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How To Make Money On Clickworker

Have you ever heard about microtasks or microjobs? These are small and simple tasks you can do online for a minimal payment. There are many microjob websites out there, and one of the most popular is Clickworker.com. If you want to know about the possibility of how to make money on Clickworker, read further below.

make money on clickworker

As a crowdsourced microjob platform, Clickworker lets you work with no formal employment status. It is a perfect hub for people who are looking for a side income. The crowd here is an international community of over 1.9 million Clickworkers.

According to the data you can find on the website, 35% of Clickworkers are from the US, 15% are from Germany, 25% hail from European countries and 25% are from the rest of the world.

While the platform is open to all, there is a very important reminder you need to consider before you register at Clickworker. See Figure 1.

clickworker login

Figure 1

This is from the FAQ section of the website where you can read important information such as this reminder that you need to first check if the payment method used by Clickworker is available in your country. There are several payment methods available on Clickworker, but the standard method is via PayPal.

For countries where PayPal is not available, you may use alternative payment methods like Transferwise. If you are from countries that are part of the Single Euro Payment Area or SEPA, you may opt for direct bank payment. It discourages those who live in countries where these payment methods are not available from joining.

Age Requirement

Clickworker accepts applicants with a minimum age of 18 years old. This is clear from the drop-down options on the year of birth (2002-1940) when you register. Thus, the maximum age requirement is 80 years old.


After you have signed up, you need to complete your profile by entering the required information on your language skills, hobbies, work experience, etc. It is very important that you provide true and accurate details because this information will determine offers that match your capabilities and skills.

clickworker jobs

Figure 2

From Figure 2, you see that joining Clickworker requires no formal qualifications. The only technical requirement is that you can read the website when using a regular web browser.

The FAQ page also says that Clickworker tries to ensure the quality of work results for its customers, so there are some assessments that you might need to pass.

There are some online tests and training you should complete, so Clickworker could ensure that you can complete such tasks. Only those who have completed the assessments will receive the offers for jobs related to the test.

Upon registration, familiarize yourself with the dashboard. Here, you will see a link or section in Assessments. Some reviewers suggest that you must regularly check this section to grab assessments when they are available. Apparently, these assessments are not always available and there is no definite way of telling when you can see them on your dashboard.

Small Tasks to perform

The tasks you could work on will depend on the skills and knowledge you have provided in your profile and also on the assessments/tests/training you have taken. Still, it is good to know what types of tasks you might work on. See Figure 3.

clickworker reviews

Figure 3

Browse through the website and you will know the details you are looking for. For example, at the very bottom of the website, you can find a list of solutions that Clickworker offers.This will give you an idea about the small tasks you could perform to earn money.

1.      Text Create Jobs are for writers who can come up with texts based on a pre-defined topic or a template. Tasks may include descriptions of hotels, software, cities, or fashion items.

2.      Data Categorization involves analysis of data files like documents, photos or videos and then classifying them accordingly. You will analyze and categorize websites and search results along with documents and images.

3.      Copy Editing involves editing short texts like descriptions of products and businesses.

4.      Proofreading involves making necessary corrections to products and business descriptions. You may also need to provide affirmative and constructive comments to help authors make their work better.

5.      Web Research involves gathering data online such as a business address and contact information.

6.      Surveys are also available on Clickworker. These surveys are anonymous and of different topics.

7.      Mystery Visit may involve visiting a particular store and performing a particular task like verifying the availability of products or verifying the prize.

8.      App Testing is also another possible task you will complete. Using your mobile device, you will test if an app works well and find any possible bugs, just as you would need to do with website testing.

9.      Photo capturing may include photographing everyday situations and objects using your phone.

Tools Needed

You can read from reviews that the availability of work varies. There is a need to always log in to your account to check for assessments and tasks. Thus, you will need not just a computer and internet connection to work effectively. From the list of possible tasks above; you know that there are tasks you might need to accomplish using a mobile device.

This, you also need to have a working mobile device so you can process and complete tasks on the go. Speaking of performing tasks while on the go, you could now make the most out of Clickworker opportunities if you download and install the Clickworker App on your phone. There are apparently some tasks exclusive via the app only.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Joining Clickworker is free.

How To Apply/Join

Visit www.clickworker.com to begin your registration. 

