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I am trying to focus on the old school “content marketing” since the concept doesn’t expire – you provide value, build trust, and get the results you aim for.

While incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always a good starting point, mixing it with content marketing is always ideal.

By doing so, you “future-proof” your efforts, safe from any Google Algorithm update.

Level 1 | Blogging 101

Introduction For Newbies

  1. Smart Goal Setting | Here’s your smart goal setting example for your blog. Some people abandon their efforts in the middle of everything because there’s no plan, to begin with.
  2. Define A Target Audience | Here’s how to define a target audience. Create a pretend person’s profile. List down his problems so you can provide a solution.
  3. Understand How To Make Money Online | Here’s your introduction lesson on affiliate marketing for beginners for free!
  4. Learn Basic Keyword Research | Find keywords for a website using free keyword research tools. Google Instant, Alphabet Soup Technique, and Ubbersuggest Chrome extension. Learn how to do it.
  5. Learn How To Narrow Down Your Niche | A niche is simply a topic that your website will be about. In order to see results faster, your niche should be very specific. I’ll give you an example.
  6. Learn How To Do Market Research | It is important that you do market research before you start a blog. How do you do it?
  7. How To Do Keyword Research For Content Marketing | Here are real-life examples of how to do keyword research for content marketing.
  8. Should I Start A Blog? Here’s Why You Should | Here are some of the misconceptions about blogging.
  9. The Secret To Earning Money From Blogging | Here’s the secret to earning money from blogging. Instead of asking how long or how much money can you make, learn what it takes to earn.
  10. Why Aim To Rank In Google | If you are not in Google, you’re basically “invisible” and your efforts will not yield much.
How To Start A Blog To Make Money

REMINDER: Learning how to create your own money-making website requires hard work when you are building it. Just like trying to build an offline business, you start from the ground. You need to spend time and some money. I’ll try my best to really help you eliminate, if not, reduce the starting costs by making use of free resources available on the internet. And it all starts with my 100% free training.


Hi, I am Pitin.

I have been blogging full-time for 5 years plus now, and earning a decent income from it.

Blogging for a living gives me the time freedom to homeschool my daughter, pursue several hobbies, and be a hands-on mother/homemaker while still being able to help provide financially to my family.

Read more about me here.

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