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How To Start A Blog About Books – Turn Your Hobby Into An Income

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Are you an avid reader looking to turn your love of books into a living? Do you want to share your thoughts and opinions on the latest releases with other readers? If so, starting a blog about books may be right for you. 

A blog is perfect for people who enjoy writing, or have many opinions that they would like to share. In this post I will give some helpful tips on how to start a blog about books. 

How To Start A Blog About Books

What Should Be Included In A Book Blog?

Some people use them as an outlet when they feel like their voice is not heard in the world, or it's just something for someone that has a lot of opinions and thoughts on things. 

For some bloggers, blogging can be seen more as art than anything else.

A book blog is a site that consists of posts and discussions about books. The creator will often use the website to share his thoughts or opinions on specific books, as well as provide reviews for fellow readers who are interested in particular titles.

A website created by an individual with their opinion on various literary works can be very interesting and engaging. 

Individuals may also create blogs just to review what they've read while others might post updates when new releases come out from favourite authors.

How Do Book Reviews Make Money?

How much money can book reviews make? Book review revenue comes in many forms, but generally two types: commission and flat fee. 

Commission is when the reviewer gets a percentage of each sale made through their link or referral code to an online retailer like Amazon. They get paid for every purchase that goes through these channels (Amazon Affiliate Marketing).

The more purchases there are, the bigger your payout will be from commissions! 

Flat fees come as payments upfront before you write any kind of content on behalf of someone else's product.

Do Book Bloggers Make Money?

If you want to make money, your blog needs readers. You can attract visitors by creating content that they will enjoy - but this is a long-term strategy and requires patience!

But how do we get people on our site in the first place? The answer: keywords

Keywords are words or phrases associated with what you're writing about that users type into search engines so it'll show up when someone searches for those terms.

If your post includes what your readers are looking for, there's a better chance of being found online.

Learning SEO is a long-term strategy that will pay dividends for years to come.

Yes, when done right, book bloggers do make money. In fact, they can earn a pretty good living from blogging about their favourite books and authors.

If you're interested in this avenue of making money online, I recommend that you start small by starting your own blog.

Can I Make Money Reading Books?

Someone will always be willing to hire an expert to write for them at the right price.

The question then becomes this: when you consistently read a great amount of books, do you write about them for other people's blog, or for your own blog? 

When you write about what you know, you get paid one time for it if you let other people hire you and therefore own your work. If you publish it on your own blog, it is yours forever. And it can pay you repeatedly over time.

Your blog is your own personal cash cow. It may not make you wealthy overnight, but over time, it can pay for other things in life that would otherwise be out of reach - like time and location freedom.

How Do I Make My Book Blog Successful?

Be Consistent And Committed To Blogging About Books

You need to build up credible expertise on a subject. It's impossible to establish yourself as an expert without investing time, energy, and thought into the topic. 

By blogging about books, you will develop your knowledge and insights in such a way that people will start coming to YOU for help, when they're looking for book recommendations.

While most of the blog posts are non-commercial in nature, by regularly sharing your thoughts about books, you are productively practicing writing great content geared towards book lovers. 

This sets yourself up nicely to eventually launch your own book, or work with other bloggers/authors on theirs. 

Be Well-Read In Order For Your Posts To Be Credible

It is important for people running a literary site dedicated solely as an outlet for posting about books, to have read the material they're writing about before they do so. 

While it's not strictly necessary to be well-read for credibility, it does make you more knowledgeable - which conveys expertise.

And that means that if you come up against a knowledgeable poster on your own topic, you will have more ammunition in an argument.

This also prevents you from being called out by more knowledgeable readers.

Why Should You Start A Book Blog?

You should consider starting a book blog if you love reading and enjoy finding new titles, and want to share your thoughts with others.

Additionally, it will give you an opportunity to practice past writing skills as well as develop your critical thinking skills.

It also might help you get feedback from other people about what they read so that they can make recommendations to other readers.

Can I Turn My Blog Into A Book?

Writing a book is a lot of work, but it can be rewarding. If you're thinking about starting now, follow these steps: 

1. Collect your ideas and posts in one place. 

2. Write at least 10 quality posts which will form the foundation for your book's content. 

3. Start writing chapters that introduce new topics and build on what has come before them.

4. Edit drafts for grammar. 

5. Add photos to make it more inviting and attractive.

Now I know this sounds crazy, but if you haven’t heard of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) writing assistant, then it’s time to check it out. 

There’s a free course on "How To Write A Book In 7 Days" in the University. While you have to pay for the tool, the thought of finishing a book in 7-days makes it all worth the try! 

Here’s a 5-day free trial link with 10,000 free words to get you started.

Is A Book Blog Worth It?

The short answer is "yes."

Write what you want, post as much or as little as suits you. There are bloggers publishing daily and others who publish once a month. 

If blogging is your way of letting off steam, there's nothing wrong with that. Though be mindful if it becomes obsessive and an all-consuming passion at the expense of other things.

People follow book blogs for insight into the right books to read, or fun topics to explore. So on a basic level, these types of blogs serve some very practical purposes. It helps readers choose from among the multitude of published books. 

Blogs also offer an opportunity to go beyond reviews, encouraging people to read or buy something.

How Do I Make A Book Blog Worth My Time?

1) Post reading excerpts (especially from the book you're currently reading). If people can see how much your passion is ignited by what you read, they'll go out and buy it for themselves.

Using affiliate links in your posts will help you earn faster, especially if you point them to Amazon, where you can get paid regardless if the the visitor buys the exact item you “promote” or not (also called affiliate marketing). 

2) Be original and get creative! Write reviews that evoke emotion. Talk about the characters as if they were real people. 

This ignites engagement which can mean social shares, or more comments - which can drastically increase your traffic (number of website visitors).

Once you’re getting a good amount of monthly traffic, you can display high quality ads which can add to your monthly passive income.

3) You need to learn search engine optimization (SEO) for your book blog so people can find you when they're looking for books on the topic.

It's common knowledge that proactive SEO is an absolute must if you want to succeed as a business owner as well.

Not knowing the basics of what you need in order to rank higher in search engines is short-sighted at best and will lead to failure.

Advice For Beginners

When writing book reviews, don't be afraid to say what you didn't like or what the room for improvement is.

Also, try to emphasize how beautifully written the book was (if applicable) and that it may be a great choice for someone who likes the genre or subject matter.

You’re in charge of providing context. Be thoughtful and reflective about it!

Sharing how the book affected your life in any way can encourage readers to begin talking about their own experiences, which can lead you down to a whole bunch of new discovery.

Remember to post more than just book reviews on your blog. This way it won't become stale or boring.

Audiences are not looking for people who only like an author's latest book, but people who can express voice over how they felt about certain authors and different periods in literary history. 

You can also post anything from your thoughts on the latest releases, recommendations for new books, or posts about the best places to get them.

Blogging is very rewarding but the key trick is to be regular with posting content! Lastly, don't forget to interact with other book bloggers and leave comments on their blogs too!

How Do I Start My Own Book Blog And Make Money?

If you love reading and writing, and you want to start a book blog, why not turn your hobby into an income-generating business?

My free blogging course will show you exactly what it takes to start making money with your own book blog.

No need for any prior experience or fancy equipment - just passion and determination!

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