The Amazon FBA Ninja Or The Wealthy Affiliate? 

Last Modified: February 25, 2021

By: pitin

Amazon FBA Ninja Versus Wealthy Affiliate

"Selling" products online and "promoting" products online are two possible ways of earning money via the internet.

To pursue either venture, there is a need for you to pick the right product/platform to help you get started or remain on the right track. 

The product you choose could either make or break your pathway to success.

Amazon FBA Ninja is for those who take an interest in selling products through Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) while Wealthy Affiliate is for those have the interest in affiliate marketing (promoting).

The goal of this post is to help you decide which between the Amazon FBA Ninja and the Wealthy Affiliate could provide the best value for money by simplifying the entire process of either venture through in-depth education and appropriate tools.


A product’s origin gives you a glimpse of how reputable the creators are. Just like a brand name, it gives you a feeling of ease that you are buying a useful product.


FBA Ninja




Kevin David

Carson Lim


Kyle Loudon






Amazon FBA Ninja:

“The unemployed CEO.” This is the descriptive name Kevin David has on his “about” page.

I think this is to downplay Kevin’s rather impressive education and professional background to capture the audience with an effect similar to a male counterpart of Cinderella.

I, for one, am more taken with stories of starting at zero point and attaining the ultimate success rather than stories of success right from the very beginning.

What I mean is there is probably no need to use the tagline “unemployed CEO.”

Presenting Kevin’s background is more than enough to capture the audience since he is an accomplished person having graduated as summa cum Laude in College and previously working for Facebook.

You could read that Kevin has come up with other related products that will help you propel your Amazon selling business.

Wealthy Affiliate:

While the website of Wealthy Affiliate does not have the detailed job portfolio of its creators, Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon, I can say that the pair can also win your heart easily through their reputation among the many people who they have mentored and helped.

Instead of personally researching the contact details or social media information of Carson and Kyle in case you want to reach out to them for help, you could easily see their Instagram on the WA website.

Kyle overlooks member’s training and education while Carson handles the technical team.


Whether you are at beginner or an intermediate level, you need a product that will provide you with information to put you on the right track to success and make money from either FBA or affiliate marketing.





With In-depth









Amazon FBA








Amazon FBA Ninja:

Amazon FBA Ninja, as you can see on Kevin David’s official website, goes by at least a couple of names. One is Amazon FBA Course (which is generic) and Zon Ninja Masterclass.

Based on the descriptions, its main offerings are Amazon FBA education, strategies and bonus tools. See image below.

amazon fba ninja and

Figure 1

The landing page of Amazon FBA Ninja Course says it has 6 modules of lessons and training. On the order page, however, it says that the course has 8 modules (just as most reviews say).

The team behind the Amazon FBA Ninja could do better by rehashing their website’s contents to eliminate anything that could lead to confusion.

If I will choose a product, I will settle for one with consistent claims and write-ups.

Anyway, the six modules aim to provide in-depth training and share helpful strategies for Amazon FBA sellers (beginners and experienced alike).

Prior to the paid course, you will first sign up to the free training class, which might teach you a bit about how to sell on Amazon. The 6 modules offer a more comprehensive learning program as they cover the topics of:

1.  Product research, Amazon Seller Central, trademarks and patents and the tool you can use for finding best product to sell.

2.  Suppliers and shipping, ordering product and the import process from China to Amazon warehouses.

3.  Listing Optimization, protecting brand against copying by other unscrupulous sellers, and product photography.

4.  Product launch, getting sales, ranking on Amazon, doing giveaways, creating video ads, using coupons, using email marketing.

5.  Amazon PPC, keywords, Clickfunnels, getting Instagram and Facebook traffic.

6.  Amazon Seller hacks, removing negative reviews, opening various accounts and avoiding account suspension.

There are actually a lot of topics that the lessons and videos will discuss, which can truly educate you on how to find your way through the Amazon FBA business.

