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How To Create A Pin For Pinterest – 6 Ways To Make Your Pin Stand Out

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If you have a business or blog, then it is very likely that you have heard of Pinterest. Pinterest allows users to pin their favourite images from the web and share them with others.

It has become one of the largest sharing sites on the internet. With so many people using this platform to find new products and ideas, how can your pins stand out?

Here are six ways to make your pins stand out!

How To Create A Pin For Pinterest

1) Take Something People Are Familiar With And Use Them In A New And Creative Way.

Being original is sometimes difficult.

This is how you can be original: take something that has been done before and do it differently, or in a new way.

For example, if you are someone who has made a recipe on how to make a guilt-free big mac burger, you can redo the famous McDonald's big mac with your own twist.

You might even use a "bacon bun" but it's not actually bacon, and also include different ingredients such as cilantro mayonnaise instead of plain mayonnaise...the possibilities are endless!

Another example is if you are creating a post about how to make the perfect macaroni and cheese.

Maybe include how to create a jalapeño cheddar mac and cheese as opposed to just plain old cheesy goodness? You have many creative options.

Make sure to take good photos of these ideas so you can pin different angles of them.

Tapping into your creativity can lead you down many paths of originality that will inspire people all over the world. It's time for you to show them what YOU'RE made of!

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2) Get People Inspired By The Possibilities They Can Visualize And Invite Them To Take Action.

"Possibilities...what ifs..."

How many times have you thought about these words?

There are so many possibilities and "what ifs" out there just waiting for us to take the plunge, and make them happen! What better way to discover possibilities than through Pinterest?

For example, a mom who struggles with work and life balance might look for inspiration on how other mothers are doing it.

Here is an example of a good pin headline:

"Climb The Corporate Ladder Like A Pro,

While Being An Amazing Spouse And Mom."

It sounds impossible, but that is something you would want to consider.

3) Create Something Positive

Pinterest is a place for inspiration and if you want to get discovered, you need to be inspirational.

When it comes to creating something positive, the sky really is the limit! The best part is that the positive messages are shared with viewers, and they have nothing but love in return.

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Another great way to create something positive is by sharing all the ways that people are making a difference in your area or niche.

For example, if you're a homeschooling mother, you could post about how your family does homeschooling.

Make it positive enough (if applicable) so that parents, especially mothers, who are still deciding whether they should do it or not, will be convinced to pursue it.

Another way is by sharing how people are doing good for the environment with tips on how they do it. Even inspirational quotes do very well on Pinterest!

What you put out there into the world will come back to you in a positive light if your content is inspiring, helpful, or uplifting.

The more of these qualities that exist within your pin, the better chance you'll have of getting seen!

You don't need to create quotes or try to sugarcoat things just to make them sound positive.

A simple pin about a 100% Free Course on how to succeed on Pinterest Marketing is positive news, since most of the Pinterest course makers are selling them, lol.

4) Create A Pin That Invokes Emotion And Draws Attention.

When creating a pin for Pinterest, make it beautiful enough to draw curiosity in, and invite the viewer by giving them a little peek into what they will experience if they choose to click on your pin.

Keep the design aesthetically pleasing and tease what you're trying to "advertise" in order to generate interest.

The main goal is to make your pin stand out from the rest, so use a variety of techniques like colour and design in order to grab attention.

People who have an eye for colours and design will have a clear advantage here.

If you are not a visual person, there are many templates that you can choose from, such as those from Canva.

The best way to find one with the right amount of colours and design is to learn from Pinterest itself.

Search for something on Pinterest.

Which pins invited you to take a closer look? Why?

Did you pin it? Why?

Did you go to the link attached to the pin? Why?

What made that pin different from the rest?

Whatever your answers are, that's how you stand out.

5) Be Relevant

On Pinterest, you can use the search box on top to see what other people are searching for, just like when you use the alphabet soup technique in Google.

For example, I'll type the keyword, "tattoo."

how to search in Pinterest

People are looking for:

  • tattoo ideas
  • tattoo ideas female
  • tattoo designs
  • tattoos
  • tattoo ideas for men
  • tattoo sketches


If you have relevant content about tattoos, you can use the Pinterest search box to look for keywords.

Include the keywords in your pin, but only whatever is relevant. You can include the keywords in your title and description, too.

Your pin can look like this...

Free Tattoo Sketches

Amazing Designs

For Your Next Tattoo!

Your pin title can be the same as the one in the pin itself.

The pin description can be: 

Get your next tattoo design for free with these amazing, free sketches.

We have a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from that will take you right where you want to be – in the chair at your local tattoo shop!

If you are sketching a lot of tattoo designs, you can pin them one at a time. Make sure to put an "alt text" on each pin.

In SEO, an alt text is a text that appears when an image can't be displayed.

Pinterest alt text

If you click on the "Add alt text" button, you'll see this...

click on the pinterest alt text to see this

A relevant alt text will help with ranking your images on Google and Pinterest.

If your niche doesn't really work well on Pinterest as per pointers 1 to 5, don't worry. You can still use SEO and be on Pinterest, too. Follow tip number six for this.

6) Use Keywords And Meta Descriptions

Keywords are used to find what people are searching for on search engines.

They can be included in the meta description (Pinterest Description) and title (Pinterest Title) of a pin to improve how it is found by those using search engines.

Meta descriptions are short summaries that will often show up when someone “screens” or scrolls through Google's search pages, looking for something relevant to their search query.

If you are doing pure Google SEO on your pins, expect that you may not have as many followers and engagement on Pinterest as you would like to have.

Nobody will be inspired to pin a product review of a scam - unless you can devise a way to instead produce a content/pin that sounds something like:

"5 Things You Should Never Do When Buying Products Online" 


You don't have to achieve all these tips. Just at least two is already a good start. You can even apply the concepts one at a time, and only when applicable.

If concepts 1 to 5 don't apply, then you are left with no choice but to use SEO and try to rank the pin on Google.

Just a reminder: if you are using images that are not your own, make sure that they are royalty-free, or you have permission to use them.


If you are struggling to craft your Pinterest titles and descriptions, read this lesson!

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