Content Marketing

Pinterest Marketing Case Study

Module 3

Pinterest Marketing in 2021 seemed to have changed a lot. For someone who doesn't have access to some of their features (because of my location) such as videos, stories, or even the old school dashboard for their ads (to see keywords), it is a struggle to make Pinterest work.

With this, I have consumed what I can in the Pinterest Academy and trying to implement all the concepts they teach, using the available features I have.

Module Structure

How To Create A Pin For Pinterest – 6 Ways To Make Your Pin Stand Out

Learn how to create a pin for Pinterest the easy way. This lesson has tips and tricks on how you can make a pin that stands out and gets more repins.

The Best Pinterest Marketing Strategies Nobody’s Telling You

Stop "winging it" and start marketing on Pinterest with a strategic, actionable plan. These are the best practices you can use right away to increase your traffic, sales, leads, social shares & more!

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