Finding Long Tail Keywords – In 2 Minutes!

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Here’s my best time-saving way of finding long-tail keywords in minutes! Go to Jaaxy Lite. It’s a free keyword research tool for all Wealthy Affiliate premium members.

Now, select the alphabet soup tab. Type the long-tail keyword you want to produce content about. It is going to generate long-tail keywords from A to Z, just like when you manually do an alphabet soup technique in Google.

Once the results are loaded, select all, and save them to a list. Jaaxy Lite can only save up to 200 long-tail keywords per list. The best way to save all keywords is to break down the list into 2 or 3, just like this:

A to I, J to Q, and T until the end.

Once you have the three folders, click on view. Click on the AVG to see if there is enough search volume per month, and QSR to see how tough the competition is.

If you see that the KQI is great, it’s a good long-tail keyword to target.

Note that if you go into incognito mode and paste the exact long-tail keyword you choose to target, you will often see authority sites in the search results. Just focus on the top 3. 

Investigate what they have. See what they are doing. Do they have long blog posts? Embedded YouTube video? Comments or Social shares? Is the content fresh?

If you are willing to work hard to do better than the top 3, then go ahead, use the long tail keyword. If not, it is best to find another long-tail keyword to target that has a decent search volume, low competition, and no authority sites in the top 3.

Create a free Jaaxy account here.

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