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Earning Money From Blogging – Here’s The Secret!

Lesson 7 Chapter 2 Module 1

Here's the secret to earning money from blogging. Instead of asking how long or how much money can you make, learn what it takes to earn.

Most people ask, “how long does it take” to make money from blogging? Here’s what I can answer - why does it take time to earn money from blogging?

Have you read the lesson about “Who Is Your Target Audience?”

Now, I’ll tell you a secret: Jay is a real person. He is someone I know. He sent me a message months before I started my courses. I simply planned to point him to "The Tools I Use" but that’s not how it usually works.

Would he buy/subscribe to things/places I recommend just like that? No. 

It takes time to win someone’s TRUST.

Yes, in blogging (or any content you create), you need to win your target audience’s trust. Everyone knows that winning someone’s trust is not done overnight.

Now, I’m not going to lecture you how to win your audience’s trust but I’ll just give you examples.

Months before I started homeschooling my daughter (due to pandemic lockdown), I Googled: 

“How to get started in homeschooling?” → Broad topic

After visiting websites of people, I began to narrow down and only consumed the “helpful blogs/YouTube videos.”

Then, my “resources” were cut down to JUST TWO. One is from outside my country and the other is a local source.

Now, my resource #1 is an “Authority Blog.” It took time for her to become an authority. She has been a homeschooling mom for several years now. She uses a SPECIFIC method. The “Charlotte Mason” education. → NICHE (specific topic)

Here are some lessons that we can get from this:

1. She wrote helpful blog posts not only about Charlotte Mason homeschooling but also of other methods (which educated me from zero to something).

2. Her blog posts are helpful, so I subscribed to her email list.

3. I wanted to consume more of her content, so I listened to her podcasts.

4. Because I wanted to learn more, I watched almost all of her YouTube videos. 

5. I do what she tells me to do (responded to her “call-to-actions”).

Download the worksheet? Done. 

Read another blog post (internal link)?


By the time she points me to something “I NEED,” like the homeschooling books in Amazon (or any place), I would gladly click on her “affiliate link” so she can get a credit (commission) from my purchase.

If I am located in the places where she conducts seminars, I would not hesitate to open my wallet and pay for what else she can teach me.

Did you see how long it took and how much of her content I consumed before she finally gained my trust?

A lot of people are too focused on ranking (getting to page 1, position 1 of search Engines like Google), which is just 50% of everything.

Those in the very top positions are just wasting their rankings if “they don’t help” their readers.

Let’s say you consistently get on Page 1, position 1 because of “Tool ABC” and method “XYZ.” The next step should be, how are you going to make use of that ranking? How do you “convert” or earn the trust of your readers?

“Converting” your readers or having the “power” to tell your audience what to do (and for them to actually do it), TAKES TIME. And that is why, it also takes time to earn money from blogging or whatever content creation you decide to venture into.

So, how do you make money from blogging? Produce helpful contents for your target audience and help them solve their problems. 

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