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How To Start A Blog About Music And Make A Living Online

How To Create A Blogging Schedule For Month #2 - Helpful Tips For An Overwhelmed Newbie Blogger

How can you be sure that it will actually work out in the long run?

Let me take some of the stress off of your shoulders with this guide on how to set up your blogging schedule for month 2. This lesson includes answers you need and more!

How To Create A Blogging Schedule For Month #2

How To Create A Blogging Schedule

How Do You Write A Daily Routine For A Blog?

Before you jump into writing "daily," it's a good idea to think about your personal life and who you are as a writer, if that isn't clear yet.

How much time do you have each day?

How often can you post, and how many days a week are you able to post?

These are things that will determine how structured your routine is. If you write 2 articles a week on Monday and Thursday, but go out of town every Sunday for work or friends, then obviously it's not going to be exactly consistent.

Now if you try to fit in 3 posts per week, but there's always something crazy happening that gets in the way, it probably won't pan out either…

When you're doing it for yourself, there's no real schedule. It will be up to you and what you can manage to make happen. 

How do you squeeze out an hour or two a day when your workweek is 60 hours long?

How do you fit blogging into a life with kids or relatives that need attention?

How do you post schedules around other writing projects, exercise routines, TV shows, social networks, etc.?

How much time can YOU really make for your blog?

What you'll find is that your schedule will always be changing. That's fine, but it's important to have a general idea of what you want to put together.

No matter what, try and use the best distribution possible for reaching your goals.

Here are examples:

How much time do I have each day?

6 hrs (3 hrs in the morning for writing blog posts, and 3 hrs for "everything else" that I can do any time of the day).

How often can I post, and how many days a week am I able to post?

3x a week. I'll prioritize finishing 3 posts within Monday to Wednesday, but schedule them to go out on M-W-Fs. If I manage to finish 3 posts by Tuesday, that leaves my Wednesdays to Fridays for "everything else."

How do you fit blogging into a life with kids or relatives that need attention?

For people that have a real challenge with this one - not enough time to write because of other obligations - it might be best to get realistic about their expectations.

Running a business as well as being an attentive family member doesn't seem possible at first glance. However, you can make these things work for you at the same time without exceeding your personal capacity.

The exact methods will depend on your unique situation but consider these tips:

Set aside uninterrupted blocks of time each day to devote solely to family or business. For example, for mothers like me who are homeschooling, focus on homeschooling first.

If you set your homeschool schedule to 2 to 3 hrs in the morning, give your undivided attention during this time.

Give all your attention to getting your blog off the ground.

That means don't try to grow your social media following, produce YouTube videos, study lead generation, and email marketing all at the same time in your 2nd month. Instead, decide on your domain name, and hosting, and actually get your blog published!

If you work on households chores too, set time/days for specific chores. "One load a day, keeps the laundry away! " HAHAHA. Have a lineup of video tutorials that you want to learn about and spend an hour a day watching them while folding the laundry! ;-D 

Leave everything on the sink (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner utensils) and only work on them at night, while you listen to some "useful" podcasts that can help you grow your blog. It helps "ignore" the workload while achieving something useful (lol).

Some people do "day blocking" instead of "time blocking."

For example, on Mondays, you produce 3 blog posts (it's entirely possible with Jarvis).

On Tuesdays, you format the posts and SEO them. Then make sure they are scheduled to publish M-W-F in your WordPress dashboard.

On Wednesdays, keyword, and competition research (for future content).

On Thursdays, do something social. Just choose 1 or 2 that you are willing to be active in. If it's Quora, make sure to answer all you can answer. Use the Quora templates. Queue some posts that you can share, too!

If you are a member of any Facebook groups, then catch up with what you missed and try to be helpful to those who are asking questions (Here's how Facebook groups can help with your blog growth).

If you decide to actively post on Pinterest, use the Pinterest Pin title and description template to schedule some new pins.

If you are an Instagram person, schedule some posts in advance and make sure to create engaging captions. Here's a lesson that can help you with your Instagram captions.

Whatever social media platform you decide to choose, make sure to queue up "content" good for at least a week so you don't have to work the whole week for social media content. Here's how you can easily create social media content.

If you decide to be active in e-mail marketing, spend one day a week learning something new about e-mail marketing, whether it's growing an e-mail list or writing emails.

The key is to not spread yourself thinly and just focus on your blog, and 1-2 other ways for additional content marketing (I choose email marketing, Facebook groups, and/or Quora).

On Fridays, do the "other things" you want. You can learn a new blogging lesson, and put that into practice. Whether it's getting comments on your site, setting up a conversion-focused website, or learning how to insert affiliate links, just make sure that you implement what you learn.

Learning without applying the knowledge is useless, so take it in one piece at a time, and also implement the changes bit by bit.

How Do I Write My First Blog Post?

To easily write your first blog post, check out this tutorial.


It's important to have a blogging schedule because it tells search engines what to prioritize in their search results.

"SEO experts" usually recommend posting new content on your blog at least once every two days. This will keep you in front of people’s minds and will also help with retaining followers.

Use Google Calendar to keep track of your blogging schedule.

Schedule time into your calendar to research keywords, publish posts, and do other things related to growing in your niche.

In order for your readership numbers and search engine rankings to grow, it is important that you follow a plan. Set milestones to help give you structure, and allow you to maintain consistency.

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  1. Having a blogging schedule is great. When I first started blogging I did not do this and I saw the views once I started a blogging schedule. It also helps me stay on pace with blogging by having a schedule.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Having a schedule also helps me keep sane. With all the other commitments I have – family, homeschool, etc…it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With a schedule, you’ll feel a lot better seeing your to-do list all ticked off. 🙂


  2. So now you have my interest piqued with Jarvis.

    Don’t get me wrong I love writing blog posts but they are so time-consuming. You’re right, you need a good blogging schedule to get things done. Great tips!

    1. Hi Deanna,

      I also love to write. However, as a full-time stay-at-home/work-from-home mom, I can always use some help. That’s where Jarvis is very good at. 🙂

      If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s a link to free 10k words. You can try it for free!

      Let me know how it goes for you. 🙂


  3. These are useful tips. My main struggle is trying to do everything at once. I end up just always working and I know I shouldn't be doing that. I will definitely be taking these into consideration. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Natalie,

      I think the main culprit is not having a list on what to do when you sit down to work. Have you tried setting an alarm for 25 minutes, and try to finish a specific task before the timer goes off? 🙂

      It usually works well for writing blog posts. Open the Google Docs, close everything and just type, type, and type. When time’s up, you take 5 minutes break. After that, set another 30 minutes to refine it – proofread, fact check, SEO, photos, and schedule to publish. 🙂


  4. this post really did go in depth,and was super helpful. i am a very unorganised person,always jumping from one thing to another,never finishing neither of those.
    so,you're right – having a routine really matters. hopefully,i'll be able to make and follow mine.

    1. Hi Sanya,

      I think it’s common for us to want to do it all. I also have to learn it the hard way. I used to run around 5 blogs and different social media channels in the past. That’s how I started to learn how to downsize and choose what really matters. Only then I started seeing real results. 🙂


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