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How To Start A Blog About Music And Make A Living Online

How To Set SMART Goal – Do This Before You Start A Blog

Here's how to set SMART goal for your blog. Some people abandon their efforts in the middle of everything because there's no plan to begin with.


Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timely.

The first thing you need to do is to set a goal. Why do you want to blog? What do you want to accomplish? Why is the goal important? Who is involved? 

How much do you need? How will you know it's accomplished? What are the constraints? How realistic is your goal based on the constraints? 

Does your goal seems worthwhile? Is this the right time to do it? Does it match your needs? Are you the right person to accomplish it? 

What can you do today? Six weeks from now? Six months from now?

How To Set SMART Goal

How To Set SMART Goals Examples

Blogging is like planting. You cannot expect a seed to turn into something you can harvest the next day.

Some people start to blog without knowing this and they end up quitting because the right expectations are not set in the first place.

By starting a blog, you will plant something that you can harvest from someday. 🙂 Easy enough to understand in concept, like throwing random seeds in the soil expecting to harvest something in return one day.

However, as a beginner gardener, there's a lot of things you need to learn. 

In building a blog, you will not be paid when you are just starting out. This is not an ACTIVE job (like the usual job) where you trade your time for money (income = the number of hours work for the day/week/month). No.

We will be building the structure of a passive income so that when time comes, you will not need to keep on trading your time/effort for money. Money will just just come without your real-time effort.

I remember when we were just starting out our Airbnb home (for short-term rental). I spent sleepless nights on Pinterest looking for ways to do a functional interior design for a specific budget.

I went from store to store, canvassing for furnitures, appliances...managed the installation of the water heater, drilled holes, installed things here and there...I did not get paid for all that work. You know why? It's a business. We were launching an Airbnb home for rental.

After everything was setup, it was time put it out there (Airbnb website, FB page, etc...) and then we got our first guest (income). 

Treat your blog as a business. Start it as a business. Grow and maintain it as a business.

The good news? It "can be" a passive income source in the long run.

Before we start, it is important to have a goal.

For this lesson, your task is simple. Get a paper (or notebook) - something that you can use to take note of your progress/questions.

I want you to write your strongest "WHY."

Why do you want to blog?

Answer the questions above.

Your answer should be strong enough so when the time comes that you will hit a hard curve (believe me, there are times when you just want to quit), your WHY should be strong enough to keep you going.

To state an example, here are my  strongest WHYs.

I want to be a hands-on parent, work on my own terms, and increase my income according to how much I want to get (working hard/smart = potential increase in income).

Every time I feel like quitting (I felt it in my first few months of blogging), I always go back to my WHYs.

Would I rather leave my daughter to a nanny, go back working 12hrs a day/6 days a week?

My answer is NO. My WHYs are strong enough to keep me going. That's what you need to figure out - your strongest WHY.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment below for anything!

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P.S. I learned the "SMART" goal exercise from Brian Tracy.

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  1. Hi, This is such an important first step and one that is too easy to gloss over. I think in reality this was not clearly articulated for me until recently. By understanding the why, and the who you are reaching out to helps you form the what. I like the little video and I agree with the huge importance of sorting out all those aspects particularly your life, family, health because all these are other commitments that take time and require our attention. Without fitting your blogging activity into your life so that balance is maintained and your other commitments are fulfilled, something will have to give sooner or later. Best regards, Andy

    1. Hi Andy,

      I first encountered this idea from Pat Flynn’s “Will It Fly” book introduction. I have been a follower of Brian Tracy too when it comes to goal setting. Really knowing your WHY/s is the simple answer to getting ahead. 🙂



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