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Builderall Review

Aside from lessons and tutorials that will educate you about an online business, you also need to have the right tools to use to start your venture. Thus, it is understandable how some people easily feel elated when they discover about Builderall. If you are thinking how does Builderall work, keep reading here to find out if it is worth the investment.

How Does Builderall Work

Builderall promotes itself as a place where you can find all the tools you need to grow your business easily and quickly. Whether you will build a website or create sales funnels, Builderall has the tools you can use.


Builderall is the registered trademark that the American company, e-Business4us Inc., owns. Erick Salgado, a Brazilian entrepreneur, founded the company in 2008 and started the Builderall project in 2011 as a comprehensive platform where companies all over the world could generate actual online results. The appeal of Builderall is that you need not go to different places to search for the tools you need since they are in one easy to access platform.

How It Works

Builderall is cloud-based so there is no need to download or install any software or app into your device. Create an account at Builderall and login to your account whenever you need to use the tools. It has connections with other apps and websites so you can also synchronize it with these external tools, if you need to.

Once you have registered, you need to familiarize yourself first with the tools that Builderall offers. Check out Builderall Knowledgebase or use Builderall Assistant for the guide and tutorials you should study.

The captured list shown in Figure 1 may seem like a short list, but the tools available in Builderall are many. They have a PDF copy of Builderall tools you could check out from its Knowledgebase.

is builderall a scam

Figure 1

Builders Tools:

1.  Pixel Perfect Site Builder - to manage pages, create responsive squeeze pages and opt-ins.

2.  Cheetah Site Builder - to build websites, web pages and funnels by dragging and dropping elements.

3.  Builderall Canvas - to create sales pages, landing pages, emails, upsells and more using Builderall’s signature funnel builder with pre-made templates.

4.  eCommerce - to build an e-commerce site using a Magento-powered solution.

5.  WordPress integration - to build and publish web pages in WordPress.

6.  Webinar builder - to make webinars using streaming options, webinar recording, screen sharing and more.

7.  eLearning - to create and teach online courses.

8.  App builder - to create and publish apps on popular stores.

9.  Directory builder - to create lists and events such as for local attractions, local businesses and more.

Email Marketing:

1.  MailingBoss - to automate your email marketing campaigns.

2.  Professional Emails - to make professional e-mail accounts for your own domains in managing your business communications.


1.  Professional Messenger Chatbot - to automate communications and make the most out of Facebook for engaging your leads.

2.  Share Locker - to make contents go viral.

3.  Social Proof Popup - to display your conversions for web visitors to view.

4.  Professional Website Bot - to make chatbots (without Facebook messenger) to give your web visitors the impression that you are constantly available to communicate with them.

5.  Social Autopost App - to manage your accounts in various social networks.

6.  Browser Notifications App - to connect with an audience anytime through the internet browser they use.

7.  Instagram Autoresponder - to automate your Instagram follower engagement.

8.  SMS Messaging - to reach many leads by sending bulk text messages.

9.  Telegram Build - to create automated messages and for the promotion of your Telegram funnels.

10.  CRM - to manage business information like log sales activity, customer pipeline and customer contact data.

11.  Script Generator - to make sales scripts you can use to generate and convert more leads.


1.  Magazine Builder - to make digital magazines for your clients.

2.  Mockup Studio - to design mockup gifs and images such as for info products and e-book covers.

3.  3D Photo  Editor - to design graphics, photos and logos.

4.  Animated VSL Video Builder - to make countless sales videos with animation and to design your expressions and characters.

5.  Transparent Floating Videos - to create unique videos you can place on your website to impress visitors.

6.  Presentation Video - to make professional business presentations.

7.  Video Wrapper - to customize videos using texts and images.

8.  Video Tag Tool - to add image tags with actions in your videos so your site visitors will contact you.

9.  Video Funnel Builder - to make and share your video funnels with added image action tags.


1.  SEO ON-Page Report App - to analyze your page contents, look at tags/images/metadata and help you rank your pages on search engines.

2.  Click Map - to discover where your visitors have been clicking on your web pages through a heat mapping tool.


1.  VA Access - to allow restricted access to your account and tools when you share Builderall email and access key.

2.  DNS Manager - to manage domains that connect to your Builderall domains.

3.  Notification Center - to check leads, commissions and other notifications.


1.  Responsive Builder - to build responsive websites that will adapt to many devices.

2.  Responsive Blog Builder - to make and present articles for your blog.

3.  Mobile First Builder - to prioritize mobile versions of websites made for people constantly on the go.

4.  Legacy Webinar Builder - to make interactive webinars and reach the audience through streaming options, webinar recording, screen sharing, etc.

5.  Marketplace - to find prospects you can sell your digital products to and to find great affiliate products.

6.  Roulette - to use a system for offering discounts to your subscribers.

These Legacy tools are not in the PDF list. You may discover them through the Builderall Assistant. They have no updates and they have no associated support.

