Which Is Better Wealthy Affiliate Or Affilorama?

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Are you wondering which is better, Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama?

In this article, you would gather the crucial information for choosing between the Affilorama and the Wealthy Affiliate so read on.

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Affiliate marketing can be a profitable venture, but it is not something you can do instantly. Many people who have attained success in this venture will even tell you they did so after working hard and even stumbling at least once.

There could be a different cause to this fall for different potential affiliates, and one of them is choosing an inappropriate source of information and tools. 

Which Is Better Wealthy Affiliate Or Affilorama?


A product’s origin is important for many people. People will probably buy a product with an origin they can trust or at least relate to. Both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate have reputable founders and creators.





Mark Ling


Simon Slade

Carson Lim


Kyle Loudon






  • Mark Ling, together with Simon Slade, started Affilorama in 2006. You can read a good deal of information about them on the internet and discover that they also are the people behind the parent company Doubledot Media Limited and the online product-sourcing directory Salehoo. The Affilorama website lists the awards and recognitions that the company received.
  • Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon introduced Wealthy Affiliate in 2005. You may see a lot of details about them on the internet, especially on their Instagram account. They also came up with Jaaxy and SiteRubix.





With In-depth
















At Affilorama, you may access courses, lessons and videos after signing up for free. The free lessons will cover everything that a beginner needs to know.

If you already have some familiarity about affiliate marketing, there could be some lessons and forum discussions in Affilorama that could add to your knowledge database.

You will learn the steps in starting your affiliate business, such as researching for a profitable niche market and keywords, building a website, writing interesting contents, and marketing your website or blog. 

There are also lessons that will guide you in practicing PPC and SEO.  

Free members could also have free tools to use, but if they want to have better resources at their perusal, they could purchase the Affilorama product that suits them.

One notable aspect about Affilorama is that when you click on the “Products” tab on the menu at its dashboard, you will see a window for a short quiz that will ask for your current level of knowledge and experience on affiliate marketing and what goals you might have at the moment.

Based on your answers, the system will recommend the appropriate products you should buy.

There is Pathway to Passive ($37) for those who wish to apply what they just learned from free lessons.

There is also AffiloJetpack ($997) that provides everything you need to set up the affiliate business and start making money from it.

The AffiloTools ($17/month for Bronze plan, $47/month for Silver plan and $97/month for Gold plan) offers tools that advanced affiliates could use in maintaining the good performance of their websites and monitor the monetization of the business.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to basic lessons like getting started in affiliate marketing, building a website, and making money.

It also offers free training that other Wealthy Affiliate members willingly share in this pay-it-forward platform.

When you upgrade to Premium membership for $49/month (current promo offers $19 for the first month), you will have full access to the Online Certification Course, Affiliate Bootcamp, and Live Trainings, to name a few.

Premium membership also offers better tools for taking further steps in your affiliate marketing venture.

These resources (+ your action) will become the formula to be a successful affiliate marketer within all niche markets and earn money from your passions in life.

Support and Keyword Research tool








Type Of Offered









Live Chat,










in AffiloJetpack

  • There are several ways Affilorama provides support to its members. It has a telephone number you can call. You can also reach out via email. In the forum, you may ask fellow members about any concerns. It has a chat feature too. You would even receive the transcript of your chat via email.
  • For support, Wealthy Affiliate is also commendable. Free starter members could use live chat or the WA community to gather answers to their questions. When you upgrade to Premium, you can send private messages even to the creators, Kyle and Carson. You will also receive Premium technical support for your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial part of your campaigns. When you have identified the niche you want to pursue (possibly one of your interests or passions), you need to look for keywords to incorporate into your contents so you know that it is something that people are looking for.

Both products featured in this post offer guidance and tools on keyword research.

AffiloJetpack contains ready-made website content and site building tools to finish creating your affiliate site quickly. Thus, you can have more time to market your business and optimize your sales.

This pack also includes keyword research and competition research. This means that you will not just be able to search for your keywords, but could also look at your competitors.

Part of the market research you will receive when you avail of the Affilojetpack niche is a keyword analysis for an immense list of keywords in relation with your chosen topic. From this list, you will choose the keywords to use for your SEO and PPC traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate has its own keyword research tool that comes along with your membership. Through Jaaxy, you could extract long-tail and low competition keywords.

You could also discover easy, but unused niches. You can keep tabs of your competitors, too.

