The Amazing Selling Machine Review You Must Read! 

Last Modified: February 25, 2021

By: pitin

The Amazing Selling Machine

Before I review the Amazing Selling Machine, let me first briefly discuss "FBA." This is the short form of “Fulfilled By Amazon.”

It refers to the solution allowing an online seller to make use of Amazon’s various immense warehouses for the storage and shipping of the products they sell via the Amazon website.

There are many ways to earn money online and one of them is to take part in online selling via the "FBA" venture. 

There are 4 steps to complete to start earning through Amazon FBA (considering that your products will come from China).

1.  Have your products made and packaged (usually takes 30-60 days) by Chinese manufacturers or suppliers.

2.  Have your products shipped from China to the US (takes 14-45 days) facilities of Amazon.

3.  Have Amazon fulfill your customer order.

4.  Receive payment from Amazon for your fulfilled orders. (bi-weekly payment).

This solution could allow your business to grow without investing on staff and on storage facilities. While the process seems easy to accomplish, you could easily get lost without proper guidance.

This is where courses like the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) becomes of use.

People describe ASM as a comprehensive training program that industry experts developed so others may learn how to leverage the powers of Amazon in creating their own profitable online business from home.

As early as now, let me already tell you what will make you think twice about ASM: expensive price tag.

Thus, as you further read through this post, you will discover what it is and what it is not so you can eventually decide if it is worth the investment.


The founders of Amazing Selling Machine are Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark. Their LinkedIn profiles could tell you more about them.

You will also find ASM as one of the listed products in the Project Life Mastery, the parent company of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery that we previously reviewed.

How It Works

To profit from Amazon FBA or in any business, one needs to (find ways to) keep the product costs low, such as by purchasing inexpensive products to sell and choosing the most suitable niche to pursue.

Thus, Amazing Selling Machine hopes to guide you throughout the selection process for products, suppliers and niches.

ASM will help in determining the niche you could venture into. It will teach you how to contact Chinese manufacturers who would send product samples to you.

Once you are okay with the product samples, you will know about ordering it in bulk quantities.

For each of these steps, you need to complete a thorough research and wide understanding of what you are doing.

First, in choosing a niche, select one that you can really pursue with a passion.

You must know if this niche is profitable. In reaching out to manufacturers, you also need to have thoroughly studied the background and reputation of the manufacturer.

When looking at sample products, you need to know how to assess the qualities, especially when these products cost a lot of money. Have products that you can profitably resell.

After ordering the products, the manufacturer will ship them to Amazon FBA for distribution, sale and shipping.

See Figure 1 below.

amazing selling machine members

Figure 1

This program involves the following  the steps in building your online business from scratch:

1.  9-Module Online Web Class

You can see on the sales page of ASM that this component used to have 8 modules only. However, the people behind ASM have thought they need to change the web class to fit the 2020 economy.

I believe that this is the major component of ASM from which you will gain the critical knowledge about profitably running an Amazon FBA business.

These 9 modules have 160 training videos (14-21 lessons per module) that last for 50 hours. You can finish the web class at your own pace.

There is a Welcome Module that will introduce you to the ASM hub, ASM community, and ASM mentor program.

You will learn here how to profit quickly with less stress, how to structure your business, how to choose the right marketplace appropriate to your situation, what you need for creating an Amazon Seller Central account, how to set up accounts for receiving money from Amazon and other guidelines for using Seller Central.

The first module is about building a hot opportunity list.

Here, you will know how to dominate your competition through brand building, what your product needs to surpass the competition, what products to avoid, what tools to use, and more.

The next module is about evaluating the possible suppliers. You will gain here the knowledge about the Amazon fees you need to pay, product tuning to make it stand out, easy product sourcing, creating a professional online presence, finding and contacting suppliers, computing product cost, computing final profit, getting product samples, etc.

In the following module, you will discover inventory ordering and brand building.

The lessons here will show you how to assess the samples, how to choose the supplier and get best prices, how to order your very first inventory, how to choose a brand name, how to buy UPC, how to make quick product listing, how to design product packaging, how many products to order, how to build a customer’s list, if you will ship by air or by sea and what steps to take while waiting for your first inventory.

