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What Is Amazon One Link? Why Use It And How To Set It Up?

If you are doing Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you need to know what is Amazon One Link. Use it so you can earn from the clicks of your site visitors from different countries. It's FREE! Learn more about it from this post.

what is amazon one link

What Is Amazon One Link?

This lesson is straight-forward. Using the Amazon OneLink, I’ll teach you how to take advantage of the clicks from your site visitors from different countries.

How Does Amazon One Link Work?

If your website visitor is from the Canada or UK for example, and you only have an Amazon US affiliate account, you might lose a commission should that visitor ends up buying stuff from Amazon Canada or Amazon UK.

If you have an Amazon Canada or UK Associates accounts,  you can have access to your affiliate links for the mentioned countries.

Check Your Google Analytics Account

In the left side, go to Geo>Location and see the top three countries your visitors are originating from.

Google Analytics

From the above screenshot, I’d know that I need an Amazon US, Canada and UK associates account. Apply for free here.

It is always good to know if you have visitors coming from the countries. Otherwise, you can skip this lesson first, carry on creating contents until there is a good amount of visitors coming from different countries.

If you see visitors coming from Japan, get a Japan Associates Account.

Apply the same move as you see visits from other countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and all other countries that Amazon Associates program has in their list.

How To Set Up The Amazon Onelink?

1. Login To Your Amazon Associates Account.

2. Go To Tools > One Link

3. Click on “Click here to link” link.

amazon affiliate marketing tips 1

If you do not have an Amazon Associates account of the country that you want to link, apply first to get your tracking ID.

4. "Add Store ID" (or tracking ID) under the "Link Stores." Then, press the "Link Stores."

how to make money with amazon affiliate marketing 1
The Amazon OneLink

5. It should look like this once linked:

how to make money with amazon affiliate marketing

6. Go back to One Link and press "Update settings" to set the default tracking IDs.

setup default tracking IDs for Amazon One Link
save tracking IDs for One Link

That’s it! You can start earning commissions from visitors coming from the linked countries. 🙂

As you gain more visitors from different countries in the future, you should link more store IDs specifically from the Amazon store where your new added visitors are coming from.

link more store IDs in Amazon Associates Account

If you would like to supercharge your Amazon Associates income and have an access to Amazon API (i.e. you need to be accepted to Amazon Associates Program first before you can access their PA-API), I highly suggest that you install the ASA2 Plugin.

I have been using the ASA2 plugin to generate more than 50% of my Amazon income since 2018. Without the ASA2 plugin, I would probably NOT earn from Amazon as much.

Read my ASA2 plugin guide here

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  1. How can I use onelink in 2021?
    I don’t understand how to use onelink, I have signed up US amazon associate id, anybody help me please?

    1. Hi Mehedi,

      Which part do you not understand? Just log in to your account and follow the steps as mentioned in this article. 🙂


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