Why I’d Pass On The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course 

Last Modified: September 30, 2020

By: pitin

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review Summary

There are many online opportunities out there for earning income from home, and one of them is through affiliate marketing. There are several online courses such as Affiliate Marketing Mastery that can teach you how to start on this venture. The Affiliate Marketing Mastery course seems like a great product, but I will skip it for now for something else. Keep reading to know why.

the affiliate marketing mastery review

As an online course, it means that this is a product that will inform and teach you how to start on affiliate marketing and how you could succeed in it. It is not a scheme for getting rich, instead, it will guide you on how you could make money from affiliate marketing.


The person behind the Affiliate Marketing Mastery is Stefan James, a life and business coach and a 7-figure internet entrepreneur. He is also the founder of the Project Life Mastery wherein Affiliate Marketing Mastery is only one of the several other courses for helping others master every area of life such as emotions, fitness, relationship, financial freedom and passive income.

How It Works

From this online course, you get to learn about finding products that you can promote; marketing those products in different ways; converting marketing leads into sales and collecting the commission for every sale.

the affiliate marketing mastery and

Figure 1

On the sales page of Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you will immediately see a section for registering to a Free Masterclass. The image above shows what you will learn from this free class.

After this free course, you may sign up for the paid online course that has 7 modules and several great bonuses. Each module contains different lessons or parts.

1.  Module 1 is about the strategy and the mindset for success.

You will know how the course works, what to expect from it and how to apply its concepts to achieve optimal results.

You will learn about adopting the Mastery Mentality, which will ensure you can achieve maximum results.

You get to know about the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Blueprint that Stefan himself used to earn 7-figures a year from affiliate marketing.

Likewise, you will discover the 10 success principles to follow for achieving a sustainable and lasting online business success.

Finally, you would also learn about setting goals and about achieving them.

2.  Module 2 is about advanced keyword and market research.

Here, you will learn the steps/formula for finding lucrative niches that align with your passions and interests.

You will know where are the digital products associated with your niches and will let you earn 50% commission. You will likewise know where to find the physical products connected to your niche.

You will understand more about keyword research and how to accomplish it. Get to know also about the powerful networks for profitable products.

3.  Module 3 is about brand building and online influencing.

In this section, you learn about defining your marketing channels, creating a persuasive brand name, setting up a blog, and starting a YouTube channel. Stefan will also tell you about the essential tools to use for WordPress and teach you how SEO works for optimizing your blog and content and getting free Google traffic.

4.  Module 4 is about getting followers and subscribers through compelling content.

It is not enough to have a website. Instead, you need to fill up the website with contents that will make your fans and customers excited. You will learn also how to get more visitors through amazing blog articles and how to have followers on YouTube and on social media. You will know the laws to adhere to when creating the epic contents that will make your business successful.

5.  Module 5 is about quickly getting visitors and followers.

This part is where you will discover more about promoting/marketing your content and YouTube videos, ranking on Google/YouTube, and getting more traffic.

You will find out how to use Kindle publishing in promoting your brand, how to build a huge email list, how to promote on Instagram, how to create your email list, and how to promote and market on Facebook.

6.  Module 6 is about making money with affiliate marketing.

This module will teach you how to achieve your primary goal, which is to make money as an affiliate marketer. In this module, you will know the mistakes to avoid when monetizing from affiliate marketing; the laws to follow when selling and marketing; how to look for the most lucrative programs you can promote; how to monetize on your YouTube channel, social media, and email list.

7.  Module 7 is about performance and optimization.

In this module, you will discover how to analyze YouTube statistics; how to achieve long-term success; how to set up Google Analytics; how to engage and survey subscribers and how you can better optimize your marketing.

loopholes in the system

I did not see any major loophole in this system, except for its cost. The price of $997 (as of writing this post), is something that will make you quickly look for other cheaper alternatives that will not only teach how to do affiliate marketing, but will provide all the necessary tools and resources to achieve success and start making money.


You will not receive on-on-one coaching from Stefan when you purchase the Affiliate Marketing Mastery. Instead, the FAQ on the website of Project Life Mastery said that you should join the Affiliate Marketing Mastery group community on Facebook to find the help you need from experienced members.

I attended the free masterclass for 2 hours plus and Stefan said that there is an "email coaching" and you can reach out to them via chat as well as email their team.

Who Is It For

I could say that this is a course for beginners with the financial capability to invest (more on this below). This course will discuss the basics of starting out as an affiliate marketer up to monetizing from all your efforts.

Even if you do not know which topic or niche you like to pursue, this course offers great guidance to have a good direction in your venture.

This course could also help those who have started out in affiliate marketing, but still lack knowledge and experience.

This is not for people who want an instant money-making scheme. This is not for those who have no patience or willingness to act. It will not teach you short cuts, hacks or cheats. Instead, it will teach you that hard work, patience and perseverance plus some valuable guidance will help you succeed in the affiliate marketing venture.

How To Apply/Join

Look at the image below. I think what you should realize from the Affiliate Marketing Mastery is that you should not procrastinate. Instead, you must take action as soon as possible because you might miss the greatest opportunities in life if you procrastinate.

affiliate marketing mastery review

Figure 2

For example, if you feel that this Affiliate Marketing Mastery is the online course that you should take to get you on the right path to success, then quickly sign up when you see that it is available at the time you find it. This is because you might not always find it available. They only offer it periodically to the public, according to its FAQ. You may, however, reach out to Project Life Mastery because you might be lucky to join privately.

