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Learn about affiliate marketing basics from this post. There are four members of an affiliate marketing business model.

1. The Merchant (seller, brand, retailer, creator, vendor)

2. The Affiliates (affiliate marketer, publisher, promoters, people who don’t own the product)

3. The Consumers (buyers, subscribers – without them, there’s no income)

4. The Network (in between the merchant and the affiliate, like Amazon Associate Program)

My lessons will be about #2: The Affiliates.

Here's how Pat Flynn, one of the greatest Affiliate Marketers I've been following since 2015, defines it...

"Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make."

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Affiliate marketing is a way to earn commissions or incentives by helping companies promote their products and services.

Most of the time, you do not have to have the products on hand, and you need not be a part of the company to make a profit from the products or services they offer.

You just need to introduce them to your readers or viewers.

There are a lot of things for sale online. There are also many companies that offer a variety of online services.

One of the usual requirements of companies to allow you to help promote their products or services is a blog.

There are companies that would accept you even if you don’t have a blog as long as you have an active social media channel, like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, which has a lot of followers.

You just need a platform that has an audience, like a blog.

Learn About Affiliate Marketing Basics

My lessons will focus on affiliate marketing since it is one of the most cost-efficient and newbie-friendly ways to start making money through blogging.

You do not have to get hold of physical products since our role in the “money-making” process of a company we wish to promote is somewhere in the middle.

How To Earn Commissions From Amazon Affiliate Links

Scenario 1

Your reader clicks on an Amazon affiliate link on your site and they end up buying the product within 24 hours.

Depending on the product, you can earn different percentages on commission. Baby products, as of writing this post, pay a 3% commission. 

black friday 2019

1 day orders: Black friday 2019

Scenario 2

Your blog visitor clicks on any of your affiliate links but wasn’t convinced to purchase the product you mentioned. They left your site and ended up shopping on Amazon.

They bought unrelated items – shopped for gadgets, groceries, availed a service, etc. They checked out the orders in 24 hours. YOU EARN THE COMMISSION from their purchase.


YES. The commission is still yours.

Scenario 3

A visitor reads your blog post from his laptop. He clicked one or more of your affiliate links to check the product, but he wasn’t really planning to buy yet.

He was just there to research and read your product reviews and blog posts (that contain your affiliate links).

His friend borrowed his laptop and wanted to buy something from Amazon. The friend checks out his order in 24 hours.

You get the commission from his friend’s purchases.

Scenario 4

The Native Shopping Ads – it looks something like this:

is affiliate marketing for beginners

You can customize what product categories to show and how many rows and products are going to show up.

My first ever Amazon commission happened on my 3rd month of blogging. It was whopping… USD 5! Haha!

But as any beginner can relate to, the feeling of excitement is real! It reassured me I had finally done something right. LOL.

I can still remember what I bought with my first few Amazon commissions 4 years ago…a space-saving rack! LOL.

what is affiliate marketing a beginners

As you build your blog, commissions from different companies will come… and you’ll learn to appreciate them for every cent because they represent your progress…

what is affiliate marketing a beginners guide

My first commissions from Wealthy Affiliate

what is affiliate marketing for a beginner

My first commission from Grammarly

What Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

My first commission from Amazon US

what is affiliate marketing for beginners guide

My first commission from Amazon UK

My first commission from Amazon Canada

what is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners

My first commission from ASA2

Google Adsense income

My first few Google Adsense income

Airbnb commission

My first Airbnb Commission

I remember giving my Payoneer referral link to a friend when he asked what I use to receive my Amazon commissions. He signed up (it’s free) and we both got a $25 bonus. Cool, right?

A friend also sent me a personal message one time to ask me what I used for making my graphics and videos.

Instead of simply pointing her to Canva and Screencast-O-matic, I gave her my affiliate link (and told her of course that it was an affiliate link).

If she ends up being a paying member of those two platforms, I can get a commission. 

Simple enough?

The process is the same when you do affiliate marketing in your blog.

There are many ways to make profits by blogging and affiliate marketing is only one of them. Amazon is just one of the many companies you can point your readers to.

Most online companies right now have an affiliate program, and it’s free to join most of the time. 

If your blog is about dog training, just Google, “dog training” affiliate program. If it’s about gardening, Google “gardening” then affiliate program. And so on. More details on this in a separate lesson.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that, you do not have to be a salesman. You also do not have to learn how to sell anything or be good at it, since we will be using several techniques for us to make a sale.

First, we will create targeted contents using keywords. In such contents, the people you are interacting with, are the people that have an interest in what you have.

We will aim to reach out to this audience through free traffic, or those who use search engines, like Google, Bing, and the likes.

It’s hard to sell products and services to people who aren’t interested, especially if you don’t know how to sell well. Right?

But when we use “free traffic,” more often than not, the possibility that these people will buy the products or avail of the services are higher. How can I say that?

In using “free traffic,” we will use what we call “keyword research.” What is keyword research?

That’s using keywords in your articles to reach people who are looking for the products or services you “sell.”

We will not blog about random topics, though. We need specific topics or what we call a “niche” if we want to make money faster. 

