Introduction For Newbie Bloggers

Introduction Course: How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Module 1

This module will help newbie bloggers to understand how to make money blogging.

Module Structure

Making Money For Beginners 6 Lessons

Easily Learn About Affiliate Marketing Basics

Learn about affiliate marketing basics in this post. Affiliate marketing is usually the starting point to earn money as a beginner blogger.

What Can I Blog About To Make Money?

The question of what to blog about to make money is very important. After all, who wouldn't want to create an income online, right? Introducing NICHE. A niche is simply a topic that your website will be about. In order to see results faster, your niche should be very specific.

How To Define A Target Audience – Do This So You Don’t Waste Time!

Here's how to define a target audience. Create a pretend person's profile. List down his problems so you can provide a solution. Learn more.

The Ultimate Guide To Free Keyword Search Tools

Use the Google instant and alphabet soup technique to get some keywords for inspiration and plug them into your Google Chrome browser with Ubbersuggest Chrome extension. Also, learn how to find keywords on Facebook. 

What’s A Long Tail Keyword And Why Knowing It Is Crucial

Not knowing what's a long tail keyword will target random audiences. Long-tail keywords are longer keywords with intent. Learn more.

Should You Start A Blog?

Reading this before you start investing time, effort, and money to venture into the blogging industry.

Let's Get Ready To Build Your First Website 6 Lessons

Earning Money From Blogging – Here’s The Secret!

Here's the secret to earning money from blogging. Instead of asking how long or how much money can you make, learn what it takes to earn.

How To Set SMART Goal – Do This Before You Start A Blog

Here's how to set a SMART goal for your blog. Some people abandon their efforts in the middle of everything because there's no plan, to begin with.

How To Choose On A Domain Name

Here's your complete guide on how to choose on a domain name. Choose your "brand" so you don't get stuck. Learn more.

Is WordPress Good For SEO? Yes, It Is SEO-Friendly.

How is WordPress good for SEO? 1. Mobile-friendly (Google indexes mobile-friendly sites first!). WordPress also lets you do the SEO brownie points easily. Learn more.

Where Should I Host My Website

Where should I host my website? It's every newbie blogger's question. It depends on many factors, like 100% reliable technical support and speed. Learn more.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

It’s free to start a blog and it doesn’t cost money to earn an extra income from it. The cost starts when you want to increase your income. Learn more.

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