Jaaxy has various membership levels. Starter membership let's you have taste of what it offers, on a limited scale.

The Jaaxy Lite is what Premium WA members have for free that allows access to the features of keyword research, QSR or competition data, domain search, keywords list, SiteRank and Alphabet Soup, to name a few.

Website Creation And Hosting




Has Website





Website Hosting




AffiloJetpack provides ready-made website content and a simplified site building system (WordPress theme). However, the 5 websites you will get from AffiloJetpack are only 80% complete.

You may choose 5 out of 17 niches that Mark Ling has chosen based on their high profitability.

The remaining 20% of website building that you must do is probably making customized changes to the graphics or the website design.

For Wealthy Affiliate, you have the SiteRubix website builder to use. It is a click-based builder that takes away the hassles of using control panels to create a website.

Rather than presenting you with a ready-made website, SiteRubix lets you build the website starting from step one. While this could initially overwhelm you, SiteRubix enables newbies to finish their website in minutes.

You choose a domain name, set your website name, select a theme and click to build your website. SiteRubix also uses WordPress.

One main difference when you host at Wealthy Affiliate (via SiteRubix) versus hosting at Affilorama (via AffiloJetpack Lite hosting), is that in Wealthy Affiliate, you can have an access to your FTP.

Although the control panels are not visible for both hosting, you can install a third party app in your computer such as Filezilla, and input your FTP login details so you can upload necessary things in your Wealthy Affiliate hosted sites.

Your FTP details are easily accessible in your dashboard if you are a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

For the AffiloJetpack Lite hosting, here's what the FAQ states:

 "AffiloJetpack Lite Hosting doesn’t provide any hosting access so you can't do any advanced tweaking or use FTP."

While ready-made websites can be an "easy way" to start, I'd choose to build from scratch, so I will really learn the ins and outs of the business. I'd also rather choose a niche based on passion/interest than continue what has already been started, or "maintain" a niche based on profits.

It's like running a restaurant when you even don't have an interest in the food industry. 

While you will get essential hosting for both the Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate, there are some details you should pay attention to.


In Affilorama’s AffiloJetpack, you have 12-months web hosting for a custom domain. When the free hosting service is over, you need to avail the AffiloJetpack Lite Hosting for $70 per year and this will cover all the 5 websites you (chose to) have.

Another thing that you need to set a budget for is domain name registration that could amount to $10 a year per domain name at GoDaddy, Namecheap and similar places.

You may purchase one via the Affilorama Domains if you prefer it.

Free members may use the free basic set of AffiloTools that allows them to have 1 website monitored, 10 keywords per website, 2 search engines per website and monthly retrieve rankings.

Subscribe to the Bronze, Silver or Gold plans if you want to have more features to use for tracking keyword rankings, getting SEO checkup, monitoring traffic, seeing ClickBank revenue, analyzing backlinks, keeping tabs of your Facebook/Twitter and researching keywords, links and domains.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Some people do not find it favorable to pay for the $49 monthly membership fee of Wealthy Affiliate, but this monthly due is worth it for more people.

This is because it already covers all the training you need for running an affiliate business.

This membership fee covers website hosting (up to 10 websites), keyword research tool, and the site comments platform, to name a few.

Site Comments is a unique feature I haven't seen in other platforms yet, at least as of writing this review.

The domain registration is a separate cost of around $14 a year per domain name, but you get 1 free domain if you get the yearly membership. It is inclusive of free SSL and protection of your privacy. 

You can also create free professional e-mail accounts: yourpreferredemailname@yourdomainname.com.

Since Wealthy Affiliate training do not encourage building list from the start (i.e putting the cart before the horse), by the time you finish the training, your website should already be earning enough to ignore the added cost of an email service provider of your choice, which can cost around $20 per month.

Use a free plan if you choose to build a list from the start, like the Mailchimp which is free for up to 2000 contacts.

Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter members can host one website for 30 days with limited features (no website analysis, no feedback platform, no website support, etc.).

Paying for the Premium monthly membership will lift all these limitations for up to 10 websites.

Your website/s will even have amazing security features like daily redundant backups, built-in caching, spam protection and website security.

How To Apply/Join

To become a part of Affilorama, just go to Affilorama dot com.

Disclaimer: I used to be an affiliate of Affilorama, however, as I updated this post and tested the links, it seems that I am not anymore.

