The Amazing Selling Machine Or The Wealthy Affiliate? 

Last Modified: September 30, 2020

By: pitin

Is The Amazing Selling Machine Worth The Money Vs The Wealthy Affiliate?

Two online business opportunities you could dive into these days are Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing. It is necessary to have the proper guidance and appropriate tools to succeed. This post will provide you with information to help you decide if the Amazing Selling Machine or the Wealthy Affiliate can offer the best value for money so you could start selling or promoting products online.

The Amazing Selling Machine Or

The Amazing Selling Machine tackles selling products through the Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). The process involves:

1.  Sending items to the Amazon facilities for storage;

2.  Monitoring your inventory through Amazon’s tracking system;

3.  Customers ordering your items;

4.  Amazon fulfilling the orders (picking and packing the items);

5.  Amazon shipping your items through the customer’s chosen shipping method;

6.  Amazon providing customer service and return items management;

7.  Amazon sending your income.

It seems so simple that all you have to do is send the items you are selling to Amazon and it will do the rest for you. However, there are a lot of crucial things to consider and accomplish before you could even send items to the Amazon warehouses. You need to ensure you will sell products that could churn out profits or you will end up wasting your time, resources and energy. It is here where Amazing Selling Machine offers to help.

Affiliate marketing is promoting and "convincing" people to buy products so you could earn a commission. You could become an affiliate of Amazon or any other products and services with an affiliate program. Like with Amazon FBA, you also need guidance and tutelage to know the ropes of this business. For this matter, you can have the Wealthy Affiliate.

The discussion below will discuss what each product offers so you can pursue online selling or online promoting after knowing what each product contains and offers.


Knowing where the product came from is a must. It is also necessary to disclose the creator's details publicly so potential buyers can build trust for a certain product.







Jason Katzenback


Matt Clark

Carson Lim


Kyle Loudon






  • You can read that Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark are the co-founders of Amazing Selling Machine. Yet, that is all you can find about them on the website. 
  • The creators of Wealthy Affiliate are Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon. Kyle will walk with you through the affiliate marketing training and building the online business. Carson handles the technical team, but still takes time to help in the community. On the WA website, you could even find links to their respective Instagram accounts.

You need to have the right tutelage to start any of these online ventures. Invest your time, money and energy on the business with updated education (or always innovating) to help guarantee that nothing will go to waste.






With In-depth









Amazon FBA








Amazing Selling Machine:

Amazing Selling Machine has various versions, since it goes through timely updates to adapt to the changing economic scene. The latest version is ASM12, and the image below shows it contains the new 9-module online web class that suits the current 2020 economy. Aside from the web class, you will also get an ASM mentor program, Private ASM Community access, Private Resource Vault and Software Tool Suite (also new in ASM12).

amazing selling machine or

Figure 1

These modules with 160 training videos (up to 50 hours) are the primary source of education about FBA. According to some users, there is a badge system implemented in the course to provide incentive and motivation to learners.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Right after signing up at Wealthy Affiliate with a Starter membership, you could already access lots of lessons, mainly the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp. These courses have levels and tasks you must complete.

Online Entrepreneur Certification will push you through your internet marketing journey. It has 5 levels with 10 lessons each - not just video lessons but also texts with a lot of internal links (links to other lessons).

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a course on making money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself (although the lessons are also applicable to promote any product and services online). There are seven levels with 10 lessons in this course.

Upgrading to Premium membership allows you to access all educational resources like live webinars and lessons from more experienced members.

Support and Keyword Research tool










Type Of Offered






Live Chat,










Keyword Tool

Yes, Jaaxy

Amazing Selling Machine:

Other components included in the ASM package are the sources of support when you need help in starting the FBA business.

The ASM Mentor program, provides mentoring from many elite Amazon sellers who have also used the ASM course when they started.

You can also communicate with around 26,750 members of ASM from over 100 countries. You can ask them questions and tips to help you solve problems and overcome obstacles you encounter in your venture.

Wealthy Affiliate:

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have different ways of getting help not only from fellow members, but even from the creators themselves. Starter members may use live chat and ask questions to community members, but for a limited time only. Premium members can also use the live chat and community interactions along with the privilege of premium coaching from Kyle and Carson, private messaging and technical support for their website.

WA community members are very supportive, especially to new members giving emphasis to community bonding and members’ motivation. The community lives by the concept of paying forward and giving back. This offers an opportunity for all members to socialize and interact, which is important in the virtual realm.

Keyword Research

Amazing Selling Machine:

From Module 5 of ASM12 - "Making A Perfect Product Page," one topic for discussion is strategic keyword research for achieving top Amazon rankings. According to the sales page of ASM, this module will teach how to look for the best possible keywords that can get the maximum amount of traffic and sales. 

Also from Module 7, among the topics you will learn, is keyword optimization.

amazing selling machine and

Figure 4

ASM12 has a new component, the software tool suite, as shown in the image above. Along with its other tools, is the Perfect Keyword Tool. It lets you find hidden opportunities (high sales and low competition). You will know exactly which keywords to use for getting faster profits.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for affiliate marketing. Here, you will get not only the in-depth education to point you towards the right direction, but also the tools and resources to use for starting an affiliate business. Among these tools is the keyword research tool, Jaaxy.

For selecting the niche you have the passion to work in and identifying the keywords relevant in this niche, you can use Jaaxy. It will also help you stay updated on your website’s performance, the market trends, and even your competitors’ performance.