In the subsequent module, the lessons will focus on showing you how to build a brand and maximize your sales, how to set up a domain email account, creating a brand website, adding content to Facebook/Instagram accounts, building your subscriber’s list, getting more reviews, registering a brand name throughout social media, etc.

From the next module, you will understand what a perfect product page is. The lessons in this module will teach you keyword research or picking the keywords that will drive the maximum traffic and sales to your website.

You will also learn how to come up with the most compelling title/description, and create bullet points highlighting your product’s features.

There are also lessons about getting attractive images for your products, setting the price for gaining significant sales, optimizing listing, creating emails for marketing, and maximizing time while waiting for the inventory.

Next, you will discover the objective of the Amazon Launch, the steps to prepare your product launch, tracking data for the launch, brand strategy, structuring Amazon ad campaigns successfully, getting first reviews, making coupon codes, optimizing price versus sales and rank, sustaining rank in a profitable way and reordering stocks.

You'll learn optimizing and scaling PPC, go through lessons on using ads to achieve sales goals, budget management, bid optimization, keyword optimization and advertising reports.

You will gain knowledge for optimizing traffic, using performance checklist, optimizing Amazon ads, relaunching after you ran out of stocks or lost rank, fan customer service, choosing and launching next product, Amazon promotions, maximizing conversion, and using product variations to increase sales.

In the final module about advanced marketing and traffic strategies, you will test new strategies, use Facebook messenger to build customer list and get subscribers, distribute coupon codes to subscribers, use Amazon Attribution, use Google Ads to get subscribers, dominate YouTube, work with influencers, and build a team for running the business.

As mentioned earlier, the latest version is ASM 12 with 9 modules. It is possible that the number of the modules will increase in the next version.

According to its sales page, joining ASM will entitle you to free upgrades if ever there is a new version of the system that they update yearly.

Each lesson has strategy guides that you could use if you want to recap or review the lessons.

2.  ASM Mentor Program

In this second component you will receive 24/7 mentorship in building your business from 21 elite Amazon sellers. The sales page says that these have also previously used the solution offered by Amazing Selling Machine.

3. The Private ASM Community

The third feature of ASM is access to the private community with 26,750 members coming from 138 different countries. You can always ask questions from fellow members.

amazing selling machine cost

Figure 2

4. The Private Resource Vault

From this fourth component, you will have the collection of resources and tools for building a private label business.

These tools include various supplier contact templates, product-sample evaluation templates, contact details of professional services (freight forwarders, videographers, photographers, etc.) and also discounts on Amazon software tools.

amazing selling machine scam

Figure 3

5. The Ultimate Tool Suite

The image above shows the contents of the fifth component of ASM. This ultimate tool suite is actually a fresh addition to the ASM12 version.

There is the “Exclusive Product Opportunity Tool,” which is a Google Chrome plugin for quickly finding the best products.

The “Product Analyzer Tool” is what you can use for automatically performing thorough market analysis on all product opportunities.

With the “Perfect Keyword Tool,” you can find unknown opportunities with high sales and low competition. You will know which keywords to target for ads and for ranking.

The “Rapid Product Launch Tool” involves a retail strategy for e-commerce that will allow you to rank high on Amazon.

However, you may only use these tools for free within a year from the day you availed of ASM12. If you like to continue using them after that, you must pay $50 per month.

Loopholes In The System

Based on the landing page of Amazing Selling Machine, you could learn here how to build a business that can make you rich throughout your life.

While this course will teach you the ins and outs of the Amazon FBA business, I think this promise lacks foresight on the possibility that there will come a time when the market will become saturated with many sellers.

When ASM started years ago, there were still many untapped niches because there were only a handful of sellers partaking in the fortune that Amazon offers.  

According to Marketplace Pulse, there are 8.8 million Amazon sellers throughout the world. Of these sellers, 2.3 million are actively selling on the Amazon marketplaces.

The competition here is steep, especially with some sellers lacking the etiquette as they copy others' products and photos.

There are even instances when Amazon itself would copy the ideas of popularly selling products and come up with Amazon-branded items for cheaper prices than the original.

While ASM can teach you a great deal about how to start a business, luck still plays a big role in contributing to your profitability, especially if you will only enter the marketplace now.

I believe that the people behind ASM will not sabotage their course by giving a warning to potential sellers that they should prepare themselves for steep seller competition and serious seller challenges on Amazon.