With so many online stores and blogs, how can we be sure that our website will reach the top search results of search engines like Google?

We will use a technique called “search engine optimization” or SEO. 

And finally, how do we make your blog profitable through affiliate marketing?

If this is something you are interested in doing, welcome aboard. Step by step, let’s build a blog from scratch until your website earns money. Stay with me, okay?

Let’s do this!



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Learn About Affiliate Marketing Basics
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Here's My Recommended Starting Platform For Newbie Bloggers:

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I created this site to help my friends and family to understand (and follow, if they want), how I make money from blogging.

Blogging gives me the time freedom to take care of my family while still being able to help provide financially. You can read more about me here.

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  1. Hey, I really found this helpful and it hit me differently because I’m a newbie in the affiliate marketing field and the beginning stages are usually tough, but this article really explained in-depth and also kept it simple and easy to understand as well. Affiliate marketing is indeed a great opportunity on the net and its saddening that many don’t know about this opportunity.

    1. Yes, Collinnsss, affiliate marketing is still an alien language in the Philippines, too. My husband would always ask me before if I know someone doing the same thing like me for a living. I did knew some Filipino affiliate marketers before, but they already quit. In a 3rd world country like ours, things like these are alien. People work for a boss, 9 to 5 (or more), and are normally “scared” to be self-employed due to lack of “consistent/stable income” from freelancing, and there’s no help from government, too! So yes, in a way, I “gambled” when I started – I didn’t know how it will turn out to be, but you just have to do the work and get it done, and you’ll be thankful in the end that you did (and are still doing it). Good luck!

  2. I’m looking forward to starting affiliate marketing. Due to the Covid, a lot of persons were dropped at work, unfortunately, I’m one of them. This article has helped me more than you can imagine. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Lizzyben,

      Sorry to hear about your work. I was once in your shoes. Back in 2016, I lost my job within less than 24 hours notice. Let me know if I can be of any help in your blogging journey. Feel free to reach out!

      All the best,

  3. Can I ask if it’s alright to register at various affiliate programs, even though they have the same product diversity (for example, Amazon and eBay)? Thanks for the answer.

    1. Hi Alblue,

      Yes, sure! I tried to put call-to-actions in my reviews before, like “check in eBay now” or “check in Amazon.” This will give the reader more information (especially in price) so they can make a good purchasing decision.

      The difference between the two (Amazon and eBay) is that you earn from whatever they end up purchasing in Amazon (even unrelated items), but in eBay, there are no in-depth details about where you got the earnings.

      2 years ago, I started revising all my reviews to not include eBay anymore (the most I got from eBay is around $10) versus thousands of dollars in Amazon from purchases that have product details.

      I highly recommend Amazon affiliate marketing between the two.

  4. i checked out your blog, firsttimeparentguide. my e-book, which i intend to sell through my blog is targeted especially for 1st-time mothers and/or newly weds.

    will send you through email my power point presentation on the e-book. how can we collaborate?

    thanks for the advice/assistance.

    1. Hi Tita Moni,

      I got your email with the ebook po. Just to answer your question po, we can collaborate in the future once you have built your website, and produced enough contents in your blog. You can do the “collaboration part” by writing a “guest post” in my other blog, then we’ll put the link of your blog, where you will sell your e-book.

      Have you finished all 10 introduction lessons po? If yes, you should already have an idea that we cannot proceed directly to the “selling stage.” Without a blog, there’s no audience, and without learning the basics of seo, content creation and content marketing, there will be no way to attract “free traffic” or the visitors from search engines.

      Is your main goal “selling” your own product po? Because my lessons will focus on the other side of affiliate marketing – people without products to sell (and therefore helping other companies sell their products).


    2. Hi again Tita Moni,

      Sorry for not giving a very detailed explanation just now. Just got home. I was out and I was typing on my phone, in a moving vehicle so I could only explain at least a little since your e-mail sounded urgent. Here is a more detailed way on how you can sell “faster.”

      First, you need to reach out to “authority blogs” in the parenting niche. Honestly, my baby blog is already dying (and I do not see myself resurrecting it in the near future) since it is not an evergreen niche. While you are very much welcome to write a guest post in my baby blog to display your URL (website) at the end of the article, I do not think it will do a lot of help since, by the time you write something for that blog, it might be already “dead” or have very little readers. Guest posting should ideally be done in bigger sites, with a massive and engaged fan base.

      People will buy from people they trust, and it starts by providing helpful parenting blog posts. They need to be an avid reader, and your e-book should be enticing enough to really offer a solution to a specific problem that your target audience needs.

      Here is a more detailed explanation of Neil Patel about being on the other side of affiliate marketing. You can learn there about being the merchant instead of being the affiliate.

      Basically, I am sensing here that what you need are affiliate marketers (promoters of other products) to help you sell your e-book. Is that correct? If yes, then my course is not about that. 🙁 My “affiliate marketing” topics are about “revenue sharing.” People like me, who “promotes” products and services and earning incentives and commissions from the people buying something (other people’s products) from my blog.

      Another option you can explore is “Amazon Kindle.” You self-publish and you sell. Here is a step by step guide.

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