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If you are just starting out, you have nothing to pin yet. I’ll show you why use Pinterest anyway, as a market research place for now.

why use pinterest

In our search for a niche, most of us get stuck. We want this, we want that…and so on. Most of the time, they are from completely different topics.

Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine. Like Google, people type keywords in the search box. And if you optimize your pin title, description, and alt text (for the image), you can get found (not just in Pinterest but in Google, too!).

However, Pinterest is not just a search engine. It is also a social media platform and a market research place.

Notice how diverse my Pinterest boards are. For firsttimeparentguide, I have boards for:

  1. Baby sign language
  2. Newborn baby items
  3. Cloth diapering
  4. Self-Care for moms
  5. Preparing to breastfeed
  6. Pregnant Diet
  7. How to take care of a newborn
  8. Postpartum care
  9. House management
  10. Busy mom hacks
  11. Baby food
  12. Picky eater
  13. Potty training
  14. Breastfeeding
  15. Exclusively pumping
  16. Motherhood
  17. Working at home with a baby
  18. Frugal spending on baby things
  19. Etc.

For my fulltimeblogging blog, I have these boards:

  1. Free online blogging courses
  2. Tiktok
  3. Google Stuff
  4. Motivational quotes for beginners
  5. First Time Bloggers
  6. Video Creation
  7. Niche
  8. Free Stock Photos
  9. Copywriting
  10. Mood Board
  11. Pinterest SEO
  12. Social Media Scheduling
  13. Facebook Page
  14. Affiliate Programs
  15. Affiliate Marketing
  16. Blogging Concepts
  17. WordPress Plugins
  18. Google Penalties
  19. Google SEO
  20. Writing Headlines
  21. Pinterest Strategies
  22. Content Creation Ideas
  23. Twitter Strategies
  24. Instagram Marketing
  25. Logo Inspiration
  26. Website Design Inspiration
  27. Article Marketing In Facebook
  28. Psychology Of Colors
  29. How to build a brand
  30. How To Make Money From Home Online
  31. Email marketing
  32. Content marketing
  33. YouTube and video SEO
  34. Local SEO
  35. Etc.

If I have all the time in the world, these are the topics I want to blog about! However, it’s going to take ages for a solopreneur, let alone a beginner to successfully achieve all these!

That is why we need to choose a niche. Pick a topic from any of the boards I enumerated, for example.

Do you have enough to share about the topic? If not, are you willing to read the contents of other websites to learn from them, instead? 

If yes, you can actively pin about “busy mom hacks” and use that Pinterest board as your market research place. Learn from them and only keep what you believe in, and reconstruct to make it your own.

Pinterest also has “analytics” so you will know which of the contents you pin gets most of the impressions, saves, and clicks – regardless of whether it is your pin or not. If a pin is getting the clicks, or saves, learn from that pin. 

What’s so special about that pin that it gets so many clicks and saves? Does it have an enticing headline? Is it the “freebie” inside in the blogpost? It is a “free guide to solve your whatever problem?”

Why Use Pinterest?

By using it as a “user” and not just another marketer, you’ll also attract organic followers – that is, people who actually want to follow your boards versus those who just follow you in the hopes that you’ll follow them, too.

As you get more Pinterest/Pinterest board followers, you can now pin your own pins manually – and share your content to people who actually needs them. As you learn Search Engine Optimization for Google, you can also optimize your pin titles, descriptions and call to actions in Pinterest.

Still stuck with your niche? Why not create a Pinterest profile? Compile different boards of what you want to blog about.

Arrange the Pinterest boards as if it is your website. Then choose only one board that really resonates with what you want to do. That’s your starting point. That’s your niche. Look at the pins inside the board. Do you think you can do better than them? If not, move on to your next favorite board.

Don’t get stuck picking a niche. There’s no wrong niche. As long as it is something you are interested in doing, it is good to go.



P.S. Getting stuck with picking a niche is one of the newbie’s obstacles in starting a blog. The best advice I can give is to stick to what you are interested to do. There are so many ways to monetize content, so you should never worry if your niche will be profitable enough. Decide on your niche, start a blog, produce the contents. Once traffic (visitors) start to come, we will use data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to optimize your content for monetization.

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Here's My Recommended Starting Platform For Newbie Bloggers:

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