Moreover, you will get templates for contacting sellers and for sending emails to your customers; training and discount for ZonBASE (another tool from Kevin for finding hot products and keywords on Amazon); and access to Amazon Agency course for making money without capital.

Moreover, you also get free access and replays to all Q&A sessions with Kevin.

Wealthy Affiliate:

The education you will get from Wealthy Affiliate is immense. You join may join on a free Starter membership and already get a lot of educational materials.

You will have immediate access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification that teaches.

1.  How to get started, how to choose a niche, how to complete a profile, etc.

2.  How to build a website, how to increase traffic organically through SEO, how to choose the right keywords, how to publish keyword-filled contents, etc.

3.  How to make money from your website traffic, how to use affiliate links and other monetization means.

4.  How to grasp social media engagement and use the platform to increase your site’s traffic.

5.  How to create tempting, engaging contents.

6. Designing a website; setting up the internet business

Aside from the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, you could also take up the Affiliate Bootcamp, which is a more in-depth program that will teach about becoming a Wealthy Affiliate and other companies' affiliate.

I say, what better way to practice your online entrepreneur education than promoting the very platform that opened the doors of success for you. 

In addition to the learnings from Online Certification Course (which focuses on promoting Amazon products), Affiliate Bootcamp will add the knowledge to:

1.  Making your reviews look attractive; making graphics based on texts

2.  Using YouTube as a traffic source

3.  Getting web pages indexed at Yahoo and Bing

4. Running PPC campaigns on Bing

5. Maximizing PPC ads, and more!

If you like to have more advanced lessons and use other amazing tools or features, upgrade to WA Premium membership.

You will even find some blog entries and lessons on Amazon FBA on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Support and Keyword Research tool









Type Of Offered





Live Chat,








Just a



ZonBase (pay separately)

Yes, Jaaxy

Amazon FBA Ninja:

Support is a crucial factor for whatever products we buy. We want something that will allow us to reach out to the company in case we encounter problems.

Your purchase of Amazon FBA Ninja includes access to Kevin’s teams’ private Facebook group. See Figure 2.

amazon fba ninja or

Figure 2

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate offers an impressive support system to its members.

Starter members may ask questions to fellow members in the WA community and also send in question via live chat (limited time only for non-Premium members).

Premium members can even send private messages to creators Carson and Kyle and also get technical help for their websites.

Keyword Research

It is Module 3 that discusses the use of proper keywords per se. In this

Listing Optimization module, you will mainly gain knowledge on correctly creating product listings and completing a product launch through the use of suitable keywords.

Keywords play the crucial role in improving Amazon ranking, just as keywords will help boost a blog’s rank on Google search results.

From Bonus 2, you have exclusive tour/training and discount to ZONBASE, a tool to find the popular keywords and products.

Take note that this does not mean you could start using ZonBase for your keyword search since this bonus is only about training/tour and discount.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Market research is an integral part of the Wealthy Affiliate system. As an all-in-one platform, you will learn the steps of starting the affiliate business.

The very first step is researching what niche is the most ideal for you to pursue.

This niche should be one you have the passion to work in so you could go on with motivation to pick the most relevant keywords for your articles using Wealthy Affiliate’s very own keyword research tool, Jaaxy.

Website Creation And Hosting





Has Website





Website Hosting




None of the modules in Amazon FBA Ninja will tackle website building, but a competitor product, Amazing Selling Machine, includes this in its modules.

Marketing and promotion are essential in either online selling (such as through FBA) or affiliate marketing, so it is important that courses for these ventures should include at least a lesson about website creation.

In a blog or website, you could add contents that will introduce and tell more about the product you are selling (plus the link to the Amazon store) or the affiliate product you are promoting.

This makes Wealthy Affiliate a better option than Amazon FBA Ninja. It includes a website building solution, SiteRubix. With WordPress integration, you can make websites here without the need to study using programs or codes.

Creating a website also includes filling it with great contents and Wealthy Affiliate also helps its members write quality contents, templates, and (premium members) can choose from 1,000+ free photos and graphics.

