WordPress 101

How To Build A WordPress Site From Scratch

Module 1

From Level 1, you learned what blogging requires (basically your time/hard work in the beginning, and a little budget for hosting and domain name). You'll be more ahead of your competition since you will have the right mindset.

In blogging, mindset is everything. Without the proper mindset, you will not be successful (it's the reality).

Module Structure

How To Build Your Own Website At Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate makes it quick and easy to build your own website without any coding.

WealthyAffiliate's hosting platform is one of the easiest in existence, making it simple for anyone with a computer to create their very own site.

Understanding The WordPress Dashboard – A Complete Guide For Beginners

The WordPress dashboard is the main page that appears when you log into your site. It's where you can update settings, write and publish posts, add new pages, install plugins and themes, create categories to organize your content, and much more.

How To Plan A Website Structure In Easy Steps

One of the most important things about planning a website is understanding content and usability. There are some basic steps you can take not only to guide users but also to help you be on track with your content production.

Learn How To Use Gutenberg Editor In WordPress

Gutenberg Editor is a new, modern editor for WordPress. This revolutionary tool lets you create rich posts with media and more without leaving your page. In this lesson, we will break down how to use the Gutenberg editor in WordPress so you can experiment with it yourself!

WordPress Blog Post Vs Page – What Is The Difference?

If you are wondering whether your content should be a WordPress "page" or blog "post," don't worry! I'm going to help by explaining the differences and showing you how each is used.

WordPress Category Vs Tag – Choose The Right Way To Group Your Blog Posts

So, you've just set up your WordPress blog and now want to know how to organize your content into categories. Do you use tags or categories? Is one better than the other? In this lesson, you will learn about the differences between WordPress categories and tags and when to use them.

WordPress Permalink Tutorial: What Is Permalink And How To Use It?

In this tutorial, we'll go over what permalinks are and how to use them on your WordPress site.

Connecting Google Analytics To Search Console – Step By Step Guide

This guide will help you connect your Search Console account to Google Analytics, as well as understand why you need these two in the first place. We will also verify to Google your website ownership thru these two free tools.

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