What Is FB Academy About? Learn How To Make Money From Facebook. 

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If you are keen on using Facebook ads to promote your online business, then read what is FB Academy about. 

what is fb academy about

What Is FB Academy About?

FB Academy is a course that can present step-by-step formula for selling any products using Facebook ads with an initial budget of $20. There are many upsides on using Facebook advertising. 

Facebook is a platform that people initially used for socializing online. Thus, Facebook has gained a lot of users from all over the world and has become a powerful channel for reaching out to a diverse audience.

Facebook ads, while being cheap ($5 to reach out to 1,000 people), offer a highly targeted form of advertising because of its ability to get in touch with an exact audience according to age, location, behavior and interests. 

It can increase brand awareness, leads, sales and revenue, drive results fast and more.

Thus, knowing how to make the most out of Facebook ads will reap lots of benefits for your online business. This is what FB Academy will allow you to accomplish.


This course will show how to set up Facebook ads to leverage the platform for driving leads and making money online.

Anik Singal, a successful entrepreneur who also founded Lurn, Inc created this course, among many others.

Anik has quite an impressive background, such as his recognition from Businessweek as one of the top 3 best US Entrepreneurs under 25.

FB Academy

FB Academy contains 101 lessons for less than 115 hours of visual learning so you could expect to learn a great deal from it about Facebook advertising.

For any online endeavor, you realize that traffic and lead generation is a crucial factor that you should know about, and social media is one of the biggest source in the internet realm.

How It Works

FB Academy comprises 10 modules, each containing in-depth visual discussion on aspects concerning the effective use of Facebook ads.

Most of these modules contain an action guide you can download and a quiz.

Module 1

Just as any course probably has, it is necessary to welcome new members into the platform, and this module is where you will receive Anik’s greetings.

You will know about joining the Facebook group, registering for coaching calls, and preparing to delve into Facebook advertising.

Module 2

· teaches more about Facebook and why FB marketing is more valuable than other sources of traffic

·  teaches how FB ads work

·  provides yearly compliance updates so that your ads will not violate the most recent rules and policies on FB

Module 3

· tackles the importance of having funnels applicable to Facebook ads

· teaches the 3 types of traffic and the various types of funnels for each type

· shows how to apply the funnels to your ads

Module 4

· shows how to have a landing page that complies with FB regulations

Module 5

· shows the different Facebook ad types so you can choose the one the best suits your product, purpose and goal

· teaches about Ad copy, ad design, ad hacking, image ads, picture story ads, text ads, lead ads, carousel ads, instant experience ads and post ads versus link ads

· teaches how to keep ads FB compliant

Module 6

· discusses about finding and targeting your specific audience

· shows the different targeting methods for finding your ideal customers on Facebook (basic targeting, interest-based targeting)

· shows Facebook pixels, custom audiences, look-alike audiences, re-targeting, advanced re-targeting and segmentation by visitor activity

· (aside from the action guide) contains ideal customer avatar worksheet

Module 7

· explains which metrics to look for and how to optimize each metric

· shows how to scale ads

Module 8

· talks about the advanced strategies on using funnels for changing the game of your FB ads

· has more detailed contents on funnels (popular funnels, re-targeting funnels, low-ticket funnels,  high ticket funnels, ecommerce funnels, super ticket funnels, content marketing, chatbot marketing)

· shows the hidden rules in Facebook advertising

Module 9

· gives the opportunity for you to apply what you have learned so far

· provides you with an FB Academy certification when you pass the test

Module 10

This module on ads tutorials contain videos for

  • creating ad campaigns and Facebook ads
  • installing Facebook pixel
  • using Facebook ads manager
  • boosting an organic page post
  • creating a lookalike audience
  • creating a re-targeting ad
  • creating video ads (not showing your face) and
  • creating videos in Camtasia.

It also shows the tools for videos.

Not included in the modules are other many and amazing resources and bonus lime. FB Academy Training Replays.

There are Advanced Digital Marketing Replays on 

  • digital publishing
  • email marketing
  • marketing and business fundamentals
  • media buying
  • productivity and mindset
  • organic traffic
  • scaling your business and
  • writing.

There are also bonuses like on

  • product ad swipe files
  • service ad swipe files
  • training ad swipe files
  • Facebook ads checklist
  • kick-start targeting
  • ad creation mastery and
  • advertising secrets for YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Loopholes In The System

1. Cost

Despite containing valuable lessons and guides, FB Academy by Anik Singal costs a lot of money, which is not reasonable or practical for most people.

