server: VPS Hosting Snappy 2000

Server Size/RAM: 1GB

Server Size/RAM: 2GB

Processor: 1 Core

Processor: 2 Cores

SSD (Storage) Disk: 25 GB

SSD (Storage) Disk: 120 GB

Bandwidth: 1TB

Bandwidth: "Unmetered"

IP Address: 1

IP Address: No upfront disclosure

Upfront option to choose a server's location: Yes

Upfront option to choose a server's location: No

Pay As You Go Option: Yes

Pay As You Go Option: No

Scale Up Anytime: Yes

Scale Up Anytime: Depends on your plan. If you choose a plan with a lock-in period, read the terms and conditions. You can also contact the company for special consideration.

Why chose Cloudways: The Pay As You Go Option is good since as you experience the platform, you can change your mind about the add-ons you purchase. When I created another server for tutorial purposes, it appeared in my billing realtime. But when I removed it the next day, it was removed from my billing, too.

If Digital Ocean server ended up not suitable for you anymore, you can change servers without leaving the Cloudways platform.

Billing is one calendar month after consumption. As you need more features, the option to scale up is there. It's an affordable choice for something that you do not need to share anyone with.

Here's the "unmetered" disclosure of Hostgator:

"Disk space and bandwidth is "Unmetered" which means you are not charged according to the amount of disk space or bandwidth you use."

"Customers who are using 25% or more of system resources for longer than 90 seconds would be in violation of our Terms of Service. Please see our Terms of Service or contact us with any questions."

25% of 120 GB storage is 30GB. Why not just put 30 GB in the pricing table to be more transparent?

I do not have time to track the traffic/bandwidth usage everyday. It's an inconvenience I do not want to be involved in.

As a newbie, I highly encourage you to get a “Managed” plan. Site Support is important as you can get stuck with technicals, and it can hinder your content creation process.

Managing your own server is ideal if you know the technicals already or are patient enough to get past any technical learning curve. With this, hosting in Wealthy Affiliate is a good starting point.

Here’s a comparable table with Hostgator:


Wealthy Affiliate

hostgator logo
Wealthy Affiliate WA logo

Lowest Monthly Price: $20.95/month (no commitment)

Lowest All-In Monthly Price: 49/month (no commitment)

Name of plan/server: WordPress Hosting, Standard

Name of plan/server: Wealthy Affiliate Premium/Amazon Web Services (AWS)

SSD (Storage) Disk: "Unmetered"

Disclaimer: Customers who are using 25% or more of system resources for longer than 90 seconds would be in violation of the Terms of Service. Please see Terms of Service.

SSD (Storage) Disk: 

30 GB

Bandwidth: 200,000 Monthly Visits

Bandwidth: 250,000 Monthly Visits

Premium Site Support:

Included Premium Support

Premium Site Support:

Included but not priority

Site Speed/Caching:

Not specified

Site Speed/Caching:


Site Protect/Website Security:

Free CodeGuard/SiteLock Fix/Automatic Malware Removal

Site Protect/Website Security:

Built-in/Included (up to 10 websites)

Professional Emails: Unlimited

Professional Emails: Unlimited

Number of Websites Allowed:

2 WordPress Sites

Number of Websites Allowed:

10 ($100/mo. value)

Managed 24/7: Yes

Managed 24/7: Yes

Dual Server Hosting Redundancy: 

Not specified

Dual Server Hosting Redundancy:


Instant DNS: Not Specified

Instant DNS: Yes

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