Now, you probably wonder why is this so? Perhaps Stefan just wants to use the strategy of exciting people from something that is not constantly available. Conversely, I think I found a better explanation, although this is just another assumption. See image below.

affiliate marketing mastery scam

Figure 3

Perhaps the reason for the periodic availability of the course is to make the timely updates on its contents. The world is constantly developing and so does affiliate marketing and everything else that it involves. Therefore, courses like this that aim to educate people to start the affiliate marketing path need to provide the updated information that people require.

At the time of writing this review, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery sales page is at https://www.affiliatemarketingmastery.co/eg-masterclass-c?_ga=2.183181478.1025110306.1597865206-1529645183.1597865206 .

This is where one could register for the free class. When you register, you will provide your name, email address, country and phone number. They will send you an email containing the link to the Masterclass.

Once you finish 2 and half hours of free Masterclass, you may proceed signing up to the Affiliate Marketing Mastery online course. As I wrote earlier, this is a course for the financially capable beginners because the price for the course is immense.

The course costs $997 (onetime payment). Although they offer another payment of 3 instalments of $397 (for $1191 in total), it is still expensive. If you are a beginner, you will instantly have second thoughts on whether you are ready to invest such an enormous amount of money on something new to you. The online course, however, has a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Lifetime Access

There is one entry in the FAQ section of Project Life Mastery that I find confusing, though. For the question “Will I get lifetime access to Affiliate Marketing Mastery?” the answer is that lifetime access to the course is possible when you sign up for Mastering Book Publishing (original value of $988, but is only $147 at the time of writing), which is another course from Stefan. It further explained that one can go through the course at any pace. 

In the free Master Class I attended, Stefan said that lifetime access is valid for anyone who purchases the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course.

Free Alternative

Those who have spent a great deal of money on Affiliate Marketing Mastery explained that what they find great is that everything they could need to learn all about affiliate marketing is in the product. They prefer this over finding free alternatives on the internet.

I think this is true. Many people will prefer to choose convenient package over troublesome DIY gathering of educational materials. Still, the price of the convenient package is something to consider.

Since Stefan himself will probably also say that hard work is an important ingredient to a successful affiliate marketing career, you may look elsewhere for cheaper alternatives on determining if you must pursue blogging or not, or finding out if you really need to spend money to start this blogging/affiliate marketing venture.

There are always expensive and cheap options to everything. It is more convenient to purchase Affiliate Marketing Mastery because it has all the learning materials and some bonuses a beginner will find useful. Yet, putting a little more effort since you are on the discovery phase of this undertaking will not be too much. You can find other videos and articles on starting a blog, choosing a niche, searching for profitable keywords, utilizing SEO and making money from affiliate marketing.

Potential Income

Stefan James said that this is not about making money fast, but about making sustainable income gradually by performing the steps in the course. Your potential income should ideally be directly proportional to your action in applying the lessons in the course.

Work Schedule

The free Masterclass I attended lasted for 2 hours plus. I left when it was already the "testimonial video parts" since I do not need it. 

what is affiliate marketing mastery

Figure 4

As for the paid Affiliate Marketing Mastery, the image above shows that the course has over 40 hours of in-depth content. To complete the course, one might take several months to complete it. I feel uncertain about the part that states “you need not complete 100% of the course to get your business set up and starting to have success.”

I think if I will pay a thousand of dollars on something, I will make it sure that I will finish studying every letter and dot first so I will feel the satisfaction that it is worth the money I have spent.

Although I can go back to the training modules now and then, there is no steady support that I can get from the maker of the course, unless I reach out to Stefan, of course. There is a "90-day email coaching program" and "email support" but I am guessing, it's just the normal email marketing strategy that anyone who does e-mail marketing do. I might be wrong on this, so feel free to correct me if you have purchased the product and are receiving an "email support" after the 90-days coaching program apart from the usually automated e-mails. 

Benefits / Bonus

Some of the bonuses it offers are the:

1. Ultimate List Of Affiliate Programs

2. Done For You Website (with free Studiopress theme of your choice).

3. Fast-Track To Profit (Guide)

The course has an affiliate program you might want to take part of. If you can convince anyone to lay a substantial amount of money for this course, then you could earn 50% of the price of the course, which as of writing this review, is around $498.50 per referral. However, you can only promote the course IF you have purchased the course in the first place, that is according to the free Masterclass I attended. 

the affiliate marketing mastery

Figure 5



  • Anyone in the world may sign up for the free class.
  • The creator of the course is a well-known person.
  • The course suits the needs of beginners because it will provide step-by-step lessons for achieving their goal of making money from affiliate marketing.


  • It only has Facebook community for steady support.
  • It is very expensive.
  • Although the price includes website creation, you will pay for the domain and the web hosting.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery has guided step-by-step lessons that beginners will find valuable. Legit and useful as it is, I will probably only purchase the course IF I have already exhausted all the training materials available inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform which I am a member of.

While one of the bonuses of Affiliate Marketing Mastery is the "done-for-you" website installed with the necessary plugins, it can also be accomplished in a few clicks inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The free "Studiopress theme" is a good bonus though since it's usually around $50 plus.

However, if I am a beginner with no clue about affiliate marketing, the substantial amount of money to be spent on the Affiliate Marketing Mastery may be a good investment, if I have the budget to spare. Otherwise, I will look for cheaper options like  Wealthy Affiliate which already includes everything that I need - hosting, training, keyword research tool, to name a few, all in one cost. I only usually only spend less than $500 a year for hosting, domain, unlimited training, and keyword research tool although I'm running several blogs.

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