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I'll not risk my personal details to sign up for Jurytalk. Anything online, you would want to have something solid to hold on to.

Jurytalk.com Reviews

Job: Online Juror

Job Type: Online and onsite (?)

Cost to join: Free


  • It is part of the nationally recognized organization, Wilmington Institute Network.
  • The job of a juror will allow you to practice your intellectual and analytical skills.
  • You get paid for analyzing a case and sharing your opinion.


  • It is not the Wilmington Institute Network that is hard to trust, but the Jurytalk itself and its website because of the lack of very crucial details that any person who uses the internet for important ventures will definitely look for.
  • It is not clear whether the case deliberation is online or on-site.

When you take an interest in the online job as an online juror, one program you will read from web write-ups and articles is Jurytalk. Paid juror online platforms offer US citizens the opportunity to work like a juror.

Actual jurors come from different trades and professions, but their common goal is to reach a verdict for a particular case. This is the same with the job of online jurors, except that they need not leave their work or home, go to a courtroom and sit for long hours.

How Jurytalk Works

This is a division of Wilmington Institute Network. WIN focuses on trial psychology, and it has been conducting research and mock trials for 40 years.

From the old-looking homepage of Jurytalk, you can read very little information. As you read them, you would only ask more questions if it is really of value as an online money-making opportunity.

As mentioned, there are several platforms for those seeking jobs as an online juror, but from the information on the website, you might question if Jurytalk is a worthy online platform for paid jurors.

WIN/Jurytalk will pay you for the time you spend for its mock trials and legal focus groups. You can read this on the homepage, which also states that such activities last for one day and if you become one of its research jurors, you need to listen to the case that a skilled attorney will present. After the presentation, you will provide your opinion about the case.  

The intriguing part is the last phrase at the bottom of the homepage wherein you can read that it has “research facilities in Dallas and virtually everywhere else.” One question that would pop in your mind is where you need to spend this one day of mock trial. Will it require you to visit a particular location such as the research facilities in Dallas?

If yes is the answer, then it beats working online. Then, there is the part about “virtually everywhere else” that can hook those who are looking for online gigs. Does this mean you can take part virtually through internet resources like video conferences?

As you wonder about all these questions, you will feel the urge to look for more details, but the only available option from the homepage is to click the “Sign Up” link/button. There is a high probability that you will click this link, hoping to find more details about the company and the opportunity it offers.

How To Apply/Join

There is nothing to read about the cost for joining Jurytalk.

You can view Jurytalk at http://jurytalk.com/. Right from viewing the website, you might already lose interest in joining Jurytalk because it provides inadequate information for those who are interested to work for it.

Upon clicking the “Sign Up” button, a new web page will open and this page contains the Jury questionnaire.

It says there that Jurytalk values juror participation. A juror’s feelings, thoughts, beliefs and decisions regarding a case will help determine if a case should proceed with the court trial or if a settlement is possible.

The juror questionnaire page contains the questions you need to answer.  This could mean that you would save time from clicking the links or visiting several webpages just to complete a registration. However, you would immediately feel uncomfortable giving out these important details since the website itself is seemingly suspicious.

You can see on the address bar of the website that the connection is not secure (at least as of writing this post), so you might not really want to provide your information at all. 

Just like with other online jobs like image annotation and web search evaluation you wish to apply to, you need to provide your complete name, address, home contact number, work contact number, email address and gender.

There are questions about one’s US citizenship and political affiliation. There is a question on if you are a registered voter and if you have a driver’s license. One that you will find out of place and perhaps unnecessary, is what you need to indicate what web browser you are using.

You also need to answer if you have Conservative, Moderate or Liberal views.

The other details that Jurytalk wants to know about you are your ethnicity and religion. You need to tell if you previously took part in a Wilmington Institute research study. Tell them if you have involvement in a lawsuit, if you have felony conviction, if they have served you a summon, if you are working in a law firm or if you are studying law.

At the bottom of this sign up page, there is a box you need to tick or check if you accept the details of confidentiality.

It provides contact information, jurors@jurytalk.com, to which you could probably send your inquiries. I have sent a message to this address to ask for more details, but it still has not replied as of time of writing this post.

Potential Income

Pay or income is a major deciding factor when taking on any kind of job. Any applicant would like to know even just an approximate amount of payment that Jurytalk gives to its research study and mock trial participants.

Unfortunately, even if you research further about Wilmington Institute, you still could not find any details about how much anyone who once served as a research study participant has received as payment. Perhaps previous participants signed a non-disclosure agreement, so you have no way to tell if you will even get rewards for your efforts.

If you have not yet given up, you may try sending a message to the email address for jurors. However, it is probably better to halt your efforts in trying to sign up as a participant for Jurytalk mock trials.

The red flags have already piled up since the beginning (when you visited the website).

1.      There are no FAQ or support pages you could visit to read more about the company and the job opportunity offered.

2.      The sign up page asks for a lot of important details, but the website offers nothing in return.

3.      Your security and privacy might not be safe. Remember that the website connection itself is not secure and there are no privacy policies or details you can read.

4.      The online and work from home aspect of the job is not clear.

Thus, it is better to just look at other platforms catering those who want to work as paid online jurors. Some good programs to check out are eJury and OnlineVerdict.

Work Schedule

Considering all things are good, you would most likely spend an entire day listening to and studying a case, just as the homepage of Jurytalk describes.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

Working as an online juror lets you do the job of a juror without the hassles of traditional active jury service. The problem, however, with Jurytalk is that you cannot fully trust it as an online paid jury platform or even as a live mock jury platform.


While the website truly lacks the crucial details anyone would like to know prior to joining, you can find many people recommending it as a potential paid online juror platform.

It is up to you whether you will provide your personal details on the sign up page and hit enter. It is a risk you will take.

Personally, I will not risk my personal details to sign up for Jurytalk just to try it. I cannot just assume that it probably imposes high confidentiality standards to its study participants, which is why there are no sufficient reviews about it from others who have taken part in its previous studies. With anything else you do online, you would want to read more about the company, the job, the pay and the experience of those who have tried it.

Other online jury websites have reviews you can read about.

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