How To Increase WordPress Site Speed? Disable Some Plugins!

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How To Increase WordPress Site Speed?

Eliminate the three plugins that could have otherwise used up your hosting resources. 


For this lesson, I am going to disable WordPress plugins to increase speed. Wherever you are hosted, your WordPress may come with pre-installed WordPress plugins.

The first plugin I asked you to install from the previous lesson is a caching plugin since it can drastically improve your website speed.

If you are hosted in Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need to install a caching plugin. It is already built-in.

Installing a redundant plugin can create unnecessary conflicts with the built-in functions in place.

The next plugin I need you to have is a spam blocker. You will experience spam comments as you progress, and I do not want you to waste time cleaning up the spam comments.

You can go to to see which plugin is trusted by most people. Make sure it is a well-maintained plugin. You can verify it by going to the plugin details, and see if it has been updated lately.

Also, you need to install a malware protection plugin. It will help you secure your website from hackers.

If you are hosted in Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need to install a plugin. Site Protection is already built-in. 

Wherever you are hosted, check with your Site Support. Some hosting platform already has it in place, and you should not install a redundant plugin as it can cause conflicts, and might break your website.

Should you need to install a plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard, plugins, add new, type the name of the plugin, install and activate.

To recap, you should have the following in place: 

1. Caching for website speed

2. Spam filter for spam comments and;

3. A malware scanner and website security. This will provide real-time protection to your site.

These three can be achieved by using a plug-in compatible with your server.

If you are hosted in Wealthy Affiliate, you should have zero plugins at this stage.

The lesser the plugin, the faster your website loading time will be.

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  1. Some great tips regarding plugins, thanks! I currently have 14 installed on my website – I just got rid of 4 I didn’t really need. I know the 14 is way more than recommended, but I haven’t a clue on how to eliminate further as I have a lot of necessary site integrations. That said, I added the plugin “Hummingbird” which essentially goes around and makes everything faster for a user; it brought my site speed up around 45% and is great for me! Not to mention, I have the “extreme” feature activated in my Wealthy Affiliate account – this certainly helps! 🙂 

    1. Hi,

      If you are hosted in Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need another caching plugin. I have always been stubborn about it, as I am obsessed with site speed.

      I always get a server error (500) because of caching problems (conflicting/redundant caching plugin).

      I have experimented a lot with regards to site speed. The "perfect formula" I have right now which increased my site speed grade up to "A" as per GTmetrix is not a caching plugin, but an image optimization plugin that uses a free CDN so my "large images" will load fast!

      Take a look at "Image optimization & Lazy Load by Optimole" in WordPress. It's a free plugin and would serve your images using a CDN for up to 5k visitors for free!

      I have always thought it's my theme, or my caching plugin (or lack of caching plugin) – in the end, it's not.

      I currently use the Thrive Themes Builder (which is famous for making your site slow). But hey! Check the site speed of my site using the GT Metrix. I am not using any caching plugin, but it's loading above average!

      The "Optimole" is a life saver when it comes to site speed!


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