How To Start A Blog In Bluehost 

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

By: pitin

Here's your guide on how to start a blog in Bluehost. WordPress is among the top platforms people think of when they hear the word “blogging.” About 35% of all websites in the world use WordPress (according to CreativeMinds). Bluehost is among the top recommended web hosting service by WordPress.

Web hosting is what can allow you to do all the customizations you want to achieve, make your site SEO-friendly, as well as allow you to insert your affiliate links and monetize thru Ads. Without a hosting service, you are just blogging for fun and for ranking. The income will start when you get a hosting service, as explained here.

Bluehost offers different types of hosting products:

  1. Shared hosting is best for new websites, small blogs or brochure sites, sites with low traffic, bloggers/owners with low budget.

2. Shared WordPress is for small scale WordPress sites and users only getting started or with limited budget.

3. WooCommerce hosting is best for WordPress users building with WooCommerce, for online stores and for beginners and pro sellers.

4. VPS is for regular sized websites, for those who want better security, features and performance than shared hosting and for growing/professional websites.

5. Managed WordPress (Pro) is for professional WordPress websites, for owners with bigger goals for their site, for those who want improved performance, features and convenience than shared WordPress hosting.

6. Dedicated hosting is ideal for high traffic sites, for large online stores and for anyone preferring/requiring ultimate performance, security and control.

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