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How to Get People To Buy From You – Sell Without Selling

Lesson 2 Module 2

Have you ever wanted to make more sales? How do you make people "buy" from you?

You want more referrals, but it seems like nobody is buying whatever you are promoting. This makes sense because nobody knows about you or what you have to offer. 

If you're looking for a way to get people to buy from you, then this lesson is for you.

I'm going to show you the best ways that will help increase your sales and make more money. It's not always easy, but it can be done with these tips.

how to get people to buy from you

1) Find Out What People Need

Do you remember my target audience lesson? You create an imaginary person, list their pains, and then figure out how to solve their problems.

Identifying all the potential pain points your audience might have will let you narrow down the potential solutions.

Sometimes there are more than one solution, so you have to give it to them one by one, too.

Focusing on solving all of their pains will also make you more convincing, which will help to make them want to buy from you.

For example, my target audience from this lesson wants to learn if blogging is for him. That's why I created blogging for beginners course to help him learn everything if he should actually do it or not.

2) Make Sure They Can Afford It

How do you even know if your reader can afford whatever you are promoting? You start with using the correct buying keywords.

Long-tail keywords, specifically, "buying" long-tail keywords are meant for audience who are in the buying stage.

For example, there are two people who typed these keywords in Google.

Person A typed "How to start urban gardening?"

Person B typed "What can I do to increase the yield of my bell peppers?"

Person A will most likely be reading your guides on how to start urban gardening.

You'll have to walk him through all the process, from zero, before you can start to sell him pots, seeds, soil, fertilizers, etc.

Other audiences don't want any part in purchasing something - but still read blogs just because reading makes them feel smarter than others.

These are known as lurkers, and Person A might just end up this type of person who will be satisfied by simply reading.

Person B already have bell pepper plants. To increase the yield of his bell peppers, you can offer him solutions.

One way is by introducing him to products he can use to increase the yield of his bell peppers, and teach him how to use those products to grow more and larger bell peppers.

It is obviously easier to sell something to someone like Person B.

If you want to earn faster, you need to produce content targeted for Person B who is already almost ready to buy.

While both are potential customers, Person B will obviously buy faster.

Even if the price is on the higher range, if you are able to produce a content that justifies the price point, and how it will solve his problem, he will do anything to afford it.

3) Thoroughly Walk Them Through The Product's Or Service's Benefits

Some audience have a problem understanding what is being said in your content. You can ask them questions or use illustrations for clearer explanations.

You can even rephrase your paragraphs using the "Explain it to a child tool" so everything becomes a no-brainer.

If you are writing product reviews of products which you do not have any experience with, be very patient with the research process.

You might think that it is impossible to sell something you do not have, but with thorough research, it is doable.

Some people might need some hand-holding when it comes to making decisions about their purchase.

They may not know if they should buy from you, so give them reasons why they should trust that decision, which brings me to the next point.

4) Tell A Story

Another step to getting people to buy from you is telling your story.

Tell them how difficult it was for you before, and how much better life has become now that you've utilized the product/service you are promoting.

Telling your story will help your audience see how you have been given an opportunity to change the old and make a new one.

The idea behind telling your story is that it will strengthen your relationship with the customer.

It will make people more inclined to purchase from you because they feel like they know you and can trust your word.

When telling stories, be sure that the story is relatable for your audience's needs. This will allow people who are struggling with their current situation to feel like there is hope for them too!

Telling a story can also be done by giving testimonials or sharing about how the product/service has helped other customers, too.

5) Be Nice

Be nice to them so they will feel better about buying something from you.

Sometimes, because you help people too much, people will actually go out of their way and send you a message asking for your affiliate link - just to make sure that you are credited for their purchase.

These type of readers will go out of their way to support you in return, not just by buying through your affiliate links.

Some will support by sharing your posts, or engaging in whatever content you produce - which is great for you because it then influences others to buy from you, too.

It can be hard at first, but try being nice and helpful with your "customers" - it will pay off!

6) Create An Irresistible Offer

When was the last time you bought something because it solved a problem that you didn't want to deal with yourself?

It is much easier and more effective to sell someone on an irresistible offer.

Make your buyer's life better! Make them smile or enjoy themselves in some way, solve their problems for them - and they'll happily reach into their pockets to buy from you.

The last irresistible offer I bought is a subscription with Jarvis, the AI copywriting assistant from now helps me create my blog posts everyday!

For a limited-time offer of $99/mo., I can now produce unlimited blog posts using their easy-to-use templates! I even finished creating my Content Creation Course in 1 week with the help of Jarvis!

Stay tuned to the products' promotions and highlight them in your posts. To make the "scarcity" real, you can even put a countdown so people will see how many days more before the irresistible offer expires.

Of course, make sure that the scarcity offer is real.

If you are using the Thrive Architect like me, just grab the Countdown element from the tools, and set the correct settings so it will reflect the expiration of the offer in real-time.


People have one thing on their mind when they come to your website.

How will this help me?

If you are able to give them an answer, then chances are high that they will purchase whatever you're "selling."

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