Remember that there is a need for you to provide true and updated information about yourself so you will get the right opportunities.

clickworker review

Figure 4

As Figure 4 shows, if you cannot supply the accurate information on your profile, you cannot take more assessments and will have fewer tasks to complete.

On the Clickworker FAQ page, you could read that you should provide your real name and address. The system will terminate an account once it detects that the information provided is missing or faulty. You may dispute this if ever experience this, but Clickworker will ask for additional proof of residence or identity.

Potential Income

It is good that you can read straight from the website - it is not a get rich instantly platform. It advises you to remember that the potential income from Clickworker is very volatile. Sometimes, there are more tasks, and sometimes there are none. You should consider the amount of income you could earn from Clickworker as extra money supplementary to your full-time job.

Just like with any other microjob websites, your potential income will also depend on the time you will invest in Clickworker. You are fortunate if you live in a country where there could be a lot of tasks. Some reviewers attest that they could make a significant amount of earnings, especially because UHRS opportunities are available in their country. See Figure 5.
make money with clickworker

Figure 5

This Clickworker review mentioned UHRS. UHRS stands for the Universal Human Relevance System and the availability of this on Clickworker allows some workers to have an extra way of making money. This UHRS involves the categorization of web pages and web data, voice recordings comparison, and text checking.

There are only about 20 countries where this UHRS is available. Also, the system is only available for use with Internet Explorer version 6 or later versions only. If you are from the country where this is available, you still need to undergo some screening. You can find UHRS I and UHRS II under your Qualifications menu. You may read more about this on the FAQ page of Clickworker.

MicroTask Income Alternatives

Now that you know that the potential income from Clickworker alone is not that reliable, consider taking on other gigs from other microjob platforms and websites. Here are some of them.

1.      Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk – HITs are the tasks you must complete. Some hits could pay $1, but most will pay only $0.10. There are tools and resources you can use to increase your earnings.

2.      Swagbucks – This is another resounding name among microjob sites. It offers different ways of earning Swagbucks points that you can exchange in branded gift cards or PayPal cash.

3.      Rapidworkers – The minimum payout here is $8.They call jobs here as Campaigns.

4.      Microworkers – There are different payment options from this website and there are also no qualifying tests to complete for taking on jobs.

5.      Fiverr – You can sell just about any services here. You could sell your services here for at least $5, but the system gets 20% so for every $5 you make, you will only get $4.

6.      Figure Eight – Among the tasks you could do here are to categorize social media contents, moderate contents, transcribe audio, and draw boxes on images.

7.      Picoworkers - There are short-term tasks that will pay $0.02-$0.10.  Long - term or ongoing tasks could pay up to $15.

8.      ySense - Same with other microtask websites, the amount of money you earn will depend on factors such as the time you work and the number of tasks you complete. However, ySense offers some motivation by offering a bonus. On its FAQ page, you can read that you will get a $5 bonus when you complete tasks worth $50.

9.      EasyShift – This is an app you can install in your iOS or Android device so you can complete small tasks called Shifts like completing surveys or taking photos at local stores conveniently.

10.  Field Agent – This is another option for microtasking using your smartphone. As an agent, you can do retail audits, market research, digital product demo, and mystery shopping through the app on your phone.

Before making any effort to register, it is a must that you read more details from the FAQ page and from third party reviews of these microjob alternatives. Each platform may have its unique protocol and procedures you need to follow. Know more about the payment details and the availability in your country.

Work Schedule

As a Clickworker or a microworker, you have the option to work whenever you. Yet remember that the time you allot on completing microjobs will also determine the amount your earnings.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

Aside from the flexible work schedule, there are possibly no other perks you can expect to get from Clickworker.



  • Clickworker offers a variety of tasks.
  • You have no managers or supervisors.
  • There is a forum with moderators where you can read about solving issues and other concerns.
  • The availability of UHRS can help some Clickworkers earn more.
  • You learn something new with new tasks.


  • While there are different tasks on Clickworker, these are not always available.
  • You need to complete assessments and tests before you can get offers to jobs.
  • Assessments are also not constantly available.
  • UHRS is not available in all countries.

I think if I were to take microtasking seriously, I will only add Clickworker on the lower part of my list. I believe that there are other microjob platforms out there like Swagbucks, where it is much easier to complete tasks and accumulate earnings. My main issue with Clickworker is the assessment part. Some users claim that one needs to be on standby for the availability of assessments because they are not always available on the dashboard. If you will not take these assessments, you will not get any tasks to complete.

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