Why Is Google Important? Here’s Why.

You should rank on Google. If you are not in Google, you're basically "invisible" and your efforts will not yield much.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of designing your work in a way that search engine bots can find it, crawl it, understand what it is about and finally, give you a ranking you deserve for that particular content.

Compared to paying for Ads just to be seen, SEO is free. When people search for something in search engines,  they are looking for something.

When you have relevant and helpful content that can help answer that specific query (keywords), you can potentially rank on Page 1 of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

SEO Is Important

Any word in your post can rank, even those you didn't mean to target.

Search queries happen 24/7/365 - people around the world are using search engines looking for information. Your contents seen thru paid ads stop being seen when your budget is already spent, but not when you use SEO.

When you use SEO, it also builds trust. If Google puts you on top, your content "must be" trustworthy.

The return of investment is also higher in SEO since you can potentially reach billions of audience using Google (and other search engines).

Reaching these people can mean an increase in "traffic" or "organic" (people coming from search engines) visitors.

There will be times when you can "pause" working and take a break for as long as you want when you have already built the foundation of your "business."

Google Gives Everyone A Chance To Rank

If you are worried that it's too late to start since big companies are already dominating the search results, think again.

Go back to my keyword research lesson where you can learn how to find keywords you can potentially use to create content. A simple look at the top pages on page 1 and you'll roughly gauge how to outrank them.

What does their content lack? Do they have a video? An infographic? A slide? Do they have comments? Social shares? Are the information complete?

Anything that you can add to fill the gap of the top-ranking pages can potentially put you on top of them. Look at the "competition" on a per content basis. That's how you'll gain confidence in outranking them.

Start small. Craft one content at a time. Over time, by consistently producing good contents that search engines can understand, they will see the bigger picture and will start to trust the "brand" you are trying to build.

By doing this, you'll find yourself ranking in minutes upon publishing your content!

When I started my baby niche in 2015, it took a while for me to see rankings. Not only because of inconsistent effort but especially when you don't use keyword research properly (newbie mistake).

There Are Billions Of Active Internet Users Around The World.

Back in the days when there’s no internet (and no Google), our resources were very limited. We learn things from the library, word of mouth, manual research, etc. 

In the internet age, everything is on Google. As Jimmy Wales said...

"If it's not in Google, it doesn't exist." - Jimmy Wales, (the co-founder of Wikipedia or the online encyclopedia)

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Whenever we need something, we Google. 

Google Dominates Search Results Both In Desktop And Mobile.

Have you ever used other search engines like Bing or Yahoo? Although they are on top 2 to 4, I do not use them. Why? I feel Google is enough.

Do you know Baidu? I never heard about it until I saw it in my Google Analytics (separate lesson).

DuckDuckGo? I thought it’s some kind of spammer (sorry, I did not really know about it until I started looking at data related to my blog to see where my visitors are coming from).

What’s the point here? 

Normal people like me only know Google, until I Google for what are the “others.”

Your Position In Google Is Everything.

Don’t know how to cook paella? Google. 

You may end up consuming content depending on which is on top. It can be a recipe article from billions of websites or a YouTube video, depending on which is on page 1, or what type of content you would usually consume.

Websites on page 2 onwards seldom get the exposure that can give blogs enough visits.

There are people like me who would really go through the pages (even until page 10), however, I represent the minority.

Again, don’t worry about being a newbie. Google gives everyone a chance. Just as we are trying to earn the trust of our target audience, we are also trying to win Google’s trust.

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