Website Creation and hosting






Has Website





Website Hosting




Amazing Selling Machine:

The image below shows that ASM also covers the topic about creating a brand website. In Module 4, you will learn how to set up your website easily and quickly.

the amazing selling machine and

Figure 5

Wealthy Affiliate:

Being an all-inclusive platform, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the tool for creating your website, the SiteRubix website builder. SiteRubix integrates with WordPress so you can design great websites without going through the laborious process of programming and coding. Starter members may create one website and choose from 12 templates, while Premium members can create 10 websites and choose from 3,000 template designs.


A published website is not a likely requirement when you are selling on Amazon; ASM does not include the part about hosting. However, a published website or blog is one of the life sources of an affiliate business. This is another reason Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for every beginner and intermediate affiliate marketers. It lets you learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, choose the best possible niche and keywords, create a website and fill it with powerful contents. It gives you the means to publish the website and make it available for everyone who uses the internet. With SiteRubix, you can have a high-speed and secure hosting service for your website.

How To Apply/Join

Amazing Selling Machine:

On the sales page of ASM at https://www.amazingsellingmachine.com/, there are 3 green buttons you will find.

The “I Want To Know More” button will take you to the FAQ page where you can read a lot of information that aims to convince you to purchase ASM12.

The “Sign Me Up For Free Training” will prompt a pop-up window to appear where you can register for the free training on how to take advantage of the Amazon FBA wealth with pure knowledge from the ASM course.

The “Join Now!” button will take you to the product’s ordering page where you will see the price, payment options and payment methods.

The payment options are:

1.  One Time payment of $4997.00 (save $1,597.00) or

2.  6 instalment payments of $997 each

Wealthy Affiliate:

This page will take you to the Wealthy Affiliate’s complete features. You could join here for free under the Starter Package.

Clicking on the blue “Sign Up” button will open a new window with a comparison table for the features of Starter and Premium Packages. You need an email password and username to sign up.

You will receive a lot of benefits as a free Starter member such as step-by-step lessons, affiliate tools and even the opportunity to build a website.

After the 7 day "free trial" of the starter membership, you could upgrade to Premium membership. Take advantage of the $19 first month promo and also the discount of up to 50% off when you pay for one year membership.

Potential Income

For a business, one needs to invest even a small amount of money to start the venture. With FBA, even if you do not invest a lot of money when you sell old stuff from your attic, you still need to pay for shipping these items to Amazon for storage in its facilities. You also need to pay for shipping services in case Amazon needs to return to you any defective items.

With affiliate marketing, you also need to have a working capital. You could search online for free blogging or affiliate marketing tutorials, but you will need to spend money in the long run as you expand your business. Wealthy Affiliate hopes to take away most of the beginner's burdens through its all-inclusive affiliate marketing platform.
the amazing selling machine to

Figure 6

The image above shows the revenue calculator on the FAQ page of ASM. It only shows a few of the factors that affect an Amazon FBA seller’s income. One crucial factor, which ASM does not consider, is the impact of today’s market competition.

There are 2.5 million active sellers in the Amazon marketplaces (as of 2019, according to sellerapp). Some of these sellers and even Amazon itself could create products similar to those popular items in the market. At the time you finish the ASM course, the untapped market you discover might already have a lot of eager and aggressive sellers you ought to compete with.

Aside from the passive/semi-passive income that can result from doing the Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate allows members to create their own courses or training materials and offer these as paid lessons (WA pays for every training members create). This is an excellent opportunity to increase your potential income.

Work Schedule

While you can finish the lesson on your preferred pacing, ASM recommends that you put in 1-2 hours a day to go through the lessons. As an Amazon FBA seller, know that there are several factors contributing to how quickly you could sell products and how much money you can make. 

If you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training religiously and if you use free organic traffic, you can make an initial sale on the 3rd to 6th month and make consistent sales for a passive/semi-passive income within a year.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

The image below shows that Amazing Selling Machine has an affiliate program that lets you earn up to $2,392 when you refer people to sign up for ASM free training and eventually purchase the course.

the amazing selling machine with

Figure 7

Meanwhile, Wealthy Affiliate has an Affiliate Program that offers recurring commissions. Your potential income increases as referrals increase. For each monthly or yearly membership that your referral pays, you will get 50%, be it the $19 discounted monthly fee or regular monthly/yearly fee.



  • Amazing Selling Machine offers in-depth training and even wonderful tools to use for starting your Amazon FBA business. It also provides further guidance on some possible hurdles like losing rank. Its creators have a well-known reputation for their success in the field. It offers mentorship and support. It has an affiliate program that you may also earn extra money from.
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete set of education and tools for beginners to use. Its creators have come up with tools like Jaaxy and SiteRubix so WA members can use them without the need to look elsewhere. These creators even take time to reach out to members and mentor them throughout their journey. WA also offers an extra means to make money and possibly cover their monthly membership fees.


  • ASM is expensive. Rather than send money on a costly set of lessons, I think it is better to add it to the capital you need for your online selling business.
  • For Wealthy Affiliate, others point out that this is not the platform that could cater to the needs of advanced affiliate marketers.

It really is your choice whether to pursue Amazon FBA selling or affiliate marketing. However, if I were to choose between the two based on these two products, I will start working on affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. Although the Amazing Selling Machine also offers a comprehensive solution to start the online selling business, it costs a lot of money, not to mention I also need a lot more money as capital when ordering my stocks from suppliers and manufacturers.

Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, offers a more viable online opportunity. It is a platform where I definitely need to pay monthly fees, but this money already covers everything I need to start my online affiliate business without worrying about other expenses like capital for buying stocks of products to sell.

Affiliate marketing through the help of Wealthy Affiliate could also help me leverage the earning potential of Amazon since I can promote all Amazon products.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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