Builderall Assistant is the website bot that can guide and take you to the exact place when you need additional information regarding the tools on Builderall.

loopholes in the system

On the onset, I already felt overwhelmed just browsing through Builderall’s website just looking for a good place to start. If you are a beginner in any online business, you could easily get lost and distracted if you stumble at Builderall. Yes, it is amazing to discover a place offering every tool an online venture will need. I just find that Builderall could improve on how it organizes and presents these tools to its leads and users.

It is understandable how one (especially beginners) can quickly sign up to any of the paid Builderall plans because all the tools are in one place. However, those who have some experience in online businesses and ventures shared that these tools from Builderall are not the best in class. This means there are other much better tools out there. In fact, there could be some free tools that might be better than the Builderall tools.

Since Builderall seems keen on providing a diverse set of tools for the online venturers, the downside is that it somehow failed to provide a more focused service to users. A new user could feel lost on the very first time he browses through the Builderall website. While the Builderall Assistant helps, you could not use it unless you register. With the diverse tools, it is challenging to pick one that you can consider as Builderall’s distinctive quality.

Some users also share that they did not like the experience they had while using Builderall like delays when navigating between pages.

Another thing I found somewhat annoying is that its tutorials are mostly in video forms. I think it will be better for Builderall to have written explanations about various topics, since sometimes people would need or prefer to read texts rather than watch videos.


Builderall Assistant is an interactive, chat-based support that will take you through the Builderall system.

It can show you what you can do with Builderall. It will direct you to the page where you could learn more about the entry you selected. For example, if you see the complete Builderall tools, you click on the tool you want to use or learn more about and it will take you to the Knowledgebase web page for that tool.

This Assistant will also provide help on the specific tasks you need to accomplish using Builderall. These tasks include building a website, sales pages and blog in Cheetah, building e-learning course, creating membership website, creating webinar, creating business directory, selling products online, creating Facebook chatbot, creating a sitebot, training to become Builderall affiliate, learning affiliate marketing, and creating e-commerce store.

In the video you can find on how to get support. It says that you can troubleshoot by going back to the tutorial for each tool. Ticketing and live chat are the main support methods that Builderall offers (see Figure 3). Ticketing system is the only way to contact support if you are a free member. If you have subscribed to any of the plans, you can use the live chat feature to ask for help.

Who Is It For

Builderall is perfect for online entrepreneurs who like to save time and effort from looking at different places for the tools they need to use. It is a good place for affiliate marketers who need to build their websites and manage their web contents, or for online sellers who need to create web pages for their services and products. It is also ideal for merchandise creators, bloggers, small business owners, and more. Those who do not have a background in programming will find these Builderall tools easy to use.

How To Apply/Join

You may sign up for a free account at https://office.builderall.com/us/office/create. It is here where you will enter your name, email address and password.

builderall cost

Figure 3

From the image above are the Builderall plans. Although you can start for free, all the good stuff for starting and running an online business is only available to paid plan subscribers. The free trial lasts only for 14 days. You may create a website, but can only use the Builderall sub-domain instead of your dedicated domain. The more expensive the plan is, the more features you can use. Premium plan at $69.90 a month offers all the tools from Builderall. They offer a $1 trial for the Premium Plan, good for 30 days.

Potential Income

According to a third-party blog post, you may use the most expensive Premium plan to build a website for a local business and get paid for it. Builderall has pre-built templates you can use for your clients. You may get up to $1000 for hosting their website, so the return of investment "could" be high.

You can use Builderall tools to cater the digital needs of businesses in your locality. You can make and host their websites, do their local marketing, design flyers, banners, Twitter covers, e-book covers, and more.

Work Schedule

Your work schedule will depend on your preference. Many online marketers start the venture on a part time basis because they do not want to lose their primary source of income while they still build their business from scratch. After all, it will take some time before you can earn a decent amount of money from an online venture like affiliate marketing or even online selling.

Benefits / Bonus

Builderall has an affiliate program you can take advantage of. It even offers in-depth training for becoming its affiliate.

You can become an affiliate here purchasing nothing. Your earnings will not come just from referring others to become an affiliate. Instead, you will earn recurring income from your referral’s monthly plan subscriptions.



  • Builderall is a platform that gathers all the tools an online entrepreneur could use.
  • You can start with a free plan.
  • Its Builderall Assistant can guide you about each tool in the system.


  • The tools might not be the best or most ideal to use for a certain task.

I think Builderall is worth checking out especially for beginners since it can provide tools and some tutorials about certain online ventures. However, since it offers a diverse set of tools, you "might" not find in-depth education and useful tools for a specific online venture.

For example, although Builderall has tools and tutorials for affiliate marketing, I do not think its offered tutorials can provide a complete guide for affiliate beginners (I am not a member of Builderall so don't take my word for it since I do not have an inside access).

Wealthy Affiliate however, being a member since 2015, I can say offers an effective solution for anyone who wants to start the affiliate business. You may checkout my review below.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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