Different Ways To Make Money On The Internet.

It takes time to earn money from blogging. While building your "online business," you "may find" other online income streams (i.e. for extra money). 

Note that while most of them are definitely legit, you need to choose wisely which would not eat up your time so you can focus on building your blog.

Use the good ones as a "break" every now and then, while earning small money which can add up to pay for something, like a domain name, or hosting your blog.

My #1 Recommended Online Job:

Affiliate Marketing

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Appen: Too much time-consuming unpaid tests to take just to qualify for assignments.

Cashcrate: The programs you will find from Cashcrate list will just point you to "ways" to make extra money.
Clickworker: You need to complete assessments and tests before you can get offers to jobs.

Data Entry: You may land on a fulltime job too but sometimes, the pay is still low.

Data Researcher: Sometimes, when a topic has a limited amount of information available, you need to spend more time for the job.

Easyshift: ...But you might not find many available shifts in your area.

Field Agent: Sometimes, jobs get rejected even when an Agent followed the instructions to heart.

Inboxdollars: Sign up is free, but some tasks and offers are not free.

Fiverr: ...But you cannot choose which buyers to entertain or reject. An example of a profitable gig is making logos for websites using Canva, then charging $5 minimum for a 5 minute work. Upsells can be $10 for a high resolution file, and different formats (png, jpg, etc.)

Swagbucks: You need to spend a lot of time working on tasks to earn a considerable amount of points to redeem in gift cards or PayPal cash..

ySense (formerly ClixSense) ...But the country you live in might not have many opportunities.

Transcribing: You need to dedicate considerable time listening to audio files and recordings, which can be taxing.

eJury: The pay is very low.

Jurytalk: It is not clear whether the case deliberation is online or on-site.

Jurytest: ...But only for US residents.

Online Verdict: It is open to US citizens only.

Virtual Jury: You will get an error message when you submit your completed form.

Online Research:

Consumer Research Panels: ...But you have to check your email regularly for possible focus group/panel invitations.

ABC: ...But classes last for 40 minutes.

Bitdegree: Creating the courses itself might take more time than you expect.

Buddyschool: ...But you will only teach when a student booked for a lesson with you.

Chegg: ...log in when you find it convenient, so students can see you and you can "possibly" earn.

Connections Academy: The amount of work or responsibilities is not worth the amount of pay.

Course Hero: Reports that Course Hero does not pay many tutors for their hard work is difficult to ignore.

DadaABC: ...But you must submit class reports so parents will know the progress of their children.

Italki: You need to spend a lot of time and effort to create and market lessons and get new students to teach.

iTutorgroup Your current location or the place where you will teach affects the base pay rate rather than being an English native speaker.

Landi: It has various good points to offer, but my only worry is that the contract for teachers is for at least one year.

Magic Ears: It takes long to get started at Magic Ears. The slow pacing is possibly the reason several English teachers leave or decline the offer from Magic Ears.

Preply: The crucial factor that makes me skip Preply is its unjust commission scheme right from the very first lesson.

Qkids: It collects no penalties for missing classes and provides excellent incentives.

Superprof: You cannot apply if you are not from any country where Superprof is available.

Skillshare: You might immediately give up on Skillshare teaching because of the complexity of making a lesson plan, filming a class and uploading the video.

Skooli: You may as a tutor even if you are not a certified teacher, but you must present certifications to support your qualifications to teach/tutor.

Takelessons: The major turn off is that you have to invest at least $20 for the background check if you want to attract more students and teachers.

Tutor.com: Its application process is so arduous, even though the rewards are not satisfactory.

TutorMe: Compared to other tutoring platforms, I believe that TutorMe is a better place to find work at.

Udacity: It is only for the graduates and to those who are outstanding in the technical fields covered by the Udacity program.

Udemy: It provides resources that will help first-timers to learn the ropes of becoming an instructor.

VIPkid: The company is very strict in hiring only individuals with at least a Bachelor’s degree and significant teaching experience.

Wizedemy: It requires exceptional skills set for reportedly scant compensation.

Wyzant: I will skip this platform because I find its application and payment process bothersome.

Other Remote Jobs:

Bookkeeping: There are job offers you may find even if you have no degree in accounting or business.

Chat Support: You might encounter chat agent positions that involve adult contents.

Content Writing: You may need to research considerably your assigned writing topics.

Email Marketing: Duties needed to perform can overwhelm you if you are a beginner.

Lead Generation: Most jobs are for college graduates in marketing, business, advertising and related fields.

Proofreading: You might have a hard time finding a proofreading job for high school graduates.

Social Media Marketing: Your creative juices should not run dry to come up with something new for engaging audience.

Software Engineer: You should be updated on the latest trends in the software industry.

Telemarketing: This is not a job for people who could not communicate well with others.

Video Editing: It usually requires a demoreel or links to your best sample works, something that newbies need to work on before they can apply to high-paying jobs.

Virtual Assistant: It could make you feel overwhelmed with different programs to learn and use.

Website Design: You often need a bachelor’s degree, college certification, significant work experience or impressive portfolio to apply.


Image Annotation: You could apply even if you only have a high school diploma.

Respondent: Taking screener surveys takes time, yet it does not guarantee participation to a study.

Isoftstone: Workload is irregular, so look for another online freelance job to support your income.

Analysia: I will skip Analysia mainly because of the lack of information it offers for its testers.

Appcoiner: This job of reviewing apps and websites only pays minimum salary occasionally.

Beta Family: The minimum payout is high and it takes long to receive the payment.

Checkealos: Its community of testers have a presence in Spain, US, UK, Latin America and India, which could mean saturation.

Enrollapp: It offers a lower pay rate than other similar websites or companies, which can be a reason to skip signing up.

Ferpection: You will not know if Ferpection accepts testers from your country unless you give your email.

Intellizoom: The pay is lower than other platforms.

Intuit: Intuit offers no reliable information about its user testing opportunity.

Loop11: It requires downloading a Google Chrome extension that has a lot of unfavorable reviews.

MyCrowd: It reminds testers to take their time in accomplishing tasks, but will pay the first person to find and report a bug.

Netizen Testing: A silver lining for potential Asian testers who could not apply to other testing platforms because of country restrictions.

Playbook UX: The sign up page for testers is not readily accessible.

Playtestcloud: It only has limited playtest opportunities.

Testapic: Since this is a French platform, it is "likely" that its tests are only for French testers.

Test.io You might not get any incentive for the bugs you report.

Testbirds While Testbirds is not a scam, this is a job that will allow you to earn only a "side hustle" money which may not be substantial. 

Testingtime: You may sign up wherever in the world you might be, but do not expect to get any invites to apply to tests at all.

Tester Work: You will hardly get any test invitation if you do not live in the USA or Europe.

Testfairy: It is the developers' call who will get an invitation for an app test.

Trymyui Tests are on a first come-first served basis so you need to take tests as soon as possible.

Ubertesters: There are limited opportunities.

Userbrain: There are no email notifications or alerts about tests.

UserCrowd: You need to request for the payment, which can take long to receive.

Userfeel: If the client does not find your feedback valuable, you will not get your payment.

User Testing: You must always check your account to see test invitations instead of in your email.

uTest: Studies that pay more require the tester to travel instead of just completing the task from home.

User Sense: Since it is on its start-up phase, there are possibly only a few opportunities available and only to Dutch testers.

Userlytics: There is no guarantee you will get an invitation for a test.

Validately: You might not earn much if you do not fit the demographics set by researchers.

Whatusersdo: The system does not seem to accept new testers.

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