Upon checking their website, their affiliate program is still active, however, upon testing my affiliate links, I always get this:

affilorama affiliate program

I might have "violated" their terms of service by not promoting them? I'm not sure what I did. But anyway, if you want to join, you must provide your name and email and choose a password. Right after clicking the green “Join!” button, you could already watch video lessons, use basic AffiloTools and join the community forum.

After you have completed the free lessons and tried using the free affiliate tools, you may take further steps by purchasing appropriate Affilorama products: Pathway to Passive, AffiloJetpack and AffiloTools.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is also free except for some countries. Join by clicking here to enter your name and email address.

Set your username and password. From there, you could start your way to a successful journey by making use of the free lessons, resources and support from WA.

After your "trial" period (7 days), you could pay $19 promo price for your first month and $49 for each succeeding month. Save up to 50% when you pay for a yearly package.

Potential Income

There are many factors that determine your success and profits from affiliate marketing. After all, it is a process comprising many steps and you must accomplish each step accordingly.

It requires patience and hard work for about 6 months to one year before you could finally earn money as if you were earning a full-time income.

In terms of potential income, however, I think the Wealthy Affiliate has a better offer. This is because Premium members could create their lessons or write for Wealthy Affiliate and earn money.

Work Schedule

You need to be serious about this venture if you wish to succeed. You may start affiliate marketing as if it were a part time job by giving only a couple of hours studying lessons and trying out what you have learned.

However, once you discover that this is a venture worth taking, you might give up your full-time job for your affiliate business.

As mentioned above, it might take up to a year before you could earn a decent amount of money from it, depending on the amount of effort you put into it.


Each of the two products we are comparing has an affiliate program.

The Affilorama Affiliate may earn 50% commission from each member he refers and buys the Affilorama product.

It says on the landing page of the affiliate program that all you need to do is drive traffic to Affilorama and its staff will do the selling.

Thus, I think you cannot earn a commission unless the person you refer will buy any Affilorama product.

Wealthy Affiliate has the "Elite Program" for its affiliates where you could earn 50% for each sign up.

Keep in mind that Wealthy Affiliate membership can be on a monthly or yearly basis, so this means you will earn commissions not only on the first month your referral joins WA.

Instead, you will have recurring commissions for each month this referral of yours avail the WA Premium membership.

Another unique opportunity for free members (not Premium members) is that, they can also earn referral income.



  • Affilorama offers free membership, lessons, tools, support and participation from the community. It also has a short quiz for helping you determine which of its products should you avail depending on your knowledge and experience.
  • Wealthy Affiliate also offers starter membership lessons, support and tools for free. You may also get mentoring from the creators.


  • Despite the step-by-step lessons and amazing products, I find the high price tag (especially of AffiloJetpack) discouraging. I do not think you could even easily get in touch with the creators, even for mentoring. I believe that the business model of Affilorama is to just present its members with various products, which the creators think already include everything that an affiliate could ever need.
  • For Wealthy Affiliate, some people might find it overwhelming to do everything on their own since the system does not promise automation.

I think the term “ready-made” and other similar words are what can persuade some people to avail of a product.

This is the marketing concept of the Affilorama products. From the sales page of Affilorama products, I could say that by saying an affiliate will receive ready-made websites will help convince those who want a simple way to make money from affiliate marketing.

Although I think Affilorama is a system worth checking out for its free membership lessons and tools, the biggest concern for me is the price of its products.

Also, the way it markets its products is not something that I find favorable.

While there is nothing wrong with making use of things that can simplify the steps involved in starting an affiliate business, I believe that true success from affiliate marketing will also stem from going through each step of the process with pure knowledge, firsthand experience and sincere mentoring.

Wealthy Affiliate does not merely present you with ready-made websites to complete and make money from.

Instead, it allows you to go through each step so you will know exactly what it feels and how to do things. It considers the fact that each person could have his unique set of challenges to face when starting the business, so it offers amazing help and mentoring.

Any of these two products will surely provide you the step-by-step, all-in-one platform.

However, I believe that Wealthy Affiliate offers a better path to a successful affiliate business, cost-wise and experience-wise.



P.S. Back in 2015, I found Wealthy Affiliate thru a comparison review of Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate. I sent a message to the support of Affilorama to clarify something before becoming a paying member. 

While waiting for their reply, I tried Wealthy Affiliate and the rest is history.

As of updating this post, 5 years after I sent my inquiry, they didn't reply ever, LOL.

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