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Here's your guide on how to find content for a blog. Before you can have a content plan, it is important that you do market research before you start a blog. How do you do it?

Start by determining where your target audience spends most of their time in, like a specific social media platform. Yes, I know, I should teach you SEO first. But hear me out first, okay?

By doing market research, you will not only have TONS of ideas on what to write about, you will also have an opportunity to market or share your content with your chosen social media platform as you publish content. Social media shares can help in signaling Google to rank you higher in search results. Social media visits can also "supplement" your organic visitors (i.e. visitors coming from search engines).

Now before you worry that you are not a social animal, I want to let you know that I DO NOT do “social media marketing”  - i.e. my social media platforms are practically “dead.” While I mainly rely on SEO (next lessons), doing market research on the social media platform you use actively will really give you an edge, and here’s how.

How To Find Content For A Blog

Are you a member of a private or public Facebook group based on your interests/needs? I am.

One of the private Facebook groups and group chats I belong to is my daughter’s homeschooling community. In the Facebook group/chat, you’ll read all sorts of problems.

“Where did you get that book?”

“Where can I download that file?”

“Can you teach me how to print that pdf in a way that I can have a back to back printing like a normal book?

And so on!

If I will backread all the messages which are piling up everyday, I can potentially create a niche out of those “problems!”

Afterwhich, I can “market” or share my blog posts to answer the questions which can help them.

Now imagine if I start to really promote "my blog" to the private Facebook group/chat that I belong to should I decide to build a blog out of their questions?

Every newbie homeschooling parent (specifically, Charlotte Mason homeschooling parents) will definitely appreciate my efforts and I can end up gaining their trust. They might even refer to me as a “go-to person” for all things Charlotte Mason> the Philippines>Grade1/Level1 - Niche.

Another Facebook group I belong to is a public group called “Manila Grows Food” which has 23,000 plus members as of writing this post. Now, these people are “very targeted.” They joined the group voluntarily to learn about urban gardening. These are the people who probably are just starting out, or are already “experts” in growing food in pots/containers.

Now, if I browse the newsfeed, I will see all sorts of “problems.”

“Can you please advise me why my tomatoes are not bearing fruits?”

“Where did you get that pot? It’s so cute!”

“How can I prevent/get rid of stray cats (my problem, LOL) so they will leave my plants alone?

Now, since these are “targeted audiences,” they will surely read/consume your content should your blog post/YouTube video really help their problem. 

The point here is that even if you are not active in social media, you can still do your market research in social media, and start by focusing on the platform that you really use. I don’t use Twitter. I used to be active on Linkedin. I don’t do (not yet) Pinterest for this blog - there are too many distractions and too many “promotional contents.”

So for this lesson, your task is to head over to a social media platform that you MOSTLY use. Go to a public Facebook group that you belong to and do a market research. IDEALLY, it should be your interest because if you are not interested in the topic, you will eventually drop the niche and start over again. So do it right from the start. Choose what interests you. It will keep the fire burning, LOL.

Don’t just settle for “profitable.” Don’t do what I did in the past - sticking to reviewing Amazon products just because they bring in money FAST and pay bills - it’s no different from having a 9 to 5 job. And even if I sold so many Amazon products in the past (using Affiliate marketing), the minute I stopped creating contents, my traffic dropped. My visitors in the "buying stage" although profitable, are only good as long as they are in my site. The minute they leave, that's the end of our relationship, lol.

Choose your interest so you can passionately create contents. Because I love teaching, doing motion graphics, and exploring designs - not to mention writing, I can come up with contents fast enough before my email lessons queue rans out of something to send. When I was still working for my first ever blog, it felt like a chore. It drained me. In the end, I can only produce 3 articles a week, which I really worked hard for (more than 10 hours).

Social media is not going away anytime in the future, so if you do not have a social media account, I highly encourage you to at least have 1. It can really help you with your market research. Not to mention that social media shares are one of the MANY metrics for ranking in Google.

I highly suggest Facebook since you can find people of all ages there. On the Facebook search bar, look for "targeted" Facebook groups based on your interest. It should be a public group (Facebook posts also rank in Google). And yes, you will share your articles there as you publish in the future. Since these are "targeted people" who have an interest in what you are sharing (which can help them), they will engage in your posts - like and share without you soliciting for it. They will be your free social media automation tools and market research place (which can normally cost you an arm and leg).  

I'll answer your questions in the comments section! I'll help you with your market research if you get stuck.

Carry on!

To our goals,


P.S. Head over to the next lesson to understand how to integrate the topics to keyword research.

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  1. This is helpful for people that are just starting like me who are still having difficulty in creating worthy content for users and site visitors. Often, I find myself lacking ideas and not knowing what exactly to write to get engagement from the visitors.

    1. Hi Liza,

      One thing about engagement that I noticed in social media (although you can apply it in your blog as well), is that, if it hits them at a vulnerable spot, they will engage. Go to Facebook and browse around your newsfeed. See what posts/contents get likes, comments, shares – get the “idea” from there.

      It all starts with a captivating “headline” or first sentence, or a picture, or something that calls their attention. Do the same in your contents, you’ll sure to get the engagements you want. 🙂


  2. Cool! Thank you for the tips. I kinda feel it was a lot of work doing promotion for pinterest, twitter, Instagram, etc. Taking care of a website is already a handful.

    But FB is definitely a necessity for promotion. I really am not a social person, to be honest. So it will be a challenge getting your articles being read by friends but, the fb group concept is a good idea. Thanks for sharing that

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