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Is WordPress Good For SEO? Yes, It Is SEO-Friendly.

Lesson 10 Chapter 2 Module 1

How is WordPress good for SEO? For the benefit of those who don't know WordPress, it is a free web application for managing and publishing your content without the need to do serious coding. 

Before I start talking about WordPress for beginners, I would like to say that I really tried to help you save money by not making you subscribe to any hosting services.

I created a free website and started creating video tutorials.

I was doing a Screencast-O-Matic video tutorial for 5 hours already, customizing here and there, trying to make the free SEO friendly.

After 5 hours, I took a break, cooked dinner, and came back to continue the video tutorials. Then I got 5-hours old free website is no longer available haha.

optimizing wordpress for seo

I went to the Terms of Service to see what I might have violated. My site wasn’t even live yet. It was only for my eyes (and my recorder’s eyes) only.

So instead of contacting them to appeal that they give me back my free website so I can at least back up my progress, I will just highlight here what seems to have happened.

Item #13 seems to be the most valid reason:

“We may terminate your access to all or any part of our Services at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.” - TOS

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Just like that? Really? Imagine if I have made so much content already?!

I browsed around the terms and conditions, to see other possible reasons for terminating my private website.


“We reserve the right to display advertisements on your website unless you have purchased a plan that includes the removal of ads.” - TOS

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I was doing a tutorial on how to add an Amazon affiliate link on a free website! And because I did not pay for any of their plans, it sure is another ground for my termination.

free wordress you cannot put your ads

So yes, you create the content but you have to pay if you want to earn from it. You cannot insert your affiliate link and you cannot display an Ad.

free wordpress do not use Google Analytics

Some people put their affiliate links in their website's footer (the lowest part of the website) so they can earn extra if people click on the link and end up using the paid service.

Me: So, why am I working so hard to make contents I cannot even make money from?

Free WordPress: Pay up for hosting! LOL.

Another one…

”You must not assign your website’s traffic to any other party.” - TOS

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The video I was trying to do was accessing the “head” of the website so I can put an HTML code, so that I can verify to Google that I own the website, and eventually, so I can link my Google Analytics account (separte lesson) to monitor my site’s traffic/visitors. 

free wordpress do not use Google Analytics

So there, you cannot access and put codes on a free website! And why am I trying to use Google Analytics when they have their own way to track traffic!

wordpress website traffic under Automatic

I was trying to “own” the website by adding it to my Google Search Console. So apparently, I do not own the website (even if I am the content creator).

Proving to Google that you own the website by verifying it in your Google search console is one of the initial steps for gaining Google’s trust!

you cannot verify your ownership of free wordpress website to google

But you cannot even verify to Google your ownership of the free WordPress website!

Here's another thing to note:

free wordpress own your content

They will share your content because they have Ads on your free website. How else do you expect to pay for your "free website?" Through the Ads in your site of course! But that could've been your money! 

free wordpress not good for link building

Link building (separate lesson) should be done correctly. To give you a gist, you need to be linked to relevant  and "safe" contents to begin with.

If a free WordPress user "reblogs" your wholesome content in a potentially malicious site, you have no way to disavow/cleanup/remove (separate lesson) that link since you do not have a Google search console access to that free website.

You can say goodbye to your efforts now, LOL

What else could I have done to deserve such immediate punishment? LOL.


start home sharing

I made a logo from their “logo maker.” You just type the name of your website, the color scheme, the industry you are in, then they will provide you with so many designs in an instant, but YOU HAVE TO PAY before you can use the logo.

Since I was only doing a video tutorial on how you can upload your logo, I grabbed a screenshot of the logo above and inserted it on the website (again, my website was not live yet/still private).

So there. Even if you know how you can make a post SEO-friendly in the "free" platform, there is no way to really make a full-time income on a free website. 

Why am I specifically using WordPress aside from it being super beginner friendly?

Google starts to index (index: acknowledge/enlist/show to search results) mobile-friendly websites due to more mobile users.

WordPress has a lot of free themes that are designed to adapt to mobile devices automatically. Having a mobile-friendly website is one of the many factors for ranking in Google.

Free WordPress plugins (“helpers” or add-ons that we will install separately) make it super easy to customize your content so it becomes easy for Google bots to crawl your website, understand what it is about, and finally give you the ranking you deserve for that content.

You may create a free website in, but use it for practice purposes only - especially on how to use the block editor (separate lesson).

Eventually, you will really need to pay for a hosting service to remove all the restrictions I mentioned.

At this stage, you have five options.

1. Choose a hosting service (that comes with WordPress to follow my lessons right away).

2. To “delay” your progress by focusing on creating contents first and publish later when you can already afford a hosting service.

3. If you wish to start with YouTube, you may focus on YouTube SEO (separate lesson) first.

Then put your affiliate links in the description box. Should you already have a website in the future, you can embed the videos in your website so you can control your audience's eyes more (your website will have less distractions).

4. Go to my “blogging fund” page, and see what easy side hustle you can do to make money good enough to pay for a hosting service (hint: look for “Fiverr” in the list, and incorporate it with Canva).

5. Rethink your whys. Maybe it is not strong enough for you to push through.

Now, this is the part where I am going to “sell” you something. 

When you are building your website, it is important that:

  • You first give everything for free. All information, all tools, anything that you can give, until you cannot anymore. How do you think I can give you a FREE hosting (with good service) that would allow you to use your affiliate links? 🙁 Pointing you to "almost-free" and cheap platforms will not help you, and I do not want you to tell me in the future why the h*** I pointed you there, (i.e. your website is always down) LOL.
  • It is important to really try your best first to be of service to your audience. When I went to create a free website for Jay (my target audience who wants to learn SEO, blogging and affiliate marketing), my main goal is for him to NOT pay for anything in terms of hosting. But as you read from above, it is impossible to achieve the affiliate marketing side on a free website. Yes, it "can" rank and be on page 1 if you have awesome content (and if there are no harmful links dragging you down) - but the earnings all go to WordPress and not you!
  • Before I started this course, my writer/VA had already been working hard for 10 months, writing about work from home jobs (blogging funds) so I can give you the links (guides) for free without the need to Google. It’s here all in one place! 

YES, you can have a FREE training from me (unless you unsubscribe), but you won't be able to apply all my lessons right away (and therefore see results faster) unless you have a hosting platform.

I am an affiliate of most hosting sites, but I do not want to point you anywhere just for the sake of pointing and earning.

So, if want to continue your journey with ease ( i.e. my lessons will be aligned with your tools/platform), please get a hosting service. 

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