Starter members have access to grammar and spelling tool while premium members additionally have a plagiarism checker.


SiteRubix is also the website hosting solution in Wealthy Affiliate. Starter members could make one website and choose from 12 website designs. Premium members could have

  • 10 websites
  • choose from 3,000 website designs
  • install any of the 51,000+ website add ons
  • use SiteDomains for domain management
  • use SiteSpeed to increase website speed
  • use SiteProtect to increase website’s spam protection
  • use SiteHealth to determine overall website health
  • use SiteComments to have more website engagement
  • use SiteFeedback to have a focus group for website
  • use SiteSSL for website encryption, and
  • take on more advanced training.

Wealthy Affiliate hosting for both Starter and Premium members include virus ad malware protection for their websites.

How To Apply

Amazon FBA Ninja:

You can find Amazon FBA Ninja at https://officialkevindavid.com where you can also find other products from Kevin like the ZonBase.

On the webpage of Amazon FBA Ninja, there is a “Yes I’m Ready To Scale My Amazon Business” blue button to click and it will prompt a page where you will enter your email address.

This is for enrolling to the free masterclass training. Upon completing the free training, you may sign up for the paid course should you wish to.

The paid course is $1997 or $599 for 5 instalments through Paypal. They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Wealthy Affiliate:

As mentioned above, you may first try the free Starter membership. If you are from a country which cannot sign up for free, you may take advantage of the $19 promo for your first premium month. 

Potential Income

Just as one reviewer honestly pointed out, gone are the days when one can make a lot of money quickly on Amazon FBA since the competition is very steep.

You need to really persevere despite the venture being challenging until you see the fruits of your labor.

Your profits depend on what product you are selling on Amazon, which highlights the importance of what Amazon FBA Ninja teaches on selecting the most profitable products.

Some affiliate marketers can make a sale on their first to third month. Others could make a significant amount of income after 1-2 years.

At Wealthy Affiliate, however, you have the chance to earn extra money by creating your own lessons. This side income could cover your monthly membership fee at Wealthy Affiliate.

Work Schedule

No one can say for certain how much time they invested in online selling or affiliate marketing since there are many steps involved.

For example, if the 6 modules of Amazon FBA Ninja has over 100+ hours of training video, it does not mean you could master all the concepts and strategies on the same number of hours as the video.

You need time to take in and fully grasp the contents of the video lessons.

Same applies to affiliate marketing lessons. After completing the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp courses, you would need more time applying what you have learned on researching niches and keywords, building your website, writing quality contents, choosing the best domain name and more.

The most important thing is to never lose heart and keep going.

Either venture does not promise getting rich instantly (although some courses mislead people by saying otherwise) but working earnestly could lead you to a profitable business online.


Amazon FBA Ninja has an affiliate program that pays commission for every referral. Not much is disclosed about the incentive details (unless you apply as an affiliate and experience first-hand a commission).

Wealthy Affiliate’s Elite Program offers a more compelling incentive - recurring monthly or yearly commissions from every referral.



  • Amazon FBA Ninja can teach you everything you need to know about running an Amazon FBA Ninja, plus other useful strategies and tips. You have free updates and lifetime access.
  • Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all you need to know on how to start the affiliate marketing business and how to become its successful affiliate. It even allows you to earn extra money on its platform by making and offering your own lessons.


  • Amazon FBA Ninja is expensive, yet does not include the tools for starting the online business. There is no obvious information about the commissions you’ll earn from the affiliate program.
  • For Wealthy Affiliate, you can always login to the platform if you are a free member, but you only have 7 days to try most of the great tools and features. I also wish they would lift the restriction for some countries so they can also try for free.

If I would base my choice of venture based on these two products, I will take on affiliate marketing instead of Amazon FBA because Wealthy Affiliate offers a more comprehensive solution than what Amazon FBA Ninja provides.

Apart from step-by-step tutorials and training, you also have the materials and resources for starting the business of making money through affiliate marketing.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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