In fact, courses and products from Anik have high price tags. If you will put in some extra effort, you could search for similar educational materials on the internet without spending a lot of money. Some tutorials are even free online.

There is no refund policy for FB Academy (and all of Anik’s and Lurn’s courses) so you have no assurance of getting your money back if you feel not satisfied with it.

According to him, there is no refund policy since one can immediately access his digital product after payment because it is in digital format.

I think all products should have a refund policy, especially if it is as expensive as this course.

2.  Sales Pitch Turned False Claims

There are at least a couple of people who view a statement from Anik as a false claim. Apparently, there was a claim by Anik that Facebook will pay you for driving traffic to your site.

One explained Facebook will not pay you unless you are one of its employees.

3.  Overwhelming Information, Not For Newbies

This course contains too much information that could initially overwhelm you.

If you do not want to waste your money, have the motivation to complete the course from start to finish, which could really eat up a lot of your time. Thus, this is not something that newbies could probably bear to go through.


Once you have signed up at Lurn, you could access the member’s dashboard where you will see a specific area for support.

It has a Knowledgebase where FAQs are. If you have other concerns, you may email its support team.

It also seems to have a community exclusive to its members where they can interact with one another and contact coaches.

Who Is It For

Contrary to claims that this is suitable for beginners, this is a course that will suit the needs of those who have been running ads on Facebook and would like to end their frustration and annoyance.

While the contents of FB Academy are comprehensive, it is not something that most people will support or avail.

This is mainly because of its price (more on the price and payment later). If you are running an online business and looking to advertise on Facebook, there are expenses that you must settle.

Ad campaigns cost a substantial amount of money and sometimes, it will take a while before ad campaigns return any excellent results.

Although the course claims it can reduce the time required to find a good campaign for you, you will need to invest a minimum of a thousand dollars before you can see money coming into your account.

If there are costs in starting a blog, there are also costs you will shoulder associated with your ad campaigns like landing page hosting and auto-responder service.

If you have the money, and if you think this is a course that will do well for you, then face the risk since it has no refund policy to offer.

This is a course that might not be a superb choice if you do not have a website or sales funnel yet.

After all, Facebook advertising is a paid traffic method for up-scaling an existing business like online selling, affiliate marketing, drop shipping and more.

This should make you realize even more that it is not a product for a total beginner, unlike Wealthy Affiliate that can guide anyone with zero knowledge to start affiliate marketing.

I think you may invest in this course and use what you have learned to offer your service to other businesses who want exposure in Facebook or who want to promote their products and services on Facebook.

How To Access The Course

You can find FB Academy here. You will instantly find how much the course costs, $697. There is an option for 3 Payments of $277.00, but this will only make you pay more.

You could join Lurn for free, and you need not provide credit card details.

After entering your name, email and password, you will immediately access the dashboard where you will answer questions about your top business priority:

  • starting a new business
  • need more traffic and leads for a current venture
  • want to develop new skills to help business grow and
  • need mentoring or coaching for a new business.

Based on your answers, Lurn will recommend a course you may avail. Only after you choose a lesson, will you need to input your payment details.

Potential Income

There is no specific amount or rate of income in an online business because there are several factors affecting your potential income. FB Academy is not a program that will let you make money directly from it.

Instead, it is a course that will teach you of a way to attract more people who would avail the products and services you offer, which could increase your sales and revenue.

Work Schedule

It is up to you when and how many hours a day you will dedicate to watch the videos in this course. It is important that you watch and listen carefully so you will understand the concepts taught in the lessons.

This could mean it may take you more time finishing a video than its original duration.



  • FB Academy from Lurn is a course that contains in-depth lessons on how to make the most out of using Facebook ads.
  • There are action guides and quizzes for some modules, which help ensure you understood what the modules contain.


  • It is very expensive.
  • It has no refund policy.

Despite the comprehensive lessons included in FB Academy, I do not think it is worth spending a lot of money on a course whose lessons could be available for free from other online sources.

It is not a course that will fit the needs of those who have yet to start an online venture, which makes it more undeserving as an investment for an internet entrepreneur.

If you are a beginner, don't spend money on ads. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is free, and you can reach more audience when you do it right.

Wealthy Affiliate beginner's training focuses on SEO. Sign up here for free to learn the basics. 

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