In fact, what it claims is that it will help you find untapped niches and unknown opportunities. The question is how long will these niches remain untapped or these opportunities remain unknown?

Another drawback is the price. ASM is an expensive course. Amazon FBA is supposedly a solution for sellers who have no means to pay for a facility to store products or staff to help run the business.

However, instead of paying for this course, you should just add this money on your capital to cover your storage and staff costs.


At the bottom of the sales page, there are different ways through which you can contact the ASM team.

You could send your queries or concerns via email, phone or live chat. It even gives a physical address for the company.

As for the support when you already become a member, you know that one component included in the ASM12 is access to its community of members to whom you could ask for guidance and help.

Plus, there is also a mentor program you will get with your ASM membership.

Who Is It For

This course is ideal for those who want to start an online business by selling products on Amazon.

How To Join

The official website of Amazing Selling Machine is at https://www.amazingsellingmachine.com/.

Clicking on the “I Want To Know More” green button will take you to the FAQ page where you could read more about the product.

If you click on the “Join ASM” green button, you will see a page where you will see all the elements included in ASM. This is also where you have to enter your payment details.

Aside from your first name, last name and email address, provide the payment options and payment methods. See Figure 4.

is amazing selling machine a scam

Figure 4

It is only now that I disclose just how expensive this course is. From the payment options, you see that ASM is worth $4997 if you pay it in full (one-time payment).

You also have the option to pay in 6 instalments of $997, which will make it $5982 in total. ASM offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (that you can only find out when you read the Terms and Conditions).

You will also find a “Sign Me Up For Free Training” green button.

Although it is free, do set your expectations low because it will not divulge what you really need to learn to start the Amazon business. It will only serve as a teaser to convince you to invest money on the paid ASM course.

Potential Income

According to indeed.com, the average Amazon seller salary in the US is $47,200 per year or more than $3,000 a month.

You can read other success stories of people earning thousands of dollars by selling products on Amazon.

Despite this, the amount of money one needs to start the Amazon FBA venture may vary depending on various factors like the product you want to sell and where the products will come from.

Some say you can have as little as $25 or $500 since you can sell the old and pre-used stuff you have at home.

Some claim that you need at least $1500 running cost, to cover not just your supply, but also other expenses like shipping to the FBA fulfillment center and return management (such as for defective products that Amazon will send back to you).

Work Schedule

The 9 module web class of ASM12 runs 50 hours in total.

They recommend that you spend up to 2 hours a day studying the lessons at your own pace. Thus, you could finish the lessons in 25 days. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

amazing selling machine member

Figure 5

The image above is a screen capture of the part of the sales page of ASM. You need to spend more time to put what you have learned in action.

You need to look for the best products to sell, contacting manufacturers and suppliers, requesting samples and placing bulk orders.

You also need to spend time on promoting your products and thinking of ways to increase your clients’ list. Thus, it might take about 7 months before you could start making a significant amount of money.


Now, if you do not have a lot of money to use as capital for your online selling business or if this is not the business you have in mind, then consider becoming an affiliate marketer.

Amazing Selling Machine has an affiliate program you could capitalize on. See Figure 6.

amazing selling machine

Figure 6

If you think FBA is not the venture for you, you may try other opportunites like affliliate marketing.

For an all in one platform to learn how to do and to start affiliate marketing, check out the Wealthy Affiliate.

After you have done niche researchkeyword researchwebsite buildingcontent creationdomain name registration, and web hosting sign up, you could start promoting the ASM to earn up to $2392 for each successful referral.



  • Amazing Selling Machine teaches every fundamental aspect you need to know about how to start an Amazon FBA business.
  • It includes tools that you can use.
  • They continuously update the course, and you may even get these updates for free.


  • I do not think ASM will prepare you for the realistic challenges of the Amazon marketplace.
  • You can only use the tools free of charge for only a year.
  • The price is too high, and you could already use this money to invest to start the Amazon FBA business.
  • The free training and course might not be constantly available.

Some people claim that the hefty price tag of Amazing Selling Machine made them act out fast to begin the venture. They thought they should not allow their investment to go to waste by procrastinating.

For me, however, its price easily discouraged me to say that I will just look for a cheaper alternative.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars on this course, I could just probably spend it on business that will not need that much money to start, like an affiliate marketing blog.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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