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Find keywords for a website using free keyword research tools. Google Instant, Alphabet Soup Technique, and Ubbersuggest Chrome extension. Learn how to do it.

The Google Instant

Google instant is done by typing a word or words in the Google.com search box to see what Google suggests.

If I try to type “blogging” on the search box, see what Google thinks I’m looking for based on what other people are searching.

how to find keywords for your website

Try adding “how” and Google will suggest different related searches for your query.

How To Find Keywords For My Website

Whenever you feel lost not knowing what to write about, using the Google instant can give you hundreds of keywords. You’ll never run out of topics.

The Alphabet Soup Technique

The alphabet soup technique is done by adding the letters of the alphabet to your original query. For example:

Type “blogging” space then press “a.”

how to find keywords for a website

Google is going to give you different sets of keywords, still based on what people are searching for.

Try the “blogging how” then “a” - I know it doesn’t make sense right? LOL. But Google can make sense of it. Look!

best keywords my website

The alphabet soup technique can literally give you thousands of ideas. I haven’t tried reaching the “z” yet but I have already a long list of topics that are begging to be written, lol.

After getting some ideas, you need to know some metrics.

  1. Average monthly searches;
  2. Websites competing for that keyword/keyword phrase;
  3. CPC (good to know if your articles are “money pages” - more on this in a separate lesson)

Keywords' Average Monthly Searches

This can come in many names, depending on the platform. It basically is the number of average monthly searches that the keyword/keyword phrase receives in a month.

Will It Have a Good Amount Of Readers?

We do not write for no one. We want our articles to reach as many readers as possible.

In order to make sure that your article is found, you have to make sure that it is getting "enough traffic."

Ubbersuggest is free (with limits) as of updating this post. I am not an affiliate of Ubbersuggest (since they do not have an affiliate program), but I'll be the first to apply when they open it, LOL.

Anyway, once you have it, perform the above methods and press enter when you hit a keyword you want to target. The difference now that you have the Chrome extension for Ubbersuggest is you'll see the important metrics.

Metric #1: Average Monthly Searches

For this post, I will target the keyword phrase "free keyword research tools."

See the screenshot.

free keyword research tools

According to the screenshot above, the average monthly searches is 2,900 which is good (the higher, the better). But on the sidebar, it says 3,600 (Vol), which is still good.

No matter what tool you use, as long as there are potential readers, it should be enough to “pass the test” for our Metric #1, which is it should have decent amount of searches.

Note the results can vary over time. It can increase or decrease, so at least aim for a higher number, compared to when you target those with 30 or 50 only - they can potentially become zero over time.

Metric #2: Competition

How “Competitive” Is Your Keyword?

Looking at the average monthly searches is just half of the formula in trying to find a good keyword.

The next thing you have to look at is how many websites are competing for that EXACT keyword.

In Ubbersuggest, it's the "SD."

best free keyword research tools

Ubbersuggest: Look for "SD"

The lower the competition the better you have a "chance" for the position 1 on Page 1 of Google and other search engines.

I say "chance" because no one can ever guarantee a ranking. Keyword research is just one of the many factors in ranking for a position on Page 1.

It is important that your post gets on Page 1 of search results. Most people don’t get past page 1. They will, on average, just read all that is on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

You don’t need to worry about getting on Page 1 when you are just starting out. Remember, you need to earn Google's trust. As long as you consistently publish quality contents with good keywords, the search engines will begin to see your website as having value and they will start putting your posts on top search results. 🙂

A friendly reminder: There are two reasons why you may not see the metrics results in Google Chrome.

1. They're way below the bottom of the page.

2. You already reached the search limits for the day. You need to come back after 24 hours.

If you are creating lots of video contents, you can go directly to YouTube search bar and perform the keyword research there.

affiliate marketing on youtube

However, since there are more people who performs search queries in the Google search itself, it wouldn't hurt to focus on the results from Google search page, unless you don't have a website. But you already know from here why you should start a website, despite focusing on video contents. 🙂

If I want to write a "selling" article, like a review, I will use the "CPC" metrics of Ubbersuggest. When looking at CPC or Cost Per Click, the higher it is, the more "valuable" the keyword is. It means advertisers are willing to spend money per click on that keyword.


One thing that you have to take note of choosing a keyword is that it should make sense. It should also be grammatically correct or at least in “proper” English.

There are some keywords that you might encounter that are tempting to use because it has zero competition with a good amount of monthly searches. But if it is not making any sense when you put it in a sentence or worse, your title, don’t use it.

Use the Google instant and alphabet soup technique to get some keywords for inspiration and plug them into your Google Chrome browser with Ubbersuggest Chrome extension.

Learn more about Ubbersuggest here.

TRIVIA: Pointing you to Neil Patel's website (although might cause me to lose a reader), is actually beneficial to SEO. When you are pointing to "authority sites," it gives your content credibility and tells your audience that you are not making things up, LOL.

An external link pointing to an authority site is also one of the many SEO metrics to signal Google to rank your content higher.  

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below the comments section and I am more than willing to help you out!

Until Next Post!


P.S. I do not want you to focus on keywords when creating your contents. It tends to hinder the content creation process. While it is important to know what keywords you are specifically targeting, I believe you only need to learn THE LONG TAIL KEYWORDS (separate lesson) when you are already optimizing the content for SEO and marketing.

"Decide, commit, focus, succeed."

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