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How To Start A Fashion Blog And Get Paid

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The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow each year. In the past, it was typically reserved for the elite. Nowadays, anyone can have access to it with just a few clicks of a button.

To participate in this lucrative market, learn how to build and maintain your own fashion blog.

How To Start A Fashion Blog

Is Fashion Blogging A Good Career?

When it comes to a career in fashion, fashion blogging is one of the best options. With a blog and social media accounts, you can develop your own brand in an industry that will always need professionals.

The first step to take if you want to become a fashion blogger is deciding on how your online presence will be established.

Blogs are essential for any type of content related to this field: from reviews of clothing items or accessory brands to trend reports about what’s coming next season.

You also have the possibility to write articles like “what not wear today?” with some street style inspiration, and tips for those looking for new clothes without breaking the bank every time they go shopping.

Do Fashion Bloggers Get Free Clothes?

When you are just starting out in the fashion blogging industry, it is unlikely that brands will be knocking at your door with free samples.

If you are looking for a more immediate way to build up your inventory, one thing that most bloggers do is buy pieces at thrift stores or sample sales. Then, they alter them using sewing skills, and organize their posts around how-to tutorials on such alterations.

If you can, get into contact with the designers or brands of your favourite items and see if they want to share some samples.

Over time, it's a good idea to look for relationships within the industry and network as best as you can. This way, if any opportunities arise in the future, they'll know how much of an impact you could have on their publicity efforts.

You may also be able to find other people in fashion blogging who have connections to clothing companies willing to trade items for content.

The majority of bloggers don't have any kind of contract with a brand. It's typically an informal relationship where they get free clothes in exchange for promotion.

Some top-tier fashion bloggers do sign contracts or agree to certain terms before receiving their complimentary items, but this is not the norm.

How Do I Create A Fashion Blog From Scratch?

As a newbie blogger, decide on your target audience. What are your blog's primary topics?

Are you going to cater to those who are looking for thrifty fashion? Pop cutie street fashion? Japanese street fashion style?

Narrowing down your niche will help your blog stay focused.

You should also decide on your blogging style. Do you want to be more serious and detailed? Or do you prefer the short-and-sweet approach where each post is less than 500 words max?

Go through some of the trending fashion blogs on Pinterest to see what makes them unique. Explore any potential competitors and determine what could make your blog stand out.

Start A Blog To Grow And Monetize

Once you've got those things down, choose your domain name. This will represent all that is yours so make it count. 🙂

In order to get started, you should first decide which platform is best for you.

Next, get your blog up and running.

You may want to consider your favourite colors and style when choosing an appropriate look for your own website. Don't worry about designing it yourself or hiring a professional, there are plenty of tools that can help!

Finally, it's time for blog posts.

It might seem daunting and you may want to start with something small so don't worry about your first post going viral right away.

Start by writing content based on what you're passionate about. Is it DIY fashion? Street fashion tips?

Learn how to do keyword research so your content is geared towards your target audience who are looking for them.

To rank in organic search, make sure you use SEO best practices.

As a fashion blogger, it is important to be knowledgeable about other ways to supercharge your progress, such as having an Instagram and/or Pinterest presence.

And finally, explore how to create and design content that will grab the attention of readers looking for inspiration.

As long as you always stay true to who you are - without compromising your own style in order to please others - then there should be no reason why people wouldn't love reading whatever comes out of your mind next!

How Do I Get Paid As A Fashion Blogger?

There are many ways fashion bloggers may get compensated. One way is by partnering with corporations that provide product samples free of charge (or at a discounted price).

These companies work closely with these types of sites so they can promote themselves effectively among consumers who read the blogger’s content.

Outside of product samples from corporations, many fashion blogs make money through affiliate marketing and sponsored content.

You can even display high-quality ads once you become qualified.

Becoming an authority is a goal of many fashion bloggers, as it earns them the right to charge more for advertising on their blog.

The social media and marketing industry is both large and competitive. Because of this, you may not be able to make money immediately or easily.

However, if you put in time and effort into your blogging career now, you will eventually see benefits down the line.

Advice For Beginners

As a newbie blogger with zero authority, the most ideal way is to look for a target audience to help. Create a blog targeted at a specific imaginary person.

Example target audience: people who want help with their style, and look for advice on what clothes they should wear, and where they can find them while also being mindful of prices.

Your content focused on helping to solve this person's problem is what will make your blog successful.

In order to attract a target audience, you'll need to find out who they are and then focus on them by posting content that is relevant for the majority of their needs.

Combining great helpful content with proper keyword research and SEO, you'll be able to build your online presence in no time.

Affiliate marketing links in each post or sponsored collaborations with brands whose styles match your target audience's needs can be a good way to monetize your blog.

Knowing how and when to use sponsored content is an important component of marketing a fashion blog.

In order for it to work, you'll need more traffic (visitors) coming in than going out, which will require posting quality content, as well as sharing the post on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

When someone visits your site, they should have access to all sorts of information that they can either buy immediately from you, or gain valuable knowledge from, before making their purchase decisions.


It's not enough to simply offer people clothes. This is why having great resources available helps tremendously in converting visitors into customers!

Helpful content that is relevant for the majority of their needs such as posts about personal style and tutorials on outfits, will let you grow and eventually monetize your site in whatever you see fit.

So, is fashion blogging for you? 🙂

Let me know in the